Best Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants in Utrecht

Eating out as a vegetarian or Vegan is getting increasingly easier as the alternative diets become more popular and catered for. But where in Utrecht do they make our vegetarian heart strings sing?

Sick of having to pick between the forever default vegetarian options? You know the ones; veggie burger, mushroom risotto or goat cheese salad. The vegetarians among us will surely relate; a little variety would be much appreciated. The following places in Utrecht are a vegetarian’s dream.

VAN PLANTEN, Surinamestraat 5, Utrecht

As the name gives away, Van Planten is 100% plant-based and provides the holy trinity: sustainable, cruelty-free, absolutely delicious. What truly makes Van Planten stand out from all other vegan spots in town is their ever-changing menu: come once, come twice, come 10 times, this restaurant surprises you with a new menu every single month.

We loved the creativity going into each menu item, presenting flavour combinations we had never seen before. Typically Dutch ingredients in a sweet and sticky bao? Yes please. And its inclusivity doesn’t stop at vegan; there’s something for the gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free out there. Don’t just take it from us: Van Planten won second best in the Netherland’s Vegan Awards 2019. So in Utrecht, this vegan restaurant is just as good as it comes.

Van Planten, best vegan restaurants in Utrecht

Menu Van Planten Utrecht
The stunning plates at Van Planten

2. WAKU WAKU, Vredenburg 28, Utrecht

This plant-based restaurant, that we previously reviewed back when it was still named SNKBR IV, is definitely the number one vegan destination in downtown Utrecht. Located across from Tivoli Vredenburg, Waku Waku serves food and drinks inspired by a variety of world cuisines, while keeping it plant-based and mainly organic. Personal favorites; the double Dutch kapsalon (with faux peking duck) and my forever kryptonite; sweet potato truffle fries. Read more about Waku Waku!

Wakuwaku, best vegetarian restaurants Utrecht
Source: @restaurantwakuwaku

3. GYS, Voorstraat 77, Utrecht & Amsterdamsestraatweg 113

Gys is the only certified 100% bio restaurant in the country, and all about showing how diverse, creative and colourful one can be with sustainable produce. The vegetarian restaurant, who I guess is technically a chain since it counts not just one but two joints, isn’t singularly a veggie business but more than half of its menu happens to be either vegan or vegetarian.

GYS Utrecht
Source: @restaurantgys

What is refreshing about Gys is that they understand that choosing to be vegetarian doesn’t have to equal giving up on the indulgent guilty pleasures of life. My friends and I regularly meet up at Gys just for their vegetarian version of the famous Dutch kapsalon, swapping the kebab meat for marinated tempeh, on a bed of roasted sweet potato fries, greens and sprinkled with sambal and garlic dressing. Salivating.

4. DOGMA HOTDOGS, Voorstraat 17, Utrecht

This is the wild card of this list, and my favourite quick stop when having to please both a meat-eating and vegetarian/vegan group. Why is that? The menu offers an extensive selection of funky creative hot dogs, and ALL can be swapped for a plant-based sausage. So to sum up; your meat-loving friends will have endless options, so will the vegetarians, and many items can be made vegan. And the cherry on top? You can even swap to gluten-free bread. There is just no way anyone won’t find the dog that meets their buds needs. Have I mentioned they’re also super delicious?

Vegan hot dog

5. BROEI, Oosterkade 24, Utrecht

Looking for something a little fancier? Broei is definitely the place to go. Pick from a selection of seasonal small plates à la carte or, my recommendation; opt for the Chef’s 3-, 4- or 5-course menu. Everything at Broei is designed to make you rethink how delicious and creative vegetarian cuisine can be, with very diverse flavour profiles and a changing menu following produce seasonality. Who needs meat when veggies taste this good?

Broei, vegetarian restaurants in Utrecht

6. KIMMADE, Mariastraat 2, Utrecht

Ultimately, I like to keep the best for last, and Kimmade definitely stole my vegetarian heart. Vietnamese food is flavourful, aromatic, and oh-so comforting, yet not often is it very vegetarian friendly. Kimmade made Vietnam available to all taste buds, and doubled down on it. At either location, swap any meat dishes for either tofu, faux-meat or veggies only.

Kimmade, best vegan restaurants Utrecht

That being said, it’s first joint Kimmade Street Food is largely a take away type of place, unless you are lucky enough to find a spot in their tiny restaurant. Ideal to grab a quick lunch or dinner, not so much a place to linger. If a relaxed lingering dinner is what you are after, their second location Kimmade Food Village is where it’s at. Located right on the Oudegracht, enjoy a variety of amazing dishes from noodle soups to hand rolls or hot pots, either in their cosy and warm indoors area, or outdoors by the water if weather allows.

As shown above, say goodbyes to settling for the default veggie dish and enjoy being truly catered by visiting these awesome vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Utrecht!

Hungrily yours,


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