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Best countries to visit for when you’re on a budget

If you have the virus wanderlust, you know you feel need to travel as much as possible. Unfortunately your bank account doesn’t always agree.  Still want to enjoy the beauty of a long stretched beaches, feel the sun glowing on your skin and taste another culture? Thankfully some countries are cheaper than others.
These are our top 5 countries you should visit if you’re on a budget:

1. Cambodia, Asia
Daily budget: 15 euro or less

Cambodia is a very cheap travel destination, even by Southeast Asian standards. If you’re really on a budget and you keep your daily spending to a minimum, you can live on an amount of 10 to 15 euro’s per day.
Accommodation can be found for as little as 4-5 euro’s per night (for a simple hut or hostel) and even the alcohol is cheap here. If you eat the local food, you won’t spend more than 4 euros on a 2 course meal. Flights cost about 500 euro’s if you book ahead of time.

Angkor Wat takes you back in time
One of the cheapest countries for travel

2. Thailand, Asia
Daily budget: 20 euro or less

If you’ve been to Thailand, you know you can live there as a King or a Queen. When I was there I had a massage almost every day and it only cost me about 5 to 10 euro’s. Thailand has one of the finest cuisines in the world but you can dine here for about 5-10 euro’s per person. (this includes your drinks!)
It’s the ultimate backpacking country with a lot of cheap accommodation available. 

Living the royal life in Thailand

3. Greece, Europe
Daily budget: 30 euro or less

I’m speaking out of experience because as you might know, I have been to Greece many times. The food is one of the cheapest in Europe and you can feast on a large main course for only 6-9 euro’s. A beer will cost you about 2 euro’s. You will pay double the price in places like Mykonos and Santorini but if you visit the main land or Islands like : Folegandros, Lefkas or Naxos, you can definitely add Greece to your budget travels.

Greece is great if you're on a budget
Lefkas (Lefkada) is great for budget travel

4. Philippines, Asia
Daily budget: 25 euro or less

It’s not the cheapest of the Asian countries we’ve mentioned but it certainly deserves a place in our top 5. The reason it’s at number 4 is because of the long flight. The flight is by far the most expensive part of your trip but if you’re lucky you can get a flight at around 600 euro’s per person. The Philippines is pretty untouched by mass tourism (like Thailand) which makes it more difficult to travel sometimes. That’s way you tend to spent more on boats, domestic flights etc. Wander-Lust will has visited the Philippines so for the best tips check here!

Swimming with whale sharks only cost you about 25 euro’s

5. Bolivia, South America
Daily budget: 25 euro or less

Bolivia is a very popular destination for backpackers, simply because it’s very affordable to travel. There is something for every budget. Even the good hotels offer reasonable prices. (a 4 star hotel is available for as little as 80 USD) 

Chill.. cuz your money isn’t going anywhere



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  1. Awesome list! I’m shocked that Greece is on the list, but due to the financial instability it makes sense that it would be. Definitely on my bucket list to visit anyways. To walk in the same land as the philosophers, mathematicians, and scientists is something that I’ve always wanted to do. Thanks for sharing.

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