Best plant based restaurants in the world


Plant-based food used to be a word that didn’t fit into everyones food diary. However, over the years this has drastically changed and a vegan lifestyle has become more than a trend. Restaurants all over the world have been inspired by this lifestyle and renowned chefs now love to play with the ingredients that the earth have given us. We’re happy to day that a Dutch restaurant made it to second place!

We’re Smart® World recently published the best plant-based restaurants in the world where they visited hundreds of restaurants around the globe. The ranking checked whether restaurant menus contained at least two-thirds of fruit and vegetables and used criteria such as culinary creativity, environmental footprint and social impact. After review, they’ve concluded that these are the top 10 plant-based restaurants in the world.

1. La Distillerie (Luxemburg – Bourglinster), Chef René Mathieu

Chef René Mathieu: “My first source of inspiration is nature. Nature brings peace and sharpens all my senses. And just like my kitchen, nature is always in motion. The richness of plants is infinite: we discover new applications every day and we will learn from it for the rest of our lives. My suppliers also inspire me with their beautiful products”.

La Distillerie best plant based restaurant
Dished from La Distillerie

2. De Nieuwe Winkel (Nederland – Nijmegen), Chef Emile van der Staak

3. Vrijmoed (België – Gent), Chef Michaël Vrijmoed

4. Piazza Duomo (Italië – Alba), Chef Enrico Crippa

5. L’Oustau de Baumanière (Frankrijk – Les Baux de Provence), Chef Glenn Viel

Best plant based restaurants in the world

Other plant-based restaurants that made the top 10 are:

6. L’Arpège (Frankrijk – Parijs), Chef Alain Passard
7. Elf Madison Park (Verenigde Staten – New York), chef-kok Daniel Humm
8. Ricard Camarena (Spanje – Valencia), Chef Ricard Camarena
9. Humus x Hortense (België – Brussel), Chef Nicolas Decloedt
10. L’Air du Temps (België – Liernu), Chef Sang-Hoon Degeimbre

Have you been to any of these?

More vegan or plant-based? Check below!

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