Best road trip songs


A road trip isn’t complete without a good playlist. You’re not going to eat peanut butter without the jelly right? It’s part of your destination. The best road trip songs will help you get there. These are some of the best Road Trip Songs. Ever.

9. Nightcall. – Kavinsky (Original sountrack “Drive”.)

The film Drive opens with this song and it’s totally awesome. The whole soundtrack is awesome by the way. But this song is particularly good for driving. Put your sun glasses on, chew on a toothpick and drive. You’ve never felt cooler.

8. Hit the Road Jack. – Ray Charles

An oldie but if you’re done with your ex, your job or anything else that bothers you. Just play this song and hit the road. Bye Bye!

7. Come with me. – Nora en Pure

This song discribes the ultimate travel video. Whether you think it’s a bit sugar coated or not, it gives you the right summer vibes you need for a road trip with your friends. 

6. Take it easy. – Eagles

I grew up with their albums and with their lead singer recently passing away, it’s also a well deserved tribute to one of the best on the road music bands of all time. Take your car and take it easy.

5. Africa. – Toto

Ok, a bit cheesy yes. But let’s be honest, this song is soo nice to sing along to! (You know you do the same when it’son the radio) Turn the music loud, throw your shame out of the window and sing as loud as you can! Africaaaaaa.

4. California Love. – 2Pac

My favourite rapper and artist. What a good song, still. And we all love a bit of California when we’re driving on the route 66. This is one of the best road trip songs out there.

3. Chasing Cars. – Snow Patrol

Well, the titel says it all. Chasing cars is a song that you can play alone or with your friends. One thing is for sure, it will make everybody shut up and listen. Stare out of the window and enjoy the moment. A brilliant song.

2. Parade. – Rone mixed by Dominic Eulberg

If you like minimal or techno music, you’ll appreciate this song. It’s the best while driving. You’ll probably think of someone you love or even deeper thoughts. Keep your eyes on the road though! Dominic Eulberg is one of the best DJ’s I know, making amazing music. If you get the chance, also listen to the song Noch Ein Base. Wow.

1. Sweet Disposition. – The Temper Trap

Oh yes, this is my favourite song for on the road. If you haven’t heard this song before, I suggest you to turn the speaker as loud as you’re aloud and as soon as the chorus starts, you’ll understand why I’ve picked this one. It’s about freedom, happiness and gives you that kick that you can compare with an ultimate Road Trip.

What do you think is the best road trip song?



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