Club Atelier, a creative place for culture, sports, work and events, would have opened their new second larger location in Amsterdam in mid-March. Due to the Corona pandemic, the opening has been delayed. Instead they’ve partnered up with a number of partners, with initiatives to make a completely selfless contribution.

team Club Atelier
Team Club Atelier

The new website has been re-designed especially for this new platform of ideas. To pass the time, enjoy music, join in, but the website is also for people who need help, especially now. Club Atelier helps by offering live music and concert streaming, an online talk show, online product auctions, a drive-in cinema and food packages. The call is that people sign up to help or report it if they need help! Correspondingly, people can donate via the website. The donations go to the (future) benefit festival and the Red Cross. Find out what you can expect:

Clubbing  at home

During the coming weeks, Club Atelier will provide streamed dance and live music concerts every day from the Club Atelier location in Amsterdam. Of course without an audience, because those are the dance lovers at home. The line up with dance and live music is announced daily via the facebook page.

Club Atelier DJ


Online talk shows will be created from the location with various hosts and topics in the fields of entertainment, events, hospitality, fashion, creation, media, real estate and other social topics.

Product auction

Products that make brands and people available are auctioned via the specially developed website You can bid on various great products and services. Choose, click, bid, donate and support. 50 procent of the proceeds from the auction go to the Red Cross, which provides support to GGDs and hospitals. The remaining 50 procent of the proceeds go to the benefit festival, it’s a win-win!

Drive-in cinema

Club Atelier will also create a drive-in cinema in their large car park as soon as this is permitted again for safety reasons. The drive-in cinema and the live streaming of music and concerts are of course free to visit.

Drive in, Club Atelier

Food packages

In addition to giving a creative twist to fun activities, Club Atelier also thinks of the elderly and people in healthcare who need help now. The elderly often cannot do their shopping and hospital staff have limited time to prepare a meal. Club Atelier makes it possible to collect food packages for free on location, or to have them delivered free of charge.

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Stay Safe,



Since we are all home-bound until further notice, a little comfort and luxury in your own house is not a bad idea. Be kind to yourself and treat yourself once in a while.

We had a little peek in a few of our favourite hotels in the Netherlands and we are happy to give you some tips so that you can get the luxurious hotel feeling in your own home. Enjoy it!

Fresh breakfast in bed | QO

Nothing is more delicious than a lazy Sunday morning, because say your day starts just a bit nicer when you can start nice and quiet. Breakfast in bed, good company and a newspaper with it; do nothing at all. But why wait until Sunday? After all, you can organise your own room service every morning of the week! Every morning at Persijn, the restaurant in the QO in Amsterdam, a fresh take-away breakfast including a bread basket, boiled egg and yogurt with fruit is waiting for you. To give it a more luxurious touch, you can serve it at home on a made-up tray. For example, use linen napkins and your most beautiful tableware for an extra bit of flair. An extra tip from our side, prepare some nice glasses with your favourite and healthy juice!

Hotel take away

For the hard worker | BOAT & CO

Working at home sounds nice, of course, but it often does not always benefit productivity. You are regularly distracted by your partner / child / pet and as a result the work piles up. But yes, a fully equipped workplace is not for everyone. Of course you can try to make the best of it. Hotel BOAT & CO will help you out. Every day, the hotel rooms will transform into flexible workplaces from 9 to 5. There is enough space to get started actively, creatively and positively. Balance is key here so give yourself enough breaks, take time for a healthy lunch in the available kitchen or do a yoga session in between. Keep an eye on the Instagram & Facebook of BOAT & CO for the fine yoga classes of Tatiana Capozzoli from i move amsterdam. Workspots can be booked from €39 via 020 246 1500.

Working Hotel Boat & Co

Stimulate your creativity | BLOOMING

Because more time is left and you relax more, more creativity will automatically arise. And hotel blooming thinks this is important. The hotel itself is a source of inspiration due to the beautiful surroundings, nature and the colourful and quiet interior. Blooming previously released a bath book. She set up a writing competition and gave undiscovered writers the opportunity to submit a story. Do you also want to make your writing dream come true? Then keep an eye on

Blooming shared five tips with you:

  • Daydreaming. Try to do nothing for a few hours and let your mind wander. Take notes if something special comes to mind;
  • Describe the story in a few sentences;
  • Describe the main characters in a few sentences as if you know them through and through;
  • Although the writing itself is a nice process, it helps to make a planning with purpose and end date; Just write!

Writing hotel

Extra Tips

  • Use all those small hotel toiletries that you still have left from your recent travels
  • Treat yourself to some new sheets, hotel quality! Our favourites are Crispsheets
  • Buy an expensive scented candle, hey, it’s OK to treat yourself!

Do you want more tips during lockdown?


There are so many products and brands out there that promise you a soft skin but we’re not a big fan of all the chemicals that are added. 

Gladly I discovered this briljant store called DIY Soap, a store in Amsterdam where you can create your own scrubs and creams made out of natural and organic ingredients. Even better, they deliver at home, so you can make your own products, suitable for your skin type.

DIY Soap

Pure Ingredients

At DIY Soap you can shop in two ways; you can buy a ready-made scrub or cream, or create your own from scratch. The last option is more fun so that’s exactly what I did! In the store you can find a rack where you can find cans of oils to create your product with (coconut, almond, olive). Next to that you have a table where you can find salts, sugars, coffee and concentrated oils such as lavender, orange or roses. Pimp your product with some flowers, dried fruits or lavender pieces. Every product is vegan except the honey. (but rest assured it comes from a local and organic beekeeper).

diy soap products
The corner of ingredients!

DIY Soap Oil
Adding some oil

DIY Soap
Final touch

Sustainable Packaging

One of the great things about creating your own product, is that you can bring your own packing materials. DIY Soap highly encourages to re-use your old shampoo bottles or cream containers. The packaging at DIY Soap is made out of glass and is always re-usable. This way, you only need to come back for the ingredients! You can also buy sustainable products like re-usable make-up removal pads. If you don’t live in Amsterdam, you can shop the products online ( and in several stores across The Netherlands and Belgium (concept store Hutspot being one of those).

DIY Soap, coffee scrub
Trying my DIY Wanderlust Coffee Scrub

People behind the products

besides the ingredients and packaging, they also have a great behind-the-scenes-story. The people who make the ready-to-buy products are created by people with a minor mental disability, at the Gemiva centre in the city of Leiden. How beautiful is that!



DIY Soap
Van Woustraat 48, Amsterdam


Your favourite local businesses need your help. And you need to eat. Let’s help each other!

Here are some local restaurants in Utrecht that deliver food at your doorstep. Bon appetit!


The concept is innovative: gym and restaurant in one. While we really miss their workout sessions, we thankfully don’t have to miss their tasty meals. As of now, FIG offers a dinner rotation with a “dish of the day” to be ordered by 2pm. Add any sides, desserts or drinks from their menu and enjoy it at home. I am impatiently waiting for shakshuka day to be back!

Punk Pizza

Punk Pizza is not only delicious and out-of-the-box pizzas, but they are currently paying it forward by donating 1 euro per pizza ordered to Utrecht’s cultural scene. Cultural establishments and artists are currently facing unprecedented hardship, and if eating pizza can contribute to the cause even so slightly, sign me up.


Gys is 100% organic and focuses on vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options (yet they have meat dishes too). It’s a perfect healthy choice that has options for anyone quarantined with you. Who wouldn’t want vegetarian kapsalon made healthy for some guilt-free junk food?

Restaurants in Utrecht, home delivery

Life’s a Peach

Talk about baked with love! Life’s a peach is a Focacceria & Design shop ran by food and art-loving owner Vanessa. From savoury focaccia’s, freshly baked bread to donuts and other sweet things, support this talented business owner and treat yourself. Win-win.

Waku Waku

If you are living by a plant-based diet, you sure are not forgotten. Waku Waku ’s popular restaurant on Vredenburg might be temporarily closed but they will bring the goods to you. Pizza, burgers, noodles, salads; all the delicious soul-food made vegan.

Waku Waku Utrecht


ANANs Vietnamese food is my go-to for fresh, tangy, bold flavours. Perfect to bring a little variety to your dinner routine. This Asian restaurant in Utrecht offers a wide selection of Vietnamese staples, with plenty of options to cater for vegetarians, vegans, meat-eaters and everyone in between.


What about a HOT DOG? Dogma is all about hotdogs in all sorts of funky variations. Mexican toppings, sauerkraut, Japanese-insipred, with a side of truffle fries? Swap any dog of a plant-based sausage or go for a gluten-free bun; mix and match to fit your wildest hot dog dreams.

Dogma Utrecht, deliver food in Utrecht

Spice Monkey

Spice Monkey is a new-comer on the Utrecht restaurant scene, and an unlucky one when it comes to timing. But we all love trying out new places and discovering new menus, don’t we? This is the perfect occasion to explore the emerging culinary scene of Utrecht. Go check out that spicy Bali-inspired goodness and tell us how you like it.

Brunch by Teds

Make your weekends feel special still with some tasty brunch. Teds is one of Utrecht’s busiest spots for brunch, and for once, no need to wait for a table. Order from Teds extensive brunch menu – eggs benedict, granola, pancakes, you name it – and keep weekends feeling like weekends.

Brunch Utrecht delivery


Cakes and other sweet deliciousness freshly baked and brought to your door! On days like these, I believe we all deserve to spend some quality one-on-one time with a slice of chocolate tart, a glossy cinnamon bun, or a hearty bowl of soup (they do lunch too). Treat your soul with some KEEK.

Cakes delivered Utrecht

Roberto Gelato

Let’s end with a bit of a wild card. I have been introduced to Roberto Gelato a few months back as the best ice cream in town by an Italian friend (so she knows her gelato). Sadly they then stopped selling gelato for the winter months. But to my delight (and my friend’s) they are now open for business and will bring that iced creamy heaven to you.

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Is your favourite restaurant in Utrecht offering home delivery and not on the list? Comment down below!

Hungrily yours,


Mathilde is a professional content writer based in Utrecht. To balance out the serious content she produces, she tries to bring a little laughter in the world with her comical animal facts on Instagram @dailymooseletter.


Unfortunately, we won’t be eating out anytime soon, due to measures taken by the government. Local restaurants and café’s are dealing with a catastrophic situation right now, but have gotten inventive! So if you want to treat yourself to a high class meal, check out these one of a kind restaurants that now offer home delivery and take out!

We’ve lined up 12 restaurants in Amsterdam that offer home delivery, so you can still enjoy eating restaurant quality food.


One of, if not our favourite restaurant in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, we currently need to miss their amazing table service, but rest assured, they recently decided to offer home delivery and take out. Find out why we love Jacobsz and why it’s a household name in Amsterdam.

Restaurant Jacobz Amsterdam

Anna du Pire

The restaurant is co-run by our homie Willem de Bruin, who opened Anna du Pire only a few months ago. No nonsense tasty foods that are now available for take out! Read more about Anna du Pire or go straight to order.


Usually, you need to make a reservation weeks in advance to able to get a table here. But due to this crisis, you now have the opportunity to have Rijsel in the comfort of your own home! Try one of their signature chicken dish, straight from the oven! You can order from 5pm at Deliveroo.

The Avocado Show

With 3 locations in Amsterdam, people are definitely going to miss the avocado madness around here! Luckily, their location at Willemsparkweg is offering delivery and take out. 

Avocado Show home delivery


When you order here “you support your belly and our restaurant”. The Owners of South American restaurant Sjefietshe, had their delivery game on quickly. You can order fish cakes, traditional ceviche or go for the fish burger with fries. They currently only offer take out, but in the next few days they will be delivering to your house too! Check for more info.


If you feel like quality Asian food, you MUST order at Branie. Real flavour, real Indonesian spices to lick your fingers off. They are offering a slightly altered menu but with bigger portions! Read more about Branie.

Do you feel like cooking with pantry? Here are 5 vegetarian recipes with non-perishable ingredients!


If you really want to get fancy, RIJKS, the restaurant located inside the Rijksmuseum in the heart of Amsterdam, was one of the first restaurants to offer exclusive home delivery. Actually, they are offering delivery within 2,6km distance of the restaurant. If it was up to us, we would order the RIJKS 3-course menu that includes a free vitamine shot. If you feel like it, you can even order a bottle of champagne. Like we said, fancy!

Restaurant Vessel

Situated in one of Amsterdam’s most sustainable hotels, is restaurant Vessel. They are offering their own home delivery if you dail 0202461599. Vessel’s menu consists of flatbread with humus, salads, fresh soups, burgers, BBQ cauliflower, tasty side orders and more. Check it here.

Vessel Boat&Co

Bakers & Roasters

This New Zealand style brunch café was already offering take-out but they are now working on offering home delivery. Like many restaurants, they didn’t provide this service as of yet. Brunch your heart out with salads, pizza and other delicious meals. They open from 8:30 until 4pm. 


At NENI you are able to score the best humus, roasted octopus in miso harissa, and their famous NENI Shakshuka. But there is more. There will be a NENI Deli where you can get healthy bites, salads, juices and sandwiches delivered to your home via various delivery services.

Neni Amsterdam

Vleesh noch Visch

If you feel like some more comfort food instead, but you want to keep it vegetarian, we must tell you about the best veggie pita in town; Vleesch noch Visch. They once started out as a simple food truck, but now people stand in line for their famous vegetarian gyros pita or gado gado style pita. They open until 10pm!

Vleesch noch Visch

We can’t wait to go outside again, but let’s enjoy these new restaurant deliveries as long as we can. Plus, you are also supporting the restaurants that we love, so that they can get through this challenging time.

Enjoy your meals!



If you don’t feel like grabbing your dusty Singstar equipment out of the garage, there is no need!

These 6 Karaoke Bars in Amsterdam are HOT and best of all, you can grab your friends and take them on a fun night out.

Duke of Tokyo, Reguliersdwarsstraat 37

Since the opening of Duke of Tokyo, the place is regularly fully booked with groups of friends that want to show off their singing skills, combined with a bit of fun. So why does this place top our list? First of all, you can enjoy private Karaoke sessions without feeling embarrassed (we get that you might not feel too comfortable if the whole bar is looking at you when you try to imitate Whitney Houston). Secondly, all the rooms have flashy lights and comes closes to a traditional Japanese Karaoke bar. Good news for those living in Utrecht; they will be opening a Duke of Tokyo there too!

Best Karaoke bars Amsterdam, Duke of Tokyo
Photo by Janneke Nooij

Bar Karakter, De Clercqstraat 75 H

At Karakter they sell 3 different Karaoke packages; Bronze, Silver or Gold. And these all have individual extra options so you can make it as extended or simple as you want. The cheapest one offers unlimited drinks (beer, wine and softdrinks) and you can sing for 1,5 hours. The most expensive package will cost you 67 euro but included a 3-course meal (dimsum!) in the restaurant also. There are 2 private Karaoke Booths available to rent that offer more than 3000 songs!

Ginger Amsterdam, Ferdinantbolstraat 13-15

We first came here to enjoy some delicious Asian food, when we found out this place is famous for their Karaoke! Located in the heart of the “Pijp” in Amsterdam, you can’t miss this one. Combine it with Asian snacks and cocktails to complete your evening.

The End, Nieuwebrugsteeg 32

It sounds very dramatic, but The End is literally the place where to start and to end your evening. In the same token as Duke, they also offer private rooms so you can go all out. It’s the perfect spot to book if you are with a bunch of colleagues or celebrating a birthday party.

Karaoke bar

Casablanca, Zeedijk

This Jazz and Karaoke bar is located in China Town Amsterdam, so you can combine your evening with Asian food before heading to Casablanca. They offer a special deal for groups of at least 25 people, for 25 euro p.p you get a drink included, plus Dutch snacks. That being said, besides Karaoke they also offer live music and bands. Keep an eye out for the agenda!

Chin Chin Club, Rozengracht 133

Previously, this venue was a dodgy club but since the Chin Chin Club has entered the building, they’ve had nothing but success. Their main objective is dinner, games and dancing, but they also offer a Karaoke room with space for 35 people, yasss! At 11pm the doors open and you continue the party with the rest of the club. Come on a Friday or Saturday and you don’t have to pay extra for the clubnight at Chin Chin! More info here.

Karaoke in Amsterdam, Chin Chin Club

Have fun singing!

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Breda is a vibrant place in the southern part of the Netherlands. The city exudes cosiness and is a perfect destination to enjoy food, drinks and shopping. Hotspots such as trendy restaurants, cafés and concept stores pop-up one after another.

In other words: Breda is HOT! Therefore, it’s time to discover the pearl of the Southern Netherlands and the pride of Brabant (more on Brabant here).

How to get there?

Amsterdam and Breda are not very far apart from each other so you can easily take the train or go by car. I would recommend taking the train because it is a more sustainable way of traveling and it takes the same amount of time (1 hour) as going by car. In addition, it is only a 5-minute walk from Breda central station to the city centre. A return train ticket from Amsterdam to Breda will costs you around 45 euro.

Breda City Guide Puick

Where to eat?

This place can be best described as a living room where you can enjoy a healthy fair-trade meal between hanging plants, peaking cactuses, old Chesterfields and vintage 70’s lamps. So if you want to go for a healthy lunch with creative green dishes, this is your place to go!

For a delicious lunch or dinner I would recommend going to Hemels. The restaurant is very atmospheric, the service is always attentive and they have a cozy, green courtyard garden for long warm evenings.

Bobbi’s bar
Probably one of the biggest hotspots in Breda right now. The ambiance in this restaurant is great and it is beautifully decorated to the last detail (especially the bar which looks like it’s straight out some movie). So if you want to dine in an Instagram-proof restaurant with velvet chairs, neon lighting, and golden detailed interior; head your way to Bobbi’s! The restaurant is often full, so a reservation is a must.

Breda Drinks
Bobbi’s Bar 

Planning a special date night or just feeling like having an elegant dinner? The culinary restaurant Chocolat serves special and creative dishes made of seasonal products. Be prepared for an explosion of flavours while sitting in a fancy chocolate brown interior.

This big industrial-styled open space has a big bar in the middle and is surrounded by food stalls where you can find 14 different kitchens with a wide variety of dishes and drinks from all over the world. This is the place to be if you want to eat, drink and socialize with friends, family or colleagues in an easy-going, relaxed atmosphere. The FoodHall also regularly has live music performances during the weekend and they hold game / quiz nights. Check the program here.

’t Hart van Breda
Are you strolling around the city and want to have a little break while enjoying a drink and a little snack? ‘t Hart is a cozy, easy-going café located in the middle of the city centre with a large outside terrace. They are famous for their delicious nachos.

Tiger Club
The best Asian street food restaurant in town! All their dishes are the size of an intermediate dish and are intended – according to Eastern family traditions – to share with the whole dining company. Service, interior and the quality of food: everything is right. Personally my favourite place to eat in Breda!

Breda City Guide Tiger Bar
Tiger Club

Where to drink coffee

Koffie bij Teun
Whether you order espresso or cappuccino, it is certainly a taste sensation. The owner (Teun) and his employees all have a real passion for coffee, and it will surprise you what these people get out of beans!

They call themselves an urban espresso bar with a natural kitchen and that actually describes them in a nutshell as they serve great coffee and tea, and cook with as many organic products as possible. Everything is home-made; from cake to ketchup!

Koffiebar Sowieso
A nice, relaxed coffee bar just outside of the city’s bustle, where only delicious home-roasted coffee is served. Tip: this place is a must for vegetarians and vegans because they have many vegan cake & lunch options.

Breda City Guide Coffee
Koffiebar Sowieso

Where to go for drinks

Dok 19
A great place for a drink in the sun along the harbour of Breda. They have a cupboard filled with board games, an extensive specialty beer menu, and nice music. You won’t get bored here!

De Bommel
Café de Bommel has been a household name in Breda for more than fourty years. You can go there for a casual drink or go out during the weekend. The nice thing about this cafe is that people from all age-classes hang out here.

Beers and Barrels
An industrial looking restaurant located in the old beer brewery of Breda. Their huge range of beers (internationally and locally) make it difficult to choose! A must-go if you are a beer-lover and want to do a little beer tasting.

Breda City Guide BB
Beers & Barrels

From gin & tonics to fresh smoothies or a delicious specialty beer: you name it and they’ve got it. Their large outside terrace catches the sun all day and has a nice view of the big church.

De Botanist
This spot is known for its inviting terrace along the water. The prices are affordable, and they have tasty cocktails.

Where to Shop?

Ginnekenweg & Wilhelminastraat
These two streets are connected to each other and are full of historic buildings and contain an extensive range of different independent boutiques and restaurants. From clothing stores to book stores and from interior stores to places where you can find the most beautiful bouquet, it’s all here. The concept boutique PALMA is definitely worth a visit, here you can find cool lifestyle products, trendy and extraordinary clothing and beautiful jewellery. Exclusive fashion / beauty chains such as Skins cosmetics, IKKS and Pauw are also located in this street.

Palma Breda

This is a broad restaurant and shopping street in the centre of Breda. The stores consist mainly of specialised boutiques in clothing and lifestyle areas. Halfway the street is a little square (Veemarktplein) where an organic market is held every Tuesday morning.

Ginnekenstraat & Eindstraat
These two combined are the main shopping streets in the centre of Breda. The big retail chains such as Zara, Scotch & Soda, Mango, Bershka and Levi’s are settled here.

What to visit?

Valkenberg park
When walking from the train station to the city centre you pass through Valkenberg Park. This park was until 1812 the garden of the Breda castle which still stands next to the park. Valkenberg has also been voted in 2019 as the most beautiful park in the Netherlands. It is a wonderful place to relax among the green trees.

Club solo
This artist initiative club offers Dutch and Belgian mid-career artists the opportunity to create and show their work in solo presentations. Club Solo is also a platform for discussions, lectures and music. A ticket is only a few euro’s. It is an inspiring place to walk around! Check out what exhibition is on now here.

STEK & PIER 15 Skatepark
STEK is a breeding ground for creative and artistic entrepreneurs who are committed to sustainability. There are studios, office units, workshops, flexible workplaces, shops and various types of little restaurants and bars. Next to STEK lies the PIER 15 Skatepark. On Saturday (during summer) an event called “Haveneiland” is organised there and you can expect great soul, jazz, disco and funk tunes. Get ready to dance!

Just on the outskirts of Breda is a beautiful piece of nature: Markdal. This area is rich in nature and cultural history and is popular by walkers, hikers and cyclists.

Markdal Breda
Markdal Breda

Whether you want to shop, go out for lunch / dinner or do something cultural; Breda has it. They don’t call Breda “the pearl of the south” for nothing! Planning your next trip yet? 🙂

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*Iris is one of our guest editors from The Netherlands. She’s got a big interest in photography, fashion, spirituality and traveling. She was 3 months old when she was on the plane for the first time and has been to every continent in the meantime. You can follow iris on Instagram.




Café Cómodo brings latin flavours to Amsterdam!

Café Cómodo has been around for 2 years but we had never tried their food, until now. The café/restaurant has entered into a partnership with a talented, Argentinian chef that has been cooking at a high level for years at the Hyatt in Mendoza. Expect honest dishes, straight from the heart, with a good dose of Argentinian creativity!

Located in Amsterdam Old West district, near the Kinkerstraat, you’ll find Café Cómodo, a cozy looking café where people come to socialise. With their brand new menu and all star chef, they offer South American dishes with a twist!

The new chef at Café Cómodo

Exiting news because Café Cómodo have a brand new chef by the name of Emiliano Gurrera. Originally from Argentina, Emiliano is combining South American cuisine with the inspiration he has gained on his travels. Previously, he has been the appointed chef at the Hyatt Hotel in Mendoza for many years, before moving to Amsterdam.

At Café Cómodo I get the freedom to cook food that makes me happy. My cooking style is a lot easier than before, but I hope the guests will enjoy the taste even more!

Chef Emiliano Gurrera at Café Cómodo

The brand new menu

On the menu are dishes such as Cómodo’s Octopus (baked in breadcrumbs – red pepper jam – pickled beets – fruit vinegar, our favourite!), Sea bass ceviche (marinated in spicy sweet and sour sauce – avocado mousse – roasted corn), Belly Malbec, Tamales de Humita (corn – red pepper – onion – roasted red cabbage), Poulet Noir (chicken marinated in salmuera – lime – spicy sauce), Côte de Boeuf and Brownie (with dulce de leche and coffee crumble). The perfect South American comfort food.

Café Comodo pancakes

Café Comodo salad

Octopus Cafe1 Comodo

Catch up with cocktails

As you may know, Amsterdam is full of tasty hotspots but not all of them offer a place that is nice enough to stay around after the food is finished. At Café Cómodo you can stick around because they offer a lovely cocktail menu, plus I personally like the atmosphere. When you enter, Cómodo looks a lot like a typical café in Amsterdam, but walk ahead and you will find a seating area and the open kitchen.


Thank you for inviting us, we will be back!

Café Cómodo
Jan Pieter Heijestraat 110, Amsterdam



6 x Amazing Gyms in Amsterdam to suit Everyone’s need!

Working out is different for each person. Most of us don’t always enjoy it, and some of us love to sweat for hours in the gym. Even if sport is not one of your favourite hobby’s, there are many options to stay in shape with a smile on your face. You just need to find a gym that suits you!

We’ve lined up 6 completely different gyms in Amsterdam, to suit everyone’s need.

Gustav – The luxurious one

Looking for luxury? Gustav Gym is the place to be. They just opened a brand-new second gym in the city center of Amsterdam. Their first gym is located in the Zuidas and both of them carry out a high-end appearance. This premium gym offers you the best fitness devices of Technogym. But what we really love is the tranquil vibe and personal attention. The coaches are kind, motivating and make you feel comfortable in the training. The most lessons take about one hour of your time: boxing, yoga and the Zuidas location also offers a rowing class. Especially after a warm sauna, refreshing shower with Rituals soap and provided soft towels by the gym itself. Looking for more personal attention with intensive coaching in training, nutrition and lifestyle?

Gustav Gym Amsterdam
Gustav Gym

BBB Health Boutique – Women Only

It can feel quite intimidating to step into a gym where you can feel the testosterone hanging in the air. For some women, this can be an uncomfortable experience, so it’s good that there are some women-only gyms in Amsterdam. Basic Fit and Fitness365 offer ladies zones or ladies only gyms, but the one that stands out is without doubt the BBB Health Boutique. This gym is especially designed for women and offers an unique gym system. Whether you want to shape, lose weight, are pregnant, have just given birth, currently in the menopause or just want to feel fit; BBB will coach you.The work-outs are performed in hot cabins which might feel a bit strange at first, but they stimulate the metabolism and the burning of fat. They also offer yoga, Pilates, HIIT, outdoor work-outs, food and lifestyle coaching.

BBB Health

Crossfit Flames – A family feeling

If you’re a family person, you’ll love this place. Everybody is welcome and you’ll also feel welcome here. The coaches will bring out the best in you and everybody in this gym is supportive and kind. Crossfit stands for constant variety, functional training at high intensity. There are about 10 physical skills you’ll be training at the box: cardio, endurance, power, flexibility, speed, coordination, balance, speed power, agility and accuracy. Get burning with Marcha van Glaanen Weijgel, owner and trainer at Crossfit Flames. She became 5th at The CrossFit Games 2018.

crossfit gym Amsterdam

Fysio Buitenveldert – Hot Stuff
Feeling cold? Fysio Buitenveldert is the perfect place for us chilly ones. This place offers classes where the room temperature will be heated up to 40 degrees. Sweat guaranteed. In this temperature you’ll be able to do a Bikram Yoga Class. This one contains about 26 classic yoga poses and two breathing exercises. Pilates will be given in a less hot room, about 25 to 30 degrees. Due to the higher temperature the muscles will move easier and feel more flexible. You can also choose to do pilates, yin yoga or barre fitness without this room temperature.

Shape All In – For more variety

Working out can bore some of us easily. Especially if you always do the same class or routine. Not only is this not optimal for your body (you have to keep surprising the muscles), it’s also not much fun. Shape All In offers you various classes, you won’t get bored here. Of course, you can also enjoy the regular gym with amazing devices to train your own body, but you can also try out a group lesson. Ever tried an Aerial yoga class (with hammocks), kinesis circuit, pole fitness, shape M.A.D. Viking fit, HIIT yoga or spin & strength? You can do all of this and much more at Shape All In.

In Shape Gym
Me, hanging in there!

Chassé Dance Studios – Just Dance

Dancing off your calories is just a really fun way to stay in shape. Chassé Dance Studios is not an average dancing school. You can take regular dancing lessons like hip hop, ballet, zumba, modern dancing and Jazz. But you can also choose to do a HIIT & core workout, barre burn, twerking sessions and afro fit. The twerking class is challenging but fun. Side note: you do need to bring some knee protection. Some girls are very serious about their twerking skills but overall the class is just about having fun, dancing together and staying in shape. You don’t even notice you’re doing a plank because you’ll be focused on shaking that booty up and down.

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Top 10 Asian restaurants in Amsterdam

We can’t deny that Asian food is extremely popular in the Netherlands. Time for a list.

With Chinese, Indonesian, Thai, Japanese and upcoming Korean cuisines, Amsterdam is a melting pot of Asian flavours. We’ve lined up 10 amazing Asian restaurants in Amsterdam that we think you should try.

Bo Nam

Apparently, all the cool people go here. We went and boy, the food and atmosphere was certainly cool enough to keep coming back! Located in the lively district in Amsterdam near Leidse square, it somehow still attracts the locals and hasn’t become a place full of tourists that want to eat quickly and leave. With R&B and Hiphop playing though the speakers, it makes Bo Nam the perfect place to eat, drink and socialize for hours. Even though the food concept is Vietnamese, Bo Nam offers a lot of different flavours on the menu but you can find 5 different spring rolls variations, bao’s, tasty prawns, salads and noodle dishes. 

Asian restaurants in Amsterdam Bo Nam
Source: Bo Nam

Ron Gastrobar Indonesian Downtown, Rokin 49

Firstly, we think this restaurant looks amazing inside. If you want to go all out and leave with an experience of food, ambience and entertainment, you should definitely visit Ron Gastrobar Indonesian Downtown. Honestly, the food isn’t just a pretty sight. It’s well spiced, carefully thought of and defines the Indonesian flavours very well. The wine and cocktail menu is also impressive. We will be back.

Ron Gastrobar Downtown Indonesia

Branie, Ten Katestraat 26

This tiny restaurant is one of Amsterdam’s best kept secrets when it comes to Asian restaurants. So what does Branie stand for? In fact, the name means daredevil, but in a cheeky way. It totally reflects the menu and a-ma-zing cocktails. They serve innovating Indonesian style food such as tea salad, soft shell crab bao and sweet desserts. Come to Branie with friends or a lover. You’ll have a good night.

Branie KFC bucket

Full Moon Garden, Leidsestraat 94

If you say DimSum, we are there in a heartbeat. This was by far the best DimSum we ate in Amsterdam. Relatively new, they invited us in their opening month and we couldn’t stop eating. The dumplings tasted exactly like they are suppose to taste, and if you are vegetarian, try the Chinese broccoli or eggplant with peppers. Yum! Read our full review!

Full Moon Garden Amsterdam

Umani by Han, Ovetoom

Located on the always busy Overtoom in Amsterdam, Umani opened about 3 years ago. This concept was founder by renowned Chinese chef Han Ji. restaurant is large and feels homely with a Asian style bar at the entrance. The open kitchen looks amazing and the Asian accessories and wall art completes the look & feel. They also open during the day for a quick business lunch or à la card meal, but you can also walk in for a coffee or glass of wine. A three course menu costs €27,50 which we think is very reasonable. Read more about Umami by Han.

Best Asian restaurants in Amsterdam, Umami

A-Fusion, Zeedijk 130

This place is Sarah’s favourite Asian restaurant in Amsterdam! It’s a family run restaurant where they serve amazing tasteful dishes from California rolls, steamed oysters and dumplings to beef in black pepper and chicken in curry sauce. It’s a combination of Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Korean dishes. Besides that all the products they use are fresh and there’s a very pleasant up-tempo and excellent service. Reserve your table here.

Kyoto Sushi, Central Station

Go where the locals eat. The advise that is actually true. Good news, because at Kyoto Sushi you will find a lot of Japanese people eating. Even though they offer an all you can eat concept, it surely is the best one we’ve had in this category. Their prawns, good gawd, try them. We usually stop at round 4, but at Kyoto we push till round 5! Add Kyoto to your favourite Asian restaurant list.

Best Asian restaurants, Kyoto Café

Chin Chin Club, Rozengracht 133

Dimsum and karaoke is always a great combination and the owners of the ChinChin Club must have noticed because the Asian trend is growing in Europe. Expect confusion Chinese food, fun cocktails, nostalgic games and late-night dancing. Chin Chin Club is the place where that one last drink turned into one too many. Go here with friends and sing while you eat! 

Restaurant Blauw, Amstelveenseweg 158-160

Surely you want to get fancy now and then. At Restaurant Blauw you can go all out on fancy Indonesian food. If you want, you can also order a la carte but we definitely recommend what restaurant Blauw is famous for. The traditional “rijsttafel” which is translated to rice table, is brought to another level here. Beautiful small plates are set around the table, filled with delicious Indonesian food.

best Asian restaurants in Amsterdam. Blauw

New King, Zeedijk 115

This list wouldn’t be complete without the infamous New King right? Located in China Town in Amsterdam, it’s a crime if you haven’t tried this Chinese restaurant. Unfortunately, it’s always busy so you must reserve a spot to avoid disappointment at the door. The food portions are large so be wise what to order.

All things considered, there are many many more Asian restaurants in Amsterdam, but we can guarantee that these are the ones you will love.

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