Best places to eat Interlaken

BEST LOCAL PLACES TO EAT IN INTERLAKEN (away from the tourists!)

Interlaken, Switzerland is extremely popular with outdoor enthusiasts. People from all over the world visit this town nestled between the mountains, and we understand why. But restaurants and cafés can get a bit crowded, so we selected some of the best local places to eat in Interlaken that are great, but are not too touristy. 


Café Spatz, Spielmatte 49

Come here for a good coffee in the morning and excellent wine in the evening! Simple but good. At Spatz, they offer a small menu with various delicacies. From homemade jam for brunch, fruit cake in the afternoon, or an antipasti plate with freshly sliced Parma ham for an aperitif. 

Café Spatz Interlaken

Café Aarburg, Beatenbergstrasse 1

This café also functions as a B&B and café & restaurant. Besides, it’s also perfect for vegetarians and/or people with food allergies.

Baeckerei-Michel, Scheidgasse 2

For a traditional bakery in Interlaken with excellent pastries (Räuberegge) that only the locals know! 

Balmers Restaurant, Hauptstrasse 23

For the perfect summer bbq feeling visit this restaurant. Simple but comforting food, beer and a great atmosfeer! Additionally, Balmers is also a hostel, perfect for those that want to visit Interlaken on a budget. Mind you, you can’t compare these hostel prices with other cities in Europe, but it’s far less expensive than a hotel, plus it’s a topnotch place with stunning scenery.

Velo Café, Uniongasse 10

Would you like to eat exclusively vegetarian food and skip the Swiss meat? Then you can do so at Velo Café. 

Velo Café Interlaken best places to eat

Luegibrueggli, Luegibrüggli family 1

Another popular restaurant in Interlaken that the locals love is Luegibrueggli. It’s also situated on a mountain, overlooking the lake. The terrace is one of the best in Interlaken, so make a reservation and arrive just before lunchtime, for the best photo’s! (see header photo).

Luegibrueggli Interlaken, best places to eat

Popular restaurants in Interlaken but worth it

Restaurant Taverne for Swiss cuisine with a modern twist (reservations are a must). Located at the top of the Harder Kulm is the restaurant that goes by the same name. You will share this place with many others but this restaurant definitely offers the best view and beautiful sunsets in summer. It is accessible by gondel. 

Enjoy Interlaken! More articles about Switzerland and our Grand Train Tour below!

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