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One of the big advantages that Venlo has, is that it’s situated in and around nature. Forests, lakes, rivers, and heaths are just a few examples of what you can find in the province. Add some historic villages and you have the perfect recipe for a long weekend away.

So where can you find all of these wonderful spots around Venlo? Read on and we’ll give you a clear summary so you won’t miss a thing.

Venlo City

Your home base for the weekend could be Venlo city, a very good starting point. Enjoy the great lunch spots in Venlo, the shops, and the historic centre of the city. In our Venlo City Guide you can find all the info you need, so be sure to check it out. Depending on where you will be based, you can stay in the city centre (we stayed at Mr. Jigs) or just outside the city where we stayed at De Maashof. Without further ado, let’s tell you about the greater region of Venlo and what she has to offer!

De Keizerin Venlo

National Park De Maasduinen

Located North of Venlo – near the town Bergen, you can find the massive National Park De Maasduinen. A highlight here are the paraboolduinen – horseshoe shaped dunes that were formed by the wind. You can find them everywhere in the Maasduinen. The river Maas played a vital role in creating this beautiful nature park, making it a unique piece of nature in the Netherlands. Check out these National Parks in the Netherlands if you’re interested! From Venlo it’s a 30 minute drive.

Groote Heide

Locals and outdoor enthusiasts, pick the Groote Heide for walks and to escape the city. In fact, within a 7 minutes drive, this heath is super close to Venlo city. Dogs are allowed but they must be lined as herds of sheep walk around free. If you love a traditional piece of pie, check out Gasterij Groote Heide which is located in the middle of this nature park. Additionally, you can slo find information about the area, maps and parking.

Grote Heide Venlo
The Groote Heide, Venlo

Nearby Villages

In short, you have two nice villages that are really worthwhile your visit, especially if you’re seeking something different than the city. Let’s check them out shall we?


Probably the most popular village around Venlo and not without reason. Arcen is located right next to the river Maas and is a historic fortress town going back to the middle-ages. During spring & summer, you can relax next to the river, explore the area by bicycle and eat the best ice-cream at Clevers. With just 2000 inhabitants, Arcen is tiny but is yearly visited by many tourist from Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. 

While you’re there, go visit the Kasteeltuinen (Castel Gardens), which is basically a large piece ground with 15 themed garden areas, water features, a miniature-golf course (great for kids!) and a playground. Our favourite part is definitely the Asian Gardens with a bamboo forest, Asian style houses on poles and stunning cherry blossom trees. You need at least 2 hours to see the whole park and tickets cost €18,50 if you buy them online. Another tip is to visit the Thermal Bath in Arcen for a re-charge. For €15 you can spend 2 relaxing hours here!

Kasteeltuinen in Arcen, Drone

Kasteeltuinen Arcen, Venlo

Kasteeltuinen Arcen


Steyl is situated between the towns Belfeld and Tegelen and from Venlo it’s only about 15 minutes by car. This village is mainly known for its monasteries and the beautiful gardens (check out Jochumhof Botanical garden) that come along with them. Even now you can find three monasteries that are still open. Besides the high concentration of pretty buildings and churches, look for a tiny museum here called Missiemuseum. This museum has a collection of about 1500 (stuffed) animals, including lions, giraffe, bears and zebra’s. You can also check out plenty of creepy crawlies and many different butterflies that the missionaries brought back from their travels. The funny thing is, that most animals were stuffed more than 100 years ago by people who never even saw a real lion before.  Therefore it’s quite a funny sight as you will notice the crooked eyes and expressions of the animals. 

Around Venlo, Steyl

Missie Museum Steyl

Around Venlo for kids

Read on because this is vital information for parents that want to make their visit to Venlo and surroundings as relaxed as possible. We all know; when the kids are having fun; you are having fun, right? You have a few options and these are our favourite child friendly spots around Venlo so write them down.

  • Playground Klein Zwitserland
    This adventure park for kids has been nominated as the most fun thing to do in Limburg for the last five years. Located in Tegelen, kids can climb in between the trees, visit the adventure forest, several playgrounds and the outdoor swimming pool. Entrance fee is only €6,75!
  • Fun Forest Tegelen
    Obviously this has something to do with climbing and having fun in a forest, hence the name. Please note that this park is only suitable from kids over 110cm tall.
  • Toverland in Sevenum
    If you want to spend a full day in an amusement park, it’s possible at Toverland, just 20 minutes away from Venlo. It’s for young and old with a couple of thrilling rollercoasters, shows and restaurants. Entrance fee is around €34.
  • Wereldpaviljoen Steyl
    Meet different cultures meet, creating more understanding and respect for each other’s actions and different worlds. Furthermore, kids can hop on a plane and pretend to fly to a tropical destination, virtually visit Ghana or eat in South America. Children up till 14 years old can enter for just 4 euro.

Where to stay

Besides Venlo itself, you can also stay in nearby villages or towns to explore the region. Here are some of the hotels we love.

Hotel Bilderberg Chateau Holtmuhle

Sleep like a King or Queen in this former castle with 66 hotel rooms! Walk straight into nature, but you’re just 10 minutes away from Venlo. Big Bonus; this hotel has a secret castle basement which turned into a pretty dining room – restaurant Die Alde Heerlickheijt. Taste the French cuisine with modern and oriental influences, prepared with fresh ingredients from the fertile Limburg countryside. Book your stay here.

bilderberg chateau-holtmuhle. Venlo

You can find other hotels in around Venlo here.

Depending what you are looking for in and around Venlo, you can visit picturesque villages, beautiful nature parks, eat ice-cream along the river Maas or shop till you drop. Enjoy!

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