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Great, if you are here, you’re looking for a place to stay on Texel. We know, plenty of choice, and not sure where to look at? We’ve got you covered. We’ve selected seven of the best places to stay on Texel – so you know what’s right for you.

Nature Texel


First of all, it’s super easy to get to Texel. From Den Helder, located in the far northwest of the Netherlands, you take the ferry. It only takes about 20 minutes, and you can book tickets online.


Boutique Hotel Op Oost

We stayed here multiply times, and not without reason. Recently, Op Oost received a whopping 5 stars for their boutique hotel and restaurant Het Kook Atelier. If you want to know all the ins and outs of this incredible place – head over to this article.

Op Oost Texel

Villapark de Koog

Perfect for families that like a little comfort and luxury. This Villapark is relatively new, but belongs to De Krim – which is located in Cocksdorp. Stay here if you want to be close to De Koog, the beach, and prefer a quiet and relaxing spot. Our had three bedrooms – all en-suite and a sauna! Book this stay and other holiday homes here.

Villapark de Koog - Texel

Texels Suites & Apartments

In the center of Den Burg you can find two different suites and four beautiful apartments. Big Bonus: Between May through mid-September, guests who book a suite will receive a free luxury beach house at Paal 17 to use during hot summer days. Included with (cold) water, sunbeds, a windshield, refrigerator and in the suite is already a beach bag with bath towels ready, ideal! Book here.

Just Texel Apartments & Suites

Nieuw Leven

Once voted the most sustainable accommodation on Texel, this place offers several options. You can even stay there with large groups, with a family or individual hotel rooms can be booked.

Nieuw Leven - Texel

Boutique Hotel Texel

Another wonderful hotel on Texel, including Spa Woolness where you can experience an unique wool bath. It sounds as weird as it is, but don’t judge too soon, it was super relaxing! Basically, they wrap you in sheep wool which feels warm and soft. Your skin will get moisturised due to the layer of fat on top of the wool called Lanolin. Rooms are beautiful, and you wake up rested with views over the countryside, dunes and toward the mud flats.

wool bath Texel - Boutique hotel Texel

Het Molenhuisje Beaufort

Looking for something unique? This Mill Cottage is one space with a wooden roof. From the outside a completely authentic farmhouse. Inside it’s spacious, light and modern.  The large garden is completely fenced so safe with kids to play with, surrounded by the Dutch countryside. Located Oosterend.

All accommodations are also available to book at

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