Best hidden spots on Hvar


Hvar is promoted as the sunniest town in Croatia. And although this may be true, it also means that Hvar is one of Croatia’s most popular tourist destinations. At Wander-Lust, we usually promote the hidden corners of the world. Therefore we want to share 5 hidden spots in Hvar, that you may not find in most tourist brochures.

Konoba’s Menego

Known as a Konoba – which means wine cellar in Croatian, you eat, taste, and drink local dishes. They are popular with the locals, and therefore not always easy to find. However, we discovered Menego’s cellar on our way up the hill, tucked away in one of Hvar’s narrow streets. Come to this family-owned konoba for local food, and wine, and pay in cash.

Konoba in Hvar

Historic Theatre Hvar Café

The Historic Theatre of Hvar is located very centrally, on the main square. While many people take a look inside or even book a show, many people forget the café that is located on the top floor. In the evening locals gather for a drink and chitchat.

Hvar Theatre Café

Maslina Resort

This beautiful and rather new boutique hotel is located in Stari Grad, the Eastside of Hvar. With a focus on sustainability, Maslina respects the prestige environment and local heritage of the island. Natural materials – even in the gym, and local and organic food, all contribute to the message they want to share. By all means, it is a luxury stay, but if you can afford it, you should check it out. Day guests are welcome for lunch or dinner.

Maslina Resort Stari Grad, Hvar

Maslina Resort bedroom, Hvar

Stari Grad basically belongs to Hvar but is often seen as a different part due to the difference in scenery.

Cycle through Stari Grad

Rent a bike! One of our best tips when it comes to discovering hidden gems in a destination. It’s no secret that cycling offers more pathways to less-known spots, villages, and encounters. We rented ours at the hotel, so do check whether your hotel offers it.  We passed a few fisher villages like the old town Stari Grad where you can visit the summer residence of famous poet Petar Hektorovic named Tvrdalj. Along your bicycle tour, you can also visit a local winery. 

Fishing village Hvar

Old Town Stari Grad

Sveti Klement Island

If you didn’t know already; Hvar has a couple of surrounding islands. One of those is Sveti Klement and this restaurant goes by the same name as its location. Only accessible by taxi boat, this lush, small island has a few charming restaurants featuring water views. Eat at the Fisherman’s House, which is becoming more popular by the year, but hasn’t been discovered by the mass, yet.

As can be seen above, even popular places like Hvar, have hidden spots to be found. Let us know what you think!


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