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With Morocco currently blocking flights from the Netherlands, UK, and Germany, you might miss travelling to Marrakech or more authentic Moroccan destinations. Luckily we live in a country where you can eat delicious Moroccan food! Tried and tested by us and some of our Moroccan friends, in no particular order, these Moroccan restaurants have been ranked the best in Amsterdam!

Lunchroom Soussi, Osdorperban 94

If we have to believe our Moroccan friend Redouan, you can eat the best tajine dishes in Amsterdam here! The place doesn’t look very fancy, even a bit dull, but when it comes to authentic Moroccan food, you should try this one!

With a lot of recipes from grandmothers, loaded with fresh herbs and spices from Morocco

Biladi, Borgerstraat 189

Biladi, which means My Land, Morocco and Netherlands, opened its doors in 2006. Due to the years of experience of the chefs, brothers and owners, Achmed, Hassan, Ajachi and Samir, this place has become a household name in Amsterdam. From grills, couscous and tajines to salads. Everything is served festively, resulting in a successful evening out for dinner.

Moroccan restaurants Amsterdam
Source: Biladi

The Tajine Bar, Mercatorplein 5H

This place used to be called Tajinerie, but the older brother has now taken over the restaurant with a fresh new look & feel. So what’s different? For instance, you can drink Moroccan wine and beer and apparently this is rather special in Amsterdam we were told! Of course, there is the tajine which we needed to try!

Tajine Bar best Moroccan restaurants Amsterdam

Marhaba, Bos en lommerweg 141

If you want to experience a very traditional Moroccan restaurant, take a look at Marhaba. In fact, it is the very first Moroccan restaurant in the Netherlands that is alcohol-free and 100% Halal. The restaurant itself isn’t very modern or trendy for that matter, but if you want to taste the true Moroccan flavours, you are at the right address. They also serve a Moroccan breakfast and offer catering. The restaurant has been successful over the years and therefore many locals come back here. Due to the success of the restaurant, a second branch has also been opened in Amsterdam East and a third in Amsterdam Slotervaart.

restaurant Marhaba, Moroccan restaurants in Amsterdam

Restaurant Mozo, Van Woustraat 89

They already earned a spot in our best high tea recommendations for Amsterdam, but let’s talk about their normal menu. Mozo has the looks, the feel, the music and a delicious modern North-West Moroccan kitchen. Originally, a large part of the population of North-West Morocco, once fled Spain between the 1500’s and 1700’s, and the cooking culture that had developed there. This results in a very different taste from the Arab-Berber cuisine such as Marrakech. From cold and hot mezzes to sizzling grill dishes and of course incredible couscous and tajine on the menu, this place is a Moroccan party in your mouth.

Restaurant Mamouche, Quellijnstraat 104

Sad news because unfortunately Covid had the best of Mamouche and they’ve recently decided to close permanently.. Mamouche was a Moroccan restaurant with a French twist that had been around since 2002.

Bonus for those with a sweet tooth

Luxury boxes full of sweet Arabian cookies and baklava in all sorts of flavours. You can get it at Alshamdelights. Officially it’s owned by a Syrian family, but hugely popular during the end of the Ramadan when Muslims celebrate Eid al-Fitr. A lot of sweet goodies are eaten and this is one of the best places to get it! They offer handmade wooden gift boxes, filled with their best sweets. Bonus: you can also order online!

Happy travels to Morocco (kind of)


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