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Amsterdam & Haarlem has a wide variety of beauty salons where you can get that much-needed boost for your skin and body. However, some are just a little bit better than others. To make it easier for you, we’ve selected 8 beauty salons in Amsterdam & Haarlem that are worth your while.

The skin is the largest and one of the most important organs of the human body. To slow the aging process you need to take good care of it. Hydrating your entire body by drinking enough water daily is a good start, but also to moisturize your skin. Getting a facial at a salon is a great investment. It’s a relaxing way to pamper yourself and work on your skin. In particular, we handpicked our favourite beauty salons.

SKIN THERAPY,  Lindenstraat 1

This is your salon when looking for that fabulous skin ‘glow’!
This holistic beauty salon is situated in the fabulous Jordaan in Amsterdam. This salon offers a different type of treatment. Jolien Schepers, founder of Skin Therapy, is a skincare specialist, with a focus on the energetic, scientific and holistic processes of the body. Jolien looks after your physical beauty and the individual skin needsusing high quality holistic products and skin care techniquesI’m normally very picky when it comes to new treatments and products, but this has exceeded all my expectations! The treatments helps to reveal your inner and outer beauty.

OJAI, Eerste Boomdwarsstraat 10H

This beauty in Amsterdam salon offers holistic treatments, and is one of a kind. They recently opened in 2021 and is run by owner Alisa and her facialists. Skin treatments vary from detox, to PRX Bio Revitalization, light therapy or Enzyme Hydropeel. You can also book cupping treatments, massages and anti-aging treatments. We all know, facials and beauty treatments need to be added to your skin routine, in order to see long lasting results. Ojai also offers memberships, where you can come in every week for a month and improve your skin. We really love this beauty salon in Amsterdam, and came out with plumy, hydrated skin!

Ojai - Best Beauty Salon Amsterdam

STUDIO GARDEN, Binnen Bantammerstraat 20

This beauty salon is located right in the busy tourist district of Amsterdam but once inside, a calm feeling will welcome you. This salon really does focus on your skin. Tailor made facials or special treatments that reduce oily skin or remove the redness. Owner Sara Rietman exclusively works with EmerginC. This is one of the few organic brands on the market that is allowed to carry the cosmeceutical certificate; and thus has a pharmaceutical effect. Moreover, these products are never tested on animals, are wrapped in recycled cardboard and printed with non-toxic ink. Big plus!

Facial treatment, best beauty salons Amsterdam


5 star treatments in a 5 star hotel sounds good from the start doesn’t it? At Skins Institute they will take care of your face, body, hands & feet, plus they also have an amazing spa here, read more about the best spa’s in Amsterdam

If You Can’t Eat It – Don’t Put It On Your Skin!

NATURE SKINS, Rozengracht 72H

Hence the name, Nature Skins only works with natural ingredients that are vegan and free of parabens. A nice side-effect is that it’s also better for the planet like these sustainable salons in London. We are no skin experts, but we can imagine what some harsh ingredients can do to your skin overtime. So what do they offer? Peelings, facials, pedicure and manicures, boost treatments and more. 

BEAUTY BEWUST, Oostzaanstraat 128

This salon in Amsterdam West has a treatment for all new mums out there which we love. The Phoenix in Transition treatment is focussed on hormonal skin that needs a little different attention. While pregnant or after your pregnancy, your skin can look very different than it used to be. This is totally normal, but this treatment will help you fight pigmentation, inflammation and unwanted redness. Be aware that taking care of your skin takes time, just like working out. With the right vitamin C product by EmerginC, this will be a great way of getting your perfect skin back. Besides this one, Beauty Bewust also offers relaxation treatments, deep tissue massages and anti ageing treatments.


SKIN DISTRICT, Gierstraat 8

If you are looking for personal skin advise and natural skincare, you should definitely put this salon in Haarlem on your list. Owner Marlous is famous for her facial treatments – just check the reviews online. She only works with the best products like Esse, Wabi Sabi, Merme Berlin, Africa organics – which you can buy in the salon or webshop. During the treatments you get pampered from beginning to the end. Whether you want a relaxing or deep clean facial, Marlous is providing that customized design for you.

After your treatment your skin is glowy and stays bright for days. Next to facials and massages, the salon has a hormone therapist – to help you to balance your hormones. On top of that she is a Ayurveda & Lifestyle Coach – which can be helpful if you are struggling with stomach pain, eating habits.. etc. They will help you to find solutions for your skin and more. Tip! Read her blogposts, to get great information about product and skin for free.

Beauty salon skin district Haarlem

All in all, some great beauty salons in Amsterdam & Haarlem for you to discover! 


*This article will be updated regularly!

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