how to find the best hidden gems


Finding the best hidden gems during your holiday can be a fun but challenging task. Over the years, we have developed a nose for the best spots that not everybody knows about. Here are a few tips that you can use, that will hopefully help you to find them. 

Looking for hidden gems? Here’s how to do it!

You could say that by now we have experienced all types of travel. From solo backpacking to luxury vacations. The first one has contributed the most to our travel experiences and finding hidden gems. After all, when you travel alone, you have more contact than when you go on a romantic getaway. Having said that, we try to hook up with a local on almost every trip, no matter what company we are with. In our opinion, this really is the best way to find a place that is unique. And believe us, the locals love this. They are only too happy to tell you what their country has to offer. And that is the beauty of traveling: discovering new worlds and opening yourself up to other cultures and customs.

Dunsborough Western Australia

A less visited hidden gem. Castle Rock, Dunsborough

In Amsterdam, we also prefer to send lost tourists in the direction of De 9 Straatjes rather than to the Red Light District or Dam Square.

Our best tips to find hidden gems

Get ready, because if you use these tips, you will find yourself in secluded, unique spots all over the world. In the end we love to inspire people to see the world and minimalize mass tourism as much as we can. 

  • Connect with the locals

We can’t tell you often enough. This will give you many special experiences. Among other things, this resulted in invitations to birthday parties and overnight stays with a family on an Australian farm.

  • Walk or rent a bicycle instead of other transportation.

This will also allow you to get to small streets or secret beaches.

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110 bijzondere bestemmingen

  • Make your own plan and don’t just follow the booklets and travel brochures.

Dare to get lost. Just walk and see where you end up. Your senses and intuition will take you to the most beautiful places. Prepare yourself a bit by seeing where it could possibly be unsafe, and prefer to get lost during the day. Make sure your phone is properly charged and that you have plenty of water with you.

  • Try sleeping in a hostel or guesthouse instead of a hotel.

This will help you make contacts you wouldn’t easily make in a big hotel. There are often shared kitchens, and the main target group, like you, loves adventure. Here you often get inspired by others. For example, I once ended up in Ko Lanta, then a not so well-known place in Thailand, because a Swedish backpacker told me about a place where he knew a local well. That local turned out to be a Thai Jack Sparrow lookalike, who ended up helping me find a place to sleep on one of the island’s most beautiful beaches.

Koh Lanta
Koh Lanta 2014

  • Visit a destination outside the high season

May, June, September and February are ideal travel months for us. It’s less crowded everywhere, accommodations are cheaper and it doesn’t make a destination less beautiful.

  • Use Google for the best times!

Would you still like to visit a popular location? Check via Google which times and days are the least popular to visit a well-known place.

As can seen above, plenty of reasons and tips to find those hidden gems! 

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