Best in Travel 2021, the winners

The Lonely Planet published the highly anticipated Best In Travel List for 2021. Destinations across the globe hope to be included, as it usually results in a gain of tourism. This year however, it will be a bit different.

However, when the world came to a standstill in 2020, it was clear that travelling won’t not be the same again, and it shouldn’t be. The Lonely Planet’s Best In Travel List 2021 will be different. Instead of pointing out the best cities and countries, sustainability, diversity and community will be key factors of 2021. 

Best in travel


Discover the amazing people and places that are transforming travel and making the world a better place – for now and future generations. We have selected our favourite winners.

Best upcoming sustainable travel destination: Antigua & Barbuda

Caribbean countries such as Antigua and Barbuda, are at the forefront of the impacts of climate change, make sustainability a priority. Hurricane Irma destroyed this island duo almost completely, but has since made major steps to encourage sustainability across the country. Plastic and Styrofoam are no longer welcome and they have created the “Green Corridor” – a collection of eco-friendly hotels, resorts that spread along Antigua’s southwest coast. Here you will also find Wallings Nature Reserve, the first national park in the country to be run by the community itself.

This Best in Travel List 2021 can still take you all over the world, only more conscious

Most sustainable train travel: Rocky Mountaineer

In order to keep the beauty of the rugged Canadian Rocky Mountains, the Rocky Mountaineer train has taken steps to reduce CO2 emissions and recycle more on board. It also works with organisations that protect local wildlife. Not to mention the Rocky Mountaineer that you can experience it in comfort and luxury. Correspondingly, traveling by train is arguably better for the environment than flying or driving. And the Rocky Mountaineer takes its responsibilities in sustainable tourism seriously. The train helps to protect the areas it travels through and makes careful use of raw materials – including by reducing its CO2 emissions. In addition, The Rocky Mountaineer makes annual donations to Tree Canada’s National Greening Program.

Canadian Rocky Mountains, best in travel 2021

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Best Sustainable Destination for Gastronomy: Greece 

Greece may not be known for implementing formal initiatives on sustainable practices, but the Greeks have actually been green for years. The age-old traditions of growing vegetables, harvesting olives for oil. Cooking with tomatoes, fresh fish and wild green is the norm for most people. Furthermore, the Greek combine fresh food with activities that connect them with nature, such as hiking. 

Olive tree Greece

Best Sustainable Stay: Grootberg Lodge, Namibia

The luxurious, environmentally conscious Grootberg Lodge in remote Namibia is helping to conserve the lion and black rhino by supporting communities. 

Best Sustainable City: Göteborg

Sustainable initiatives are sprouting up everywhere in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second-largest city, where they aspire to be completely fossil-free by 2030. 

Bicycle Grötenberg Sweden


Who knows best which form of travel benefits a destination? The people who live and work there, of course! They provide authentic and unforgettable experiences, giving back to the local community.

Best Community Tour: Invisible Cities, UK

Based in the UK, Invisible Cities offers homeless people the opportunity to become guides in their own city, leading to engaging and alternative walks for travellers and locals alike.

Best Accommodation: Kazachstan

Led by the Kazakhstan Tourism Association, rural villagers are trained in hospitality, to provide homestays for tourists while creating new economic opportunities for themselves.


Best Community Vibe: Faroe Islands

Did you that the tourism on the Faroe Islands have shut down in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, the Visit Faroe Islands tourism board created a virtual travel experience, where ‘visitors’ can remotely control a local who is mounted with a live video camera. 

Faroe Islands


Equally important, now more than ever is Diversity. From racial equality to gender acceptation and inclusion. Diversity is also important when it comes to travel. Here are some of the winners of this year’s best in travel 2021 that stood out for us.

Diversity in travel

Best welcoming destination: Amman

People in Jordan are very welcoming but in Amman you will notice this even more. Learn more about this welcoming city in our Amman Travel Guide.

Best Accesible Destination: Costa Rica

From exploring lush rainforests and white sand beaches to enjoying a variety of customized adventures like surfing and zip lining – strict accessibility laws make Costa Rica a paradise for wheelchair users.

Costa Rica

For the whole list check Lonely Planet. So where will you travel in 2021?



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