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When we searched for lunch spots on Lanzarote, it was a harder task than we expected. That being said, there are plenty of lovely places to eat – you just need to know about them! Look no further and read on for a couple of minutes. Here are some of the best places to enjoy lunch on the island of Lanzarote.

Kamezí Deli & Bistro, Playa Blanca

By far our favourite place on the island. It’s relatively new, hidden in a beautiful villa complex, by the seaside. What we love the most, is the design of the igloo domes where you can dine in. Surrounded by water, under the palmtrees, and overlooking the sea, this place is truly magnificent. You can choose between 9 courses or 12, and add additional wine pairing. On Sunday you can enjoy a stunning (and tasty) 6 or 9-course tapas lunch from €40 per head.

Aguaviva, Playa de Honda

If you are looking for a hidden gem, Aguaviva is it. Located in the middle of a quiet neighbourhood, and quite difficult to find. Once inside, it looks like you’ve entered someones living room. The walls are painted a happy colour yellow and red, but once you see the menu, you know you are in for something good. Amazing food and Michelin recommended.

Aguaviva Lanzarote

El Chiringuito, Playa de Papagayo

It may well be, that this is one of the only beach restaurants, that you can compare to a place on Mallorca. Nice umbrella’s, white walls, and priceless views overlooking Playa de Papagayo. Being only one of two restaurants in this bay, we are happy that El Chiringuito set ground here. Make sure you look for the right one, because there are more lunch spots on Lanzarote that go by the same name. More importantly; they serve great lunch such as baby squid, traditional wrinkly potatoes and drinks. Reserve a table because they don’t have many seats.

El Chiringuito Lanzarote Lunch

El Risco, Famara

You can find this tiny restaurant in surfers town Famara. Again, this is a Michelin recommended restaurant and we get it. First and foremost its the staff and wine, that make you realize the status of this place. We recommend going for their specials –it’s not called a special for nothing right?


Beautiful furniture with recycled elements, and the unmissable style of César Manrique – the most famous architect of the island. Dishes are pretty, but also taste amazing. Come here with friends, stay late and drink local wine.

Restaurante Casa Torano, El Golfo

In the small town of El Golfo – and pretty much next to Charco Verde (the green lake), there are a few nice restaurants. We picked this particular one, because it looked amazing, and the prices were decent also. Fresh seafood, especially the grilled pulpa was amazing. Order a glass of Sangria here, but make sure you don’t need to drive 😉

Restaurante Casa Torano, best lunch on Lanzarote

Naia de Mikel Otaegui, Arecife

Tapas and more, and a Michelin status – with gluten free options! People return here because of the lovely staff, but can be a little disappointed with the size of the dishes. However, this lunch spot on Lanzarote is all about enjoying the flavours, and not so much about leaving with a stuffed belly. If you can appreciate that, pay them a visit! Prices vary between €12 and €28 per person, so quite reasonable.

Elveril, La Graciosa

This seafood restaurant is located on the small beach near the harbour of La Graciosa – just 30 minutes away from the island of Lanzarote. Officially it still belongs to Lanzarote and perfect to combine with a visit to this lesser known island. You can select freshly caught fish, but prices are quite high for the fish (40 euro for big fish to share). Other dishes were not so expensive, and we really enjoyed this lunch. 

lunch at Elveril La Graciosa, Lanzarote

Casa Carlos, Playa Blanca

One of the restaurants by the sea in the busy area Playa de Blanca. Don’t be put off by the fact that they have some asian style dishes on the menu – this region is very much catered for the tourists. We ordered and enjoyed fresh seafood, ceviche, fresh tomato salads, and calamaris. Comfortable seats, and seafood, make this an excellent lunch spot on Lanzarote.

Casa Carlos, Lanzarote lunch

Authentic food in Lanzarote

If you are looking for something really authentic and local, we got these restaurants tipped by locals. El Bocadito serves skewers, tapas, grilled meat, signature Lanzarote cuisine. Located in Costa Teguise. El Amanecer is a simple looking restaurant, with small traditional dishes that are made with love. Lot’s of fresh seafood, lovely staff and often fully booked! On FB you can find it under Dawn Restaurant. Tasca la Raspa is facing the small harbour in Arrecife and is known for its great tapas. Well priced with lovely staff.

Are you planning to visit Lanzarote, but you need a little more persuasion? Check our full Lanzarote Guide!


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