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Summer is just around the corner! Time to start with some preparations… Next to the iconic Levi’s 501 shorts, flared trousers, sandals and silk dresses, we really love to spend time finding the perfect swimwear. Where does summer take you and which bikini will suit your travel plans the most? Take a look at the best Swimwear Trends for 2023.

Frills are cute as hell!

Needless to say; frills are damn cute so we’re happy they are a swimwear trend this summer. Protest Women has the cutest frill bikini’s at the moment that we happily took to the Maldives recently. Whether you pick the Protest Prtsape Triangle bikini (available in different colours) or the Prtyamba Bandeau bikini, these styles make you the cutest girl on the beach.

Frill Bikini, Swimwear trends 2022
Frills by Protest

Wear your bikini top reversible! 

You may have spotted your favourite Influencer wearing their bikini the “wrong” way around. Like last year, it’s one of the biggest swimwear trends on Instagram for sure. Bikini babes @Rianne.Meijer and @Gypsea_lust are among others that have been spotted in this new (call it a little bit crazy) trend. Swimwear brands like Triangle have played into this and offer this special cut so you don’t have to. It shows much more diaphragm and cleavage so it’s not that suitable for the big chested ladies out there. 

reversible bikini, swimwear trend 2021

Shimmering & Sparkling Fabrics

Live life with some more sparkle and glitter and you bright up the mood. This is what many brands would have thought when designing the latest swimwear trends for 2022 because we see it everywhere. 


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That 70’s show

We’ve seen the 50’s and 60’s vibe before in swimwear-land but this year the 70’s retro vibe is a thing. For example; Wanderlust Swim is bringing black and white patterns, while Triangl is offering orange/brown stripes. To complete the 70’s show, many swimwear brands are taking flower power very seriously this season. You can find this retro vibe across bikini and swimsuit styles and we like it!

Triangl Bikini 70's style

Toweling Swimwear

It’s one of the swimwear trends that was up for discussion last year – because the fabric wouldn’t be practical enough, but it seems like the toweling trend has won this fight. As seen at Butter & Hazel last year, the towel swimwear is making waves in 2022. Practical or not, we love this soft trend and we’re happy to embrace it. You can find affordable styles at Asos, About You or Zalando.

Sustainable Swimwear

We are pretty sure this trend is always good for your karma, but right now we see an huge increase of sustainable swimwear brands. Our favourite brands are Faithful the brand (who have been around for a while), Peony, Aya Swim and Jade Swim. 

Golden hour

The girls behind Monday Swimwear might sound familiar to you. Tash Oakley and Devin Brugman are the hottest bikini girls out there and their swimwear line is really taking the lead this year. 

The one strap halter top

This summer, the one strap bikini top is staying around and it’s perfect for women that don’t need extra support on their boobies. They come in different colours and prints but we love the pastel colours on this swimwear trend.


Whether you like it or not, crochet is back this year. Ready to show off that bikini body? This swimwear trend is going to get you noticed. There are many colours and combinations available and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Asos, H&M and Zara are all joining team Crochet this summer but we love this one from Montce Swim.


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Animal Prints

Animal prints have been a things for years now, and yes 2022 is no different. Zebra’s are especially popular but any stripe will do right? 


We’ve always loved skin tone colours so we’re happy to say that nudes are going to be a thing on the beach and poolside this year. Monday Swimwear sells a beautiful rose piece.

Monday Swimwear trends 2019

Enjoy summer y’all!



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