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One of the biggest myths about tanning lotion is that people think you won’t get a tan if you use it. The opposite is true actually.  Sunscreen is a mustSpending time in the sun increases your risk of skin cancer and early skin aging. We tested different sunscreens that give a more beautiful tan that will last longer.

Make sure you re-apply numerous times throughout the day. At least one ounce of sunscreen should be applied every two hours for adequate coverage. My advice is to use a moisturiser on your face with at least SPF 20 or even SPF 30! Don’t forget your neck, hands, and ears! There are so many tanning lotions out there that it’s difficult to pick the right one. We have tested a few and these are our top 5 sunscreens for this summer!


Don’t skip the SPF just because it isn’t a beach day!

Naïf Suncare SPF30 for the face
Price: €24,95

First of all, we love this Dutch brand because they care about the planet. Their sunscreen is completely harmless to the ocean. Many brands use oxybenzone en octinoxate, which can cause coral to bleach and therefore harm the ecosystem. Next to that, Naïf is using recycled packaging. But let’s talk about skin. There are two types of sun protection, natural and chemical. Both do their job but Chemical filters are made from synthetic, organic substances that may not go well with all skin types. All of the products by Naïf are made with natural ingredients, in this case, the mineral zinkoxide, which blocks the harmful (sun)light. It may feel a bit greasy when applying for the first time, but your skin will be soft and hydrated for a long time.
Naïf Suncare

Biodermal 50SPF for dry to very dry skin
Price €8,49


Compare to many other brands Biodermal sunscreens are super affordable and offer great protection! It’s almost not visible and therefore very suitable for everyday use. Even over your regular skin care, This pocket-size model is super handy for weekend trips.
There new Sun Lotion for Dry to Very Dry Skin moisturises and protects dry to very dry skin. contain UVA and UVB filters in addition to the orange extract that accelerates the sun tanning process.

» Protects: the carefully composed combination of UV filters is specifically suitable for (very) dry skin and provides very high protection (SPF50 +).
» Moisturises: shea butter and Triple Moist Complex® provide
» Fortified: Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) improves fluid balance and strengthens the skin barrier.
» Suitable for body and face. Without perfume, alcohol, and dye, and very water-resistant.
Biodermal best sunscreens

Dermalogica Protection 50 Sport SPF50 Sunscreen
Price: €42,25

I pretty much use only Dermalogica as I have fallen in love with their cleansing line. I already use a face moisturizer with SPF but never tried their sunscreens. The first time when I tried this sunscreen was back in February during my trip to Malaysia. I must tell you that Dermalogica is not only great for cleansing but also the sun protection. What a great cream! The smell, the texture… Love it! This sunscreen helps to neutralize damage and bind moisture to the skin without a greasy after-feel. This is a great choice for those of you who suffer from dry skin.

» Great smell
» Non-greasy formula
» Feels feather-light
» Comfortable on the skin.


Ladival Sensitive Skin Spf 30 High
Price: 17,67

I received this product via an agency to try it out in Portugal. My skin can easily get irritated by some sunscreens and the products of Ladival are for those with very sensitive skin. Time to test! The first thing I always do is smell the sunscreen. All products of Ladival are free from perfume, colorants, preservatives, and emulsifiers and therefore they don’t smell that strong. So you don’t get that summer feeling when putting this cream on your skin like I normally have with Lancaster. Very positive is that Ladival has a unique, non-greasy formula and that it feels very comfortable on your skin. This cream specific is perfect for those who suffer from sun allergy and prickly heat and I must tell you that this specific cream for your face is great! Say goodbye to rashes and allergies.

» Non-greasy formula
» Feels comfortable on your skin
» Perfect for those with sun allergies

Lancaster Velvet Milk SFP 50
Price €31.50

I seriously love the smell of all Lancaster products! It reminds me of palm trees, sun, beach, cocktails… SUMMER! It maybe sounds strange, but when using Lancaster I always get a more beautiful golden tan! Yes, I’m a huge fan.


» Great light creamy texture
» Fast absorbing
» Well moisturizing
» Faster, deeper, flawless, and gold tan
» Great smell
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