Child friendly spots in Morocco


Morocco has more than Marrakech and the hustle and bustle of the Medina. For one thing, Morocco is a vast country, with lots of diversity. But at the same time – and this may come as a surprise, Morocco is a very child-friendly destination.

Our editor Marta has some child-friendly spots in Morocco to share, beyond the kids’ usual clubs and playgrounds. Because holidays are about the family seeing and learning something new, whilst having fun, right?

The Mosque of Casablanca

Notably, this is the only mosque you can visit in Morocco as a non-muslim. It is a stunning work of art. You can enter the mosque, with or without a guide, and explore inside. If you’re up for it, you can even go for a hammam treatment underneath the mosque, and children from the age of 3 are welcome. A truly unique experience, also for your kids!

Mosque of Casablanca, Morocco

Casablanca Mosque Morocco
The stunning Mosque of Casablanca

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The Medina of Essaouira

If you visit Marrakech, it’s important to realise that this vibrant city – and its medina, in particular, can feel quite overwhelming for young children. Too many alleys, too many people, a lot of stimulation. However, the Medina in Essaouira is totally manageable. The vendors are welcoming and a lot less pushy. There are many cute cafes and terraces to hang out, great for people watching!

Medina Essaouira, Morocco

The desert of Agafay

Only 30 minutes outside of Marrakech, this is an easy desert experience without having to travel too far inland. It is a rocky desert, so you can experience lots of activities like camel riding, quad and mountain bike adventures. In addition, the Agafay desert is also a nice place to stay for a couple of days and marvel at the starry nights.

Agafay Desert Morocco

The dunes of Timlalin

Where the dunes meet the ocean. It is so surprising that you can access this magical place just like that. Book a guide in Taghazout or Agadir and they will meet you at the entrance with snowboards. The guide will teach you how to sand-board on dunes. It is so much fun for the children and the adults!

The beach of Taghazout

It is a very small village, off the beaten path but very much worth a visit. The beach is small and unspoiled. Especially important; it is safe to swim here. Locals come to play football at the end of the day, camels pass by and fishermen keep their boats. Needless to say that the whole family will love this hidden child-friendly spot in Morocco.

Beach of Taghazout, Morocco

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