Café Cliché

Café Cliché Amsterdam

Memorable evenings don’t have to be made at the other side of the globe. Sometimes you can create them just around the corner, like I had at Sidney Schutte’s culinary living room Café Cliché in Amsterdam. Labelled as the ‘brasserie of the hood’ with lots of surprising nooks and corners. One to keep in mind due to their extraordinary ambiance, dishes and service.

Café Cliché, anything but cliche

The talented creator of edible artworks Sidney Schutte is a renowned name in the gastronomy. A man who loves his job to the moon and back. Sometimes his culinary magic doesn’t stop at two Michelin-starred restaurant Spectrum. Also at home the cooking hobs aren’t save from him. Being the home chef brought him the idea to start a new adventure. The super hot summer of 2018 reached the boiling point when Schutte’s daydream of creating a new hospitality concept came true. However, this is not your usual hotspot in Amsterdam. His friendly right hands David Baxter (chef) and Berber Vergeest (host) are running the place. And they do it with verve.

Bar Café Cliché

Café Cliché isn’t cliche at all. But I totally understand the choice of name

Café Cliché, your second living room

At entrance you’ll immediately notice that Café Cliché isn’t cliche at all. But I totally understand the choice of name. A place where the master chef and his crew can leave out all the decadent, gastronomic fuss. Time for some all-time classics, oldtimers which have proved themselves in Sidney’s kitchen. Expect a menu placed in plastic with not so picture perfect food photos, just the typical old school way. Normally I’ll become so disenchanted with such a menu, but at Café Cliché it has its astonishing charm. Skimming through it, the out-of-the-box, ‘Mokum’ names of the dishes will appear a little smile on your face. Pikketanussie, Gleuvenglijder, Blufkikker, Hittepetit and Lellebel. Those creative outbursts don’t have anything to do with the dishes, but the idea deserves douze points.

Café Cliché Amsterdam
Feeling right at home

Café Cliché, your new second home

A sincere hand shake on arrival, a happy jungle wallpaper, blue checkered tea towels, as much chitchats you would like between the courses, and the professionalism of a Michelin-starred restaurant. Expect home-away-from-home portions, aka bang for the buck. Although I can eat a lot – ask my loved ones if in doubt – those portions where massive. I’ve been feasting enormously with a food baby as a result.

Food at Café Cliché
Café Cliché’s Asparagus, Bordeelsluiper and Dijenkletser Lovely table setting

Really give their Dijenkletser (carpaccio), Bordeelsluiper (DIY tuna-seaweed package), Zwijntjesjager (vegetarian ravioli) and Blufkikker (entrecote). Hear you thinking: lots of meat. You’re right. Let’s say it’s almost 50/50 meat and fish with one or two vega(n) starter and main course options. It’s up to you whether you go for the 3-course menu (€39,50) or only for a starter and main or main and dessert or…mix and mingle whatever you prefer.

Main course Café Cliché

Kids can enjoy the same flavours in smaller size portions

Last but not least, you can easily bring your kid(s). Usually, a kids menu offers fries with chicken nuggets or a simple pasta. Not at Schutte’s place. He believes it’s essential to tickle the taste buds of the mini-you’s. That’s why they serve the same delicious, just like home dishes for them, but half-size portions. A great way to stimulate toddlers to become anything but fussy eaters.

Dessert at Café Cliché

Worth the try bon vivants!



Café Cliché
Middenweg 35, Amsterdam


Opening hours: Wednesday till Monday 17:00 – 22:30
Tuesdays closed

*Sharmaine is one of our guest bloggers from the Netherlands with a sweet tooth. The sweeter, the better! She no kitchen princess so she’s always in search for the best hotspots in Amsterdam! You can expect an article from her once a month! Check her out on Instagram!

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