Camping on Pampus island

Camp on Pampus Island island!

Who wants to spend the night on a desert island can do it right here in the Netherlands. For the remainder of August, everyone can camp on the historic Pampus island near Amsterdam.

Campspace, known for their rather special camping spots around Europe, previously set up tents in the Olympic Stadium and hanging off De Euromast in Rotterdam. This year, the Dutch camping startup lands on Pampus Island, once used as a defence island for a war that never came.

Everyone flies to Thailand, Bali or another location. We show that you can also have a holiday in your own country on an uninhabited island

Close to home but still far away

While you may be used to the busy streets of Amsterdam, you can now enjoy the tranquility and a beautiful starry sky just a stone’s throw away. In July and August there are 31 exclusive nights where you can book a fully catered tent with dinner and breakfast on Pampus island. In addition, there are 4 nights where you can bring your own tent.

Our tent, with the city of Amsterdam across the water

Together with five friends the island for yourself

We got curious and decided to stay the night at the fort island. The only way to get there is by boat which departs from Muiden. You can park your car about a 10 min walk from the dock. The boat ride only takes about 15 minutes. Most people come to Pampus Island to have lunch at the restaurant that opens until 6pm. On some occasions, they host special dinners with pop-up restaurant Zomerlicht. 

Self Sufficient

The island contains a toiletblock but has no showers, yet. By booking your stay, you contribute to the funding of a new toiletblock and perhaps some showers next year! Pampus is well on its way to become fully self efficient. Right now, clean water is being collected from the mainland by the fort guard who is on sight most of the day and night. He, and maximum 3 other campers will be the on the island. We were lucky, because only one other tent was occupied so it felt like having the island to ourselves.

Cook your own dinner

On the contrary, guest can cook their own breakfast and dinner with the food box provided in the small kitchen tent. You’ll find a recipe, fresh ingredients and snacks here. After dinner you can see the sun set behind the skyline of Amsterdam. A magical sight. And because Pampus is at a reasonable far distance to the mainland, you are able to see a full on starry sky.

Food at Pampus Island
Island cooked dinner ala Wander-Lust

Pampus eiland keuken
The small tent kitchen, available for campers on pampus island

With our sharing platform we want to show that an adventure can also take place very close to home.

Pampus nights can be booked now

If you want to save your camping spot on Pampus Island, you can book it until the end of August, so don’t wait too long. The price for an overnight stay varies between €39.50,- and €379,- Everyone who books a camping night on the island contributes to the crowdfunding to make the historic fortress island self-sufficient.

Happy camping!


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