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My father is half Indonesian so I grew up with the flavors of this beautiful country. Thank god I live in the Netherlands where Indonesian food has almost become part of the Dutch culture. Over the years I have come across a few Indonesian restaurants in Amsterdam that have the best authentic taste. Time to put them in the limelight!

1. Paon Bali

By speaking to several Indonesian friends of mine, this warung comes in as number one. If you are looking for real authentic (and traditionally spicy) Indonesian food, this place is your best bet. 

2. Miko, Rie Mastenbroekstraat 1d

This brand-new restaurant is more than just Indonesian food. It’s the hottest Indo hangout on the block right now! Don’t be surprised if you see people playing live-music – friends, family come over daily and therefore the vibe is buzzing! Pricewise, they are a little expensive, but this has probably to do with the fact that they recently opened. The menu changes almost everyday, they serve homemade sambal, and incredible soto ayam soup. There are a few tables to sit, but most people take out. 

Miko, Indonesian restaurant Amsterdam
Miko, Amsterdam

3. Indrapura, Rembrandtplein 40

A hidden gem that you wouldn’t expect to be located in one of the most touristic squares in Amsterdam. Indrapura is the sister restaurant of well established restaurant Sampurna – that has been around for more than 30 years. This new Indonesian restaurant was taken over after the original owner didn’t make it through the pandemic, and with that it got a completely new make-over but kept the same name. 

We ordered a vegetarian “rijst tafel” for two, and ordered a main of fish named Lautan Cinta – the sea of love. Incredible! The colourful dished filled our table, which was situated next to the window overlooking the Rembrandt Square. We just loved the level of spiciness, that even the Dutch are able to handle. All in all, Indrapura is a great Indonesian restaurant in Amsterdam, that you can combine with drinks or clubbing in town.

Indrapura, best Indonesian restaurants Amsterdam

4. Sie Joe, Gravenstraat 24-A

This very small and very tucked away restaurant is situated in Amsterdam’s shopping districts. Just around the corner of the famous Dam Square you will find this tiny Indonesian secret. They don’t have a large menu but the food is pure and delicious! I always go for the vegetarian Gado Gado with peanut sauce. You will find locals here and the occasional lost tourist. Sie Joe has been tipped by the media before so this little restaurant is doing something right!

You won’t know it until you’ve heard about it!

5. Kartika, Overtoom 68

The Overtoom in Amsterdam keeps surprising me! This restaurant has been here for years but I only found out about it last year. It’s been around for over 50 years in different generations. You can’t get it any more authentic than this one! They are most famous for their Indonesian Rice Tables: Ramayana and Shinta (pictured below). They will bring everything on the table for you to feast your eyes on.

(Source: Kartika)

6. Toko Kokkita, Amstelveenseweg 166

Not a restaurant but a great place to get a tasty Indonesian take away. This might not be a secret for the people who live nearby, but certainly good to know for the rest of Amsterdam and surroundings! Besides the take away menu, they offer catering and you can buy authentic Indonesian products in the store. They always have discounts going on, so check their website before ordering. YumYum!

Shop & Eat at Kokkita (sourse: Kokkita)

So no need to search for those authentic Indonesian flavours. They are right here and all very affordable! 



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    Ooh that sounds great! I’m visiting Amsterdam with my sister for four days and we definitely want to try some Indonesian food too I think I’ll go to the first place!

    • Wander-lust
      Posted at 12:03h, 16 April Reply

      Hope you have a good time Anouk!

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