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Most backpackers and travellers will pay a visit to beautiful Australia once or twice in their lifetime. With 8.7 million visitors in 2019, it’s one of the most visited continents in the world. Rainforests, deserts, mountains, beaches, cliffs, reefs, dunes, and more, Australia has it all. 

Australia is by far one of our favorite places in the world and the perfect destination for traveling by yourself. But we all know about Bondi Beach, Fraser Island, The Twelve Apostles, and the stunning Great Barrier Reef. We think there are a few roads less traveled you should know about…

Hidden spots in Western Australia

Most backpackers fly directly into Melbourne or Sydney and travel along the Eastcoast but the Westcoast is something you shouldn’t miss out on. It’s the side of Australia where the sun sets into the sea, where you can swim with whale sharks and it has fewer tourists.

  • Coral Bay
    Coral Bay is a tiny town on the coast, 1,200 kilometers north of Perth. It’s a special spot because it’s full of marine life. Whale sharks come to the area between March and June and from June to October you can watch the migration of the Humpback Whales. It’s not a town full of restaurants and café’s so you should go here to unwind and enjoy the stunning nature.
  • Rockingham
    Another great hidden spot in Australia is Rockingham. I swam here with wild dolphins. You simply head out to sea, jump in the water and watch them play. No pool, no touching, no trained animals. You just enjoy these beautiful creatures, A must-do!
  • Rottnest Island
    Just offshore from Perth, you will find this small lesser-known island. Go here for snorkeling, swimming, or sunbathing. You can rent a bungalow for the night and there is even a small center. It’s also home to the quokka, a small wallaby-like marsupial.
  • Dunsborough
    I arrived in Dunsborough about 9 years ago but I still remember it as if it was yesterday. I had never seen such a long-stretched beach without people on it! The water is crystal clear and the people here are super friendly. You can also find the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park here. Here you can spot some of the tallest trees in Australia. Enjoy coastal walks, and whale watching and at night you can visit plenty of pubs and wine bars. It’s a few hour’s drive from Perth and close to Margaret River. 
Dunsborough Western Australia

Castle Rock, Dunsborough

Hidden Gems in Northern Territory

If you want to experience the real Australia, you should definitely visit the Northern Territory. Endless roads without seeing one person except for a couple of kangaroos. The spiritual and sacred land of the Aboriginals has more to offer than Uluru.

  • Devils Marbles
    The name is already cool enough to check these babies out! If you go to the Northern Territory you probably visit Uluru and Alice Springs but most people forget about the Devil’s Marbles. The round stone balls are a special sight and of spiritual significance to the traditional Aboriginals. Here the rocks formations are million of years old and due to erosion, they have turned into giant boulders. It’s possible to camp on-site and enjoy the unusual shapes at sunrise.

lesser known spots in Australia. Northern Territory
The spectacular Northern Territory

This spectacular natural sinkhole is something that reminds us of a scene from Avatar

Unusual places in South Australia

This part of Australia is famous for its wine regions, Adelaide and Kangaroo Island, but there are a few hidden treasures that are lesser known but certainly deserve your attention.

  • Lake Bumbunga
    This lake is used to extract salt and turns pink during some seasons. It’s located in an area that is lesser known in Australia so you could say that this Instagramable pink lake deserves a spot on our list!
  • Umpherston Sinkhole
    This spectacular natural sinkhole is something that reminds us of a scene from Avatar. The Umpherston sinkhole as once a normal limestone cave located at Mount Gambier, that was formed by the corrosion of seawater waves. The sinkhole was naturally created when the chamber’s roof collapsed. It’s now home to a beautiful garden that you can visit.

Lake Bumbunga Source

The amazing Umpherston Sinkhole Photo credit: @dubstamatic

Hidden spots in Australia’s Eastcoast

Visited by most, but some area’s are still overlooked. Here are 5 amazing hidden gems spots in Australia’s East Coast that you will love!

  • Moreton Island
    If you plan to visit Brisbane, you might as well take a day trip to Moreton Island. This protected sand island is the smaller and lesser known sister to the popular Frasier Island. Known for its steep dunes, it’s perfect for sandboarding and spotting shipwrecks.
  • Noosa Everglades
    When I arrived in Noosa, it immediately felt like I was in another climate. You will arrive in the tropics and you can enjoy some fantastic beaches and forest walks. One thing that not every traveler knows about, is the Noosa Everglades. One of Queensland best-kept secrets. Take an adventurous canoe trip or camp into the wilderness. The everglades are gaining popularity fast, so be quick before it’s becoming a tourist attraction. Did you know we mention this spot in our book Off the Beaten Track?
  • Brooms Head
    It is one of those places you go to for total relaxation. It’s perfect for surfers and only an hours drive from Byron Bay! Bromms head is often overlooked because of the popular destinations surrounding BH, but this untouched paradise is worth the extra stopover and perfect for a few days camping near the beach.
  • Tin Can Bay
    This seaside village is tiny but has one thing that people come back for. The humpback Dolphin. Travelers and locals get an unique opportunity to hand feed and interact with these rare dolphins. It’s done with great care as they are a protected species. You can also enjoy the wonderful beaches, campsites and terrific seafood. You can also rent houseboats, take a beach drive or visit one of the lively markets. You’ll be surprised about the amount of backpackers that haven’t heard of this place. Don’t be one of those people 😉
  • Somersby Falls
    I’ve gotten this  inside tip from a local Aussi, so you know it has to be a hidden treasure! Somersby Falls is a picnic area with a stunning waterfall as your main view. Like all great parks in Australia, the location has several bbq’s lined up with picnic tables surrounded by rainforest and beautiful walking tracks. It’s located on the central coast just 1,5 hours from Sydney.

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Hidden spots Australia, Noosa Everglades

Noosa Everglades

It’s more than you can ever imagine it to be, with so many new places to discover.. Enjoy it Mate!


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