If you only have a few days to discover the Italian capital of Rome, you may need to plan a little ahead to make the most of it. After all, 2 or three days may seem too short for a city with so many things to see, but it can be done! How? Here’s our guide on how to make the most of a short city trip to Rome.

1. Book yourself an Airbnb just outside the centre.

You’ll properly stay in an authentic Italian house with a local host. This way you get real insider tips and information.
I stayed at a house which was located at Trastevere. Great walking distance to most must-see attractions and next to the tram 8 which takes you to the centre in just a few minutes. 

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My flowery Airbnb accommodation in Rome

2. Bring comfy shoes.

Rome is very accessible on foot and every area is near to each other.  But Rome wasn’t built in a day so expect to walk a few extra miles! I didn’t use the tram a lot so I walked an average of 7km(!) a day and in this case, you might end up with blisters if you bring those: they-only-look-good-shoes.

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Caught in an exhausted “moment”

3. Pre-Buy your tickets

Especially for the main attractions like the Colosseum. This way you can skip the queue, a big advantage! During summertime, it can be crazy busy.

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Both are impressive: The Colosseum and the 2000-year-old Pantheon.

4. Eat where the locals eat

This is my biggest tip for all destinations. Don’t eat near the tourist attractions as the food will be overpriced and you won’t taste real authentic food. I had my first pizza at Mirrors pizzeria. Pizza’s cost 6 euros and were crunchy and delicious! I had a lovely dinner at Baylon Café where they serve homemade pasta with a twist. I was the only “tourist” in the restaurant (i see myself more as a traveller) and I enjoyed watching the beautiful people of Rome eating and drinking wine. Perfect night.

Enjoying  Italian cuisine at Baylon Cafe in Trastevere.

5. Save cash by using the free tab water

Rome is hot, and in summer it’s boiling. Thank god for the free and very drinkable tap water that you will find throughout the city in little fountains. I filled about 4 bottles a day and I saved money at the same time!

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One of the many life savers in Rome!

6. Keep it real Italian

Go to a little bakery/delicatessen shop like Giselda Forno and taste the fine Italian cuisine and even better, take it with you while you wander around. Sit in the shade and enjoy!

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Help, too many to choose from at Giselda Forno!

7. Check the Rome events calendar for special celebrations

When I was there, I enjoyed a special art cinema night by the river with music and films. I found this great website here you can easily see what’s on and when.

8. Walk alongside the Tiber river at night

Have a cocktail at one of many cute bars alongside the water. Make deals with the temperamental market salesmen and listen to the occasional karaoke.

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One of the many outdoor bars you will find on one side of the riverbanks

9. Visit one of Rome’s many markets

From vegetables, herbs, and fresh fruit to wine, kitchenware, and art. The most famous markets are Piazza Testaccio and Il Traittore. The less crowded but also great are San Teodoro – Circo Massimo and Ponte Milvio.

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Colorful vegetables and pasta at the Piazza Testaccio market.

10. Last but not least; if you can, DO NOT visit Rome during the summer

Why not? Well, because it’s just so bloody hot! 30 degrees is a high temperature if you have to walk around in Rome. It was a sticky experience sometimes and it’s not the dry heat you will find in Greece for example. Lucky for me, I like the heat (perhaps it’s because I have Indonesian blood?). If you must go during this period, then you should be aware of this and dress accordingly.

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They still exist! 
I hope you can use these tips for your next visit to Rome! Ciao Ciao!



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