Are you you in for a good cup of coffee? The coffee culture in Amsterdam is incredible, there’s a coffee shop on nearly every corner. Therefore we’ve put together the ultimate coffee guide with our favourite places. These cosy Amsterdam coffee spots have beautiful interior, design, the best roasts and amazing sweets.

Coffee isn’t just a drink. It’s a way of life! Coffee bars are perfect to work from, meet up with friends, or just to relax and feel at home. These 24 coffee bars —handpicked by us— you should definitely check out. 



Rum Baba Bakery & Roastery, Pretoriusstraat 15

While waiting you watch these coffee creators make the perfect blend for you. Known for their slick silky foam, so a must try are their cappuccino’s. How about enjoying a delicious sweet like banana bread, vegan pecan blueberry loaf and more. Not only their coffee cups but also their coffee beans are packed in a distinguished package! You also have the opportunity to buy the trendy Chemex Classic Slow and brew your own coffee at home. 

Rum Baba Bakery & Roastery

Harvey Amsterdam, Galiëiplantsoen 94

If you are into interior and design you will have to check out this beautiful coffee bar and pastry shop in East done by Susanne van Helden. Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee with Roa m*lk inside or outside. Yes, you will find our new favorite oat milk here. They bake everything freshly every morning, so treat yourself to something sweet with social flavours. 


Bakerij Mas, Newtonstraat 101

In the cosy neighbourhood Watergraafsmeer in Amsterdam East sits bakery and cafe Mas. There’s nothing better than the smell of freshly baked sourdough bread in the morning. At Mas they are specialized in biological sourdough bread and very tasteful cinnamon rolls. You can enjoy a great coffee in or outside. Very child friendly!

Bakkerij Mas

Hartje Oost, Javastraat 23

In the middle of ‘de Javastraat’ you will find this cute little and beautiful place. This spot has an excellent selection of cakes, salads, sandwiches, smoothies and coffee. Whatever you fancy, everything here is homemade and delicious. 

Hartje Oost

Yusu, Andreas Bonnstraat 2

Since September 2020 two cool kids (Kick & Nicole, friends from high school) opened the doors of this very beautiful spot with Scandinavian details. Yusu is not only about coffee. Yusu gives a platform to artists and creative organisations via various type of collaborations. A “Cup of excellence” coffee is what you can expect here, and a lot of delicious cakes and other amazing sweets. Like their homemade madeleines, dipped in matcha and white chocolate. You bring your laptop and you might get inspired by the vibe and the people around you. 

Yusu, best coffee in Amsterdam


Uncommon, Eerste Constantijn Huygensstraat 63H

You would think that there are enough coffee spots in this area by now, but Uncommon found a beautiful space where they serve their remarkable coffees since June 2020. With its clean style this small coffee place is a true treasure in Oud-West. We are in love with their interior design, their matcha and healthy bowls. Everything is organic and sustainably grown.

Koffie Academie, Overtoom 95

With beautiful art on the walls (which you can buy), decent coffees and cakes, this place close to Vondel Park serves the perfect latte art. You can choose from Indian monsooned malabar beans, Ethiopia West guji beans and Guatemala Las Delicias-Palencia beans. Besides their coffees, they also have some pastries for the sweet lovers. 

Koffie Academie

Monks Coffee Roasters, Bilderdijkstraat 46

This cute little café and roasters serves the hip & trendy Chemex & Aeropress filter coffee, cappuccino’s and beyond coffee like cake and sandwiches. Enjoy also their delicious coffee for at home. Order from their webshop and if you live in the Amsterdam area they will deliver  it for free to your door.

Berry Amsterdam, Bilderdijkkade 27

When you are on your way to the Erasmus park or Vondelpark you can pass by Berry for a nice cup of coffee. Especially for the colder months they serve ‘Snert’ (Dutch Pea Soup) from @jorisbijdendijk & @brandtenlevie for €6,50 only! 

Berry Amsterdam

Fuku Friedhats Coffee, Bos en Lommerweg 136

The place to be in Bo-Lo for a great cup of coffee is here! Get your coffee served by participant and winner of several prices of the ‘World Barista Championships’. The look & feel is different to any other coffee spot in Amsterdam.


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Lot Sixty One Coffee Roasters, Kinkerstraat 112

Lot 61 is famous for their benches out in the sun and everyone drinking their coffee outside by the canal, even in winter time. Luckily you can also grab takeaways or coffee beans for at home!  This nice place on the corner makes you want to stop for a coffee once you pass by. The coffee they roast has a very distinguished flavour, you love it or hate it. Either way, accompany your coffee with some freshly baked goods and enjoy the rest of your day.

Lot 61, best coffee in Amsterdam

Coffee Room, Kinkerstraat 110

First of all, it’s a Walhalla for freelancers (when open) because there is plenty of space to work from. Not to mention their peanut butter Jam sandwich with banana. Or try coconut yogurt with mango chutney and a lot more good stuff here. Grab out their nice coffee too and you will be ready to go! 


Koffieschenkerij, Oudekerksplein 27

This is by far one of the cutest coffee spots in the city center! A real gem! Job and Anne, the owners, transformed this old sacristy into a cafe. You can enjoy a good cup of coffee and freshly baked cakes in their beautiful and charming garden or take a seat inside. No reservation needed, just grab a table and order. 


De Koffie Salon, Eerste Constantijn Huygensstraat 82 & Utrechtsestraat 130

With several coffee shops in Amsterdam and Rotterdam the one on de Spuistraat is partly owned by Danish designer Hay. So grab a coffee and stop by the neighbours for some nice designer furniture! The one in the Utrechtsestraat is our favourite. The smell of freshly baked croissants and cakes hit you when you enter. The cosy and big coffee table is where you can enjoy your amazing coffee while reading one of the newspapers they offer. 

Bocca Coffee Roasters, Kerkstraat 96H

Always wanted to be a barista? Follow a workshop, their coffee school @bocca.kerkstraat is still open! Also in the weekends. This coffee spot is unique and is well known for the perfect coffee in a cup. Their espresso bar is OPEN for take away, you can also buy a bag for HOME brewing!


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Pluk, Reestraat 19 & Berenstraat 19

Take a long walk along the canals and take your cute customized Pluk cup with great coffee with you. If you are a sucker for cake, they have a great selection of sweets (try out the cinnamon role cheesecake). Also their sandwiches and pancakes are so delicious. Everything on the menu is worth a try! Oh, and don’t forget to check out their nice interior/lifestyle products, the perfect gift you will find here. 

Pluk Amsterdam, best coffee in Amsterdam

Koffiespot, Elandsgracht 53

Get your fruity morning breakfast bowl, breakfast platter, your daily dose of vitamines, freshly baked banana bread or croissant, and your great coffee blend at this small place in the beating heart of center. The small bench outside is mostly taken, since it’s perfect to enjoy your cup of coffee. 


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Back is Black, Weteringstraat 48 & Van Hallstraat 268

After the first lockdown they introduced the “Black Swap cup”. For only 5 euro you can buy a reusable sustainable cup and you will support the Circular coffee fund which invests in permaculture and reforestation at coffee farms. You can bring the swap cup with you every day and hand it in (dirty) to swap for a clean cup filled with your favourite coffee!

ENVIRONMENTAL TIP: Bring your own coffee cup/jar with you as much as you can. At most coffee places (like Starbucks and all train stations) you will get a discount plus it’s better for the environment of course.


Cafecito, Van Baerlestraat 83, Beethovenstraat 19 & Nassaukade 330

Hello clean, minimal, aesthetic coffee shops! They offer a small selection is drink and some sweets. At cafecito it’s precision work, perfectly crafted and rich of full flavours.

Coffee Concepts, Jacob Obrechtstraat 5 

This treasure with unique art pieces is one of the prettiest spots in Zuid. With the Vondelpark as backyard offers freshly brewed caffeine. They offer a moment of indulgence and relaxation on busy day, with their carefully curated menu that features a variety of specialty coffee drinks made from premium beans, roasted to perfection to ensure a rich and flavourful experience.



Scandinavian Embassy, Sarphatipark 34 & Europaplein 87

What, No Oatly? This coffee spot in Amsterdam just introduced that they have changed to a new oat milk that compliments their unique coffee, @minorfigures. Totally organic, on a mission to reduce packaging waste and keep an excellent taste. Try it out! Get your coffee served in their pretty looking designed cups and get yourself a nice Cinnamon bun or cardamom bun filled with almond paste and topped with velvet white cream. 


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Anook Bakehouse, Ferdinand Bolstraat 182

Waits until you try one of their pastries.. The place in Amsterdam when you are searching for high-quality pastries and coffee. The different sweets are endless, with some amazing vegan options. Tip! Order your birthday cake here!

Rise Bakery, Albert Cuypstraat 208H

This bakery is famous for their homebaked bread (seriously, try it) and their coffee. Given that the owners are from Italy, Brazil and South Africa, makes this place interesting. Different from most, they decided to start a new business during COVID and with success. Come by and taste!

Rise Bakery, best coffee in Amsterdam

Locals, Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat 27-H, Daniel Stalpertstraat 61H, Ferdinand Bolstraat 21B

Your perfect coffee made by your local. They are making the perfect cup of coffee for you using Buscaglione beans roasted just outside of Rome. The design of each place is clean, with attention to craft and details. They offer the perfect food that make your day brighter.

Enjoy your coffee y’all!


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