Best Coffee Bars in Budapest


It’s the first thing you look for at a destination if you are a coffee lover. No need to panic, we got you. Surprisingly, the Hungarian capital has its coffee culture game going strong, Here are the best coffee bars in Budapest.


New York Café

Coming in at number one is without question the famous New York Café. We were lucky enough to have breakfast here, during our stay at the Anantara New York Palace Hotel. Besides the incredible architecture, this café has a long history and actually serves very good coffee. 

New York Café, coffee bar Budapest

Espresso Embassy

Come here for a takeaway or stay in while you’re there because their coffee is just as good as their pastries. At this coffee bar in Budapest, they use difficult and next-level coffee-making methods such as the AeroPress, V60, and Chemex.

My Little Melbourne Coffee Bar

It’s been around since 2012 and still attracts a trendy crowd that knows how to drink their coffee.

Simple Café

Pretty coffee served in tall glasses. Although this wouldn’t be our first pick necessarily, it’s favorite by locals and was mentioned to me more than twice.

Six Letter Coffee, Alkotmány street

This coffee bar has worldwide locations and has opened their first coffee bar in Budapest back in 2019. They made it through the pandemic, and serve delicious high quality coffee. They serve light roasted, 100% arabica coffee. This classification belongs to those coffees which gets the biggest international coffee association. 

six letter coffee, Budapest, Hungary

Central Café

Like the New York Café, this place has old features, like the bar. It’s a favourite my tourists though, so don’t be surprised if you share this place with a large crowd.

Arioso Café

If you see flowers on the ceiling, it meant to attract the trendy crowd. Next to that Arioso is located in the Jewish district, and surrounded by many cafés and eateries, that would qualify as hotspots. Do they serve good coffee though? We think so!

Arioso Café, Budapest


Trendy and located in the Jewish district. They also serve pastries and lunch. 

Orient Café

You have a choice between the dark or blond roast, and the dark definitely kicked in, so make a wise choice. Unfortunately, the coffee is served in small glasses, which was the only downside. They have a few tables outside, great for people watching as it’s located on a main road.


Fanka Budapest, coffee bar

Scroll down for the best coffee bars in the world!

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