Spingaren, the restaurant where opposites attract

If you cycle around in Amsterdam, you almost forget how many hidden spots there are. Behind the walls of the many canal houses of Amsterdam, you’ll find restaurants, hotels and businesses. The other day, I had dinner at Spingaren, a restaurant that I could have easily missed when walking by. Time to tell you what’s behind those walls.

Spingaren entrance bar

Arriving at Spingaren, you need to walk up a small staircase to find a glass door that brings you to the restaurant. The bar and brick walls welcome you for a drink and you wonder where the tables are. The restaurant area is situated in the back and goes on for ever. The best spot to sit at, is without doubt the area where I enjoyed my dinner, I call it the green spot. Plants are hanging from the ceiling and one of the walls is covered in moss.

greens at Spingaren Amsterdam

The Menu
Spingaren is able to accommodate anyone at anytime. There is a menu available for vegans, vegetarians, carnivores, pregnant women and if you can’t bare gluten, you’re also good here. I enjoyed a veggie platter for 2 and it was delish!

One of the shared platters at Spingaren (this one includes fish)

Share your plate and discover your neighbours dish

For mains, I was pleasantly surprised with my sticky cauliflower dish, and noticed the carnivores across the table looked with envy as they tried to steal the food of my plate. But hey, sharing is caring and I was more than happy to give them a little taster. This is what Spingaren is all about. Share your plate, discover your neighbours dish and order something else next time around! I ended my meal with roasted pineapple (which was a little too sweet for my liking), espresso creme brûlée and ice-cream. You can find the full menu here

Sticky Cauliflower at Spingaren
Sticky Cauliflower with black quinoa

The location is surprisingly large and even fits a large group of people up to 200 people! But there is more.. Spingaren developed their own charcuterie and creates homemade pastrami, vegetarian chorizo and kimchi. The wine and cocktails aren’t bad either so Spingaren is a great contender for a dinner with friends, where you can discover new flavours that you may not have ordered first hand. 

Herengracht 88, Amsterdam



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The Avocado Show just announced their second location in Amsterdam!

Holy guacamole! Just when you think the hype has calmed down a little bit, The Avocado Show is back at it. Again. Celebrating their 1 year anniversary, the’ve just announced their second location in Amsterdam and we know where!

Haven’t heard of the Avocado Show? Quick recap; it’s the first Avocado restaurant in Europe and has been trending on social media for the past year. You can order anything you can imagine that includes the healthy green stuff. Entrepreneurs Ron Simpson, Julian Zaal and chef Jamie van Heije, opened the first Avocado Show in trendy area De Pijp in Amsterdam and even had people sleep in front of the doors, the night before it opened.

From L to R: Ron, Jamie and Julian

After a good and solid first year, their collaboration with Shawn Harris, the woman behind Nature’s Pride, one of the largest Avocado supplier in the world, they dicided to take the next step and expand abroad. She believed in the Dutch entrepreneurs from the beginning and is investing millions to take The Avocado Show International.

Avocado breakfast

The Avocado Show second location in Amsterdam

But first, let’s talk about the highly anticipated second location of the Avocado Show in Amsterdam! (I know you have been scrolling down the page for this one..;)) It will be located on the Willemsparkweg, with the focus on take-away and delivery so you won’t need to queue for hours. As soon as there’s more news to tell, we will be the first one to let you know, of course.



*All photo’s are courtesy on the Avocado Show

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The Maker Café, unlimited coffee in Amsterdam

You may have heard of the Maker Café, in de Hallen passage in Amsterdam. A wonderful store where local craftsmen and talented creators showcase and sell their products. But only a small amount of people know the Maker Café, that is located on the top floor. We checked it out and ordered a cup of (pretty amazing) coffee.

You could easily miss it, the Maker Café. They’ve been here since last september though and it’s time that more people took notice. Why? Well, for one, the coffee is good. Very good. They are using Rotterdam-based Manhattan roasters coffee beans, that created a special Maker Café blend for Amsterdam. You see? Both cities can go hand in hand! The coffee combined with the rich and creamy Queens of Dairy, creates one of the best cappuccinos you’ve tasted in Amsterdam. Yep, I dare to say it. The barista’s behind the counter and well trained and also serve amazing filter coffee, if that’s your thing.

Manhathan coffee at the Maker Café in Amsterdam

The interior is all available to buy and created by talented craftsmen that are connected to the Maker Store. From chairs, to tables and even the art on the walls. With a touch of pastel pink, the Maker Café is a comfortable place for a quiet sit down after a stroll over the Ten Katemarket or foodhallen, which are just around the corner. There is room to sit down around 20 people, so it’s not big, but it’s good enough.

Maker cafe in Amsterdam

Free Coffee!
To top it all off, and perhaps best of all, the Maker Café offers a monthly coffee subscription, that is just too good to pass. It works like this; You buy a monthly description and for the entire month you can order and drink as many coffees or tea as you’d like. A subscription cost €35,- per month, but for your first month is only €25,-! If you drink 1 coffee a day,  (and you’re in the hood) you save at least..well, you can do the math right? If that’s still a bit much for you, you can also opt for a stampcard and receive a free drink when it’s full. 

See you there?



Maker Café
Hannie Dankbaarpassage 39 (upstairs), Amsterdam

Sweets Hotel, a new tiny housing concept in Amsterdam is now open!

As of today, Sweets hotel is open! And yes, you should be exited because it’s a rather special and unique hotel concept..

28 different bridge houses, connected by the waters of Amsterdam, have been transformed into cute, but comfortable accommodations. The tiny houses situated on the bridges of Amsterdam, lost their original purpose, and Sweets Hotel has brought these monumental properties back to life!

Each tiny house has their own story to tell. The oldest house for example, dates back from 1673 and is located on the Amstelschutsluis in front of Carré Theater and the latest edition is from 2009. Each house gets a interior designed specifically to match the architecture. 

beltbrug 1 Sweets Hotel

Sweets Hotel is also on trend because “tiny houses” are super hot right now, because of their innovating use of space. Even though the houses are small,  there is space for a comfortable bed and cozy atmosphere that you can enjoy to the max. Sweets hotel is a concept and co-initiative of Space&Matter, the same people behind De Ceuvel (a creative and eco-logic hub in Amsterdam), Grayfield, Suzanne Oxenaar, Otto Nan (from Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embass and Hotel The Exchange). A huge project to say the least!

At the Kinkerstraat

Yay for Pink bathrooms!

At the moment, 11 of the 28 bridge houses are available to rent, with the city as their lobby. The other houses will be designed over the next few years. Curious? You can rent them here!



Sweets Hotel
Several locations in Amsterdam

3 x new Sustainable Hotels in Amsterdam you want to check out

Sustainability is becoming more and more important and you can also see this shift in the travel industry. Right now, we are anticipating the opening of 3 sustainable hotels in Amsterdam. Let us introduce..

Amstel Kwartier

The QO Amsterdam reaches 22 floors and is partly build with the old concrete from the Shell tower, now known as the ADAM Tower. The hotel will have 288 rooms with stunning views over the city. QO wants to show people that sustainability and luxury can go hand in hand. The outside of the building is extremely innovative and very special to say the least. It’s provided with revolutionary climate control through the innovative moving panels is making savings on heating, cooling and ventilation possible. The moving panels on the outside of the windows respond to time and climate. I had a look at one of the finished hotel rooms and it looked amazing and super cozy, with warm colors, designed by Conran & Partners from London. The interior of the open spaces and restaurants are designed by award winning agency TANK. Also keep an eye out for the highly anticipated restaurant Persijn which is opening within the next month! The opening was due in December but like most building sights, it’s postponed until early spring. To read more about QO, go to this article.

QO, sustainable hotels in Amsterdam
One of the suites at QO

QO Amsterdam
QO from the outside

There will be an indoor garden with plants and trees from Asia

Jakarta Hotel Amsterdam
Java Eiland

Located on Java Eiland in Amsterdam, this hotel is set to be the most sustainable hotel in the Netherlands. The name comes from the location, where ships used to leave for Jakarta, Indonesia. Hotel Jakarta offers 200 luxurious rooms with a Indonesian influenced style. All the materials used to build, are recyclable and even the staff will wear sustainably made company clothing, designed by fashion label By Rockland | HACKED by. There are panoramic views over the Amsterdam IJ and most rooms have a balcony. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is served at Café Jakarta and you will be able to get your drinks at Malabar. Besides this, there will be a wellness and swimming pool! In collaboration with Amsterdam’s Hortus Botanicus, there will be an indoor garden with plants and trees from Asia. www.hoteljakarta.amsterdam

Hotel Jakarta, sustainable hotels in Amsterdam
Relaxing in the spa


Another hotel that is being build right now is Boot&Co. The hotel is expected to be finished in 2019 and we can’t wait! Boot&Co is designed for the traveler that wants to feel at home, and perhaps would like to extent his days. Instead of the usual hotel room, this place will be equipped with 84 hotel apartments to give you the feeling of being at home. So what makes it sustainable? First of all, the hotel will be located in a fully climate neutral neighbourhood. Secondly, they will try to save and re-use water, isolation will be of the highest standard and Boot&Co will get it’s heating from factories around the area. They will of course work with PV panels and you can even charge your electrical car in the car park. 

With a EPC of 0,041 and a BREEAM ambition for Excellent, Boot&Co will be extremely sustainable

Boot&Co, sustainable hotels in Amsterdam
The building will have the look of a school (source)

We’re happy that these 3 hotels are setting the bar for the “green” travel industry. Hopefully there will be more to follow.



HEMA opens up a Easter Egg Pop-Up Store

Easter eggs in 18 different flavours and colours, all into one store in Amsterdam. Hema opened the first ever Easter egg pop-up store, that has a disco dip theme, the same as one of their new flavours that you can buy at Hema.

The pop-up store looks like a candy shop for adults and kids. You can fill up your bag with the different Easter eggs that are stored in plastic tubes. There is also a colourful ball pit to have your photo taken.

New Flavours
Besides the discodip, there are two other flavours. tompouce en coffee-crisp but you can also expect the HEMA classics like caramel seasalt, crispy milk chocolate, praliné and cocos. All the chocolate Easter eggs from HEMA are made from UTZ certified cacao and free from any artificial ingredients.

The HEMA Easter egg pop-up store will be open until the 1st of April!

HEMA Easter Egg Pop-Up
Runstraat 25, Amsterdam

Opening times:
Monday from 12:00 till 18:00 hours
Tuesday until Saturday from 10:00 till 18:00 hours
Sunday from 12:00 till 17:00 hours

New in Town: Miss Moneypenny Amsterdam

New month, new hotspots. This time I’m glad to put a spotlight on new culinary kid in town: cocktail bar Miss Moneypenny. I totally fell in love with their catchy, bit mysterious name which I in a split second associated with – of course – James Bond. Pretty original name for a hotspot, but really smart because it made me so curious what to expect! I felt the need to test it for you foodies, so here’s my experience.

City centre Amsterdam, worth to discover
For me it’s kind a ‘new’ part of our capital city to discover, the Spuistraat. The last couple of years it’s pimped by lots of new hotspots and design hotels. Besides it’s situated in the vibrant city centre where you can spot more tourists than locals, it really has its typical Amsterdam charm. You can’t miss Miss Moneypenny, it immediately caught my eye by their stylish exterior. Upon entry you’ll be surprised by the mystical ambiance, like you’re in a complete other world. Expect a cozy, warm and bit sexy oasis.

Interieur Miss Moneypenny

Miss Moneypenny: Street food 2.0
My expectations where sky high because I knew this food youngster was a creation of the four childhood friends who also made a great success of Venster 33 and Taproom. This time, their concept is shareable international street food. Sharing the dishes with your tablemate(s), in my opinion a great way to taste the most delicious, sometimes even unknown flavours from around the globe in just one evening out, love it! The moment was there to kick-off dinnertime with their lovely ‘Valentine’ cocktail – because it was wonderfully well received – and Dutch imperial oysters. To be honest, normally I’m not such a big fan of this delicacy, but they had me with their sweet apple-dill compote. Brings back memories with my granny who made this often for my family. And many other rounds followed, lost count…From really tasteful steak tartare Korean style, goose rilette rolled in Asian pancakes and Russian blini’s topped with stewed radicchio till crispy tempura of prawns and veggies. All mouth-watering, I’m serious!

Gamba's at Miss Moneypenny
Tempura prawns & Miss MPs’ day special

In love with this dessert @ Miss MP

Oh and the chocolate lava cake, if you don’t order this sweet dessert, you’ll regret it so much. A little side note for vegans and vegetarians: They’ve a vegan falafel and a vegetarian gnocchi dish. Although I’m sure the enormously kind, pure staff – hospitality is in their blood – will do their best to make it a food party for you too, keep this in mind.

Cocktail time, yes please!
And what about the drinks? Lots of signature (non)alcoholic cocktails and tantalizing classics, in case you want to play it safe. Like they say: ‘All the cocktails are so refined in their own way, it’s actually a crime to taste only one…’ Yeah, like the way they think! My fave was the rum old fashioned: atlantico rum, choco bitters, angostura, sugar syrup and orange zest.

No doubt, this brand new cocktail bar with delicious shareable street food and constantly changing menu deserves a top 3 ranking on your food bucketlist. Even as a perfectionist I haven’t critical comments, just thumbs up. Can’t wait for your fourth culi spot guys!

Shake it baby, it’s cocktail time!


Miss Moneypenny
Spuistraat 223, Amsterdam
Tel: 020-7706334

5 x Best Greek Restaurants & Deli’s in Amsterdam

If you know me, you know that Greek food is something you can wake me up for. But because I’ve been to Greece so often, I know exactly how great Greek food is suppose to taste like. As many as they are, it’s a shame that a lot of Greek restaurants in Amsterdam are not up to it, and even though they try their best to be as authentic as possible, they tend to disappoint. I did a little research, asked around and tested as many Amsterdam based Greek restaurants and deli’s as I could and this is my result:

  1. Trattorie Mitsos
    Tweede Hugo de Grootstraat 25

    For one, they actually sell traditional Greek pita’s. The real deal. The owners are super friendly and have been married for many years. She’s Dutch, he’s Greek. Thank god, they decided to live in Amsterdam, so we can all enjoy their amazing food. They import traditional Greek products and travel to Greece a few times a year to select the best products like cheese, olives, oil and even wines. The only downside is, that they are tiny. They do have a small corner where you can sit down, but how awesome would it be if they turned Mitsos into a wonderful Greek restaurant! Crowdfunding anyone? Facebook 

    Mitsos Amsterdam

  2. Morena aan de Amstel 
    Amstel 47
    It’s the biggest Greek deli in Amsterdam and they work around the clock to keep those bellies filled. They offer a wide range of Greek foods, from the more traditional dishes like stuffed peppers, They supposedly serve the best souvlaki in town and the reviews don’t lie. But they also call themselves “vegetarian friendly”, which I love, because being a vegetarian, it can be quite difficult to find a Greek place that offers high standard veggie Greek food. Good news, they also deliver with Thuisbezorgd, Foodora and Deliveroo! Facebook 
  3. Olivity
    Overtoom 245
    This cute Greek deli serves home cooked meals by a Greek lady that has moved to Amsterdam many years ago. She also does a killer catering and you can buy Greek products like traditional olive oil. The interior is sweet and welcoming and probably the best looking Greek spot that I have come across. Come here for a coffee and enjoy the Greek flavours. www.olivity.net 


  4. Dionysos Taverna
    Overtoom 176

    Recommended by many Greeks living in Amsterdam so it must be good. Situated on the other side of the Overtoom then Olivity, this restaurant offers more than just good Greek food. People also come here to enjoy the atmosphere and the Greek music (they host live performances) and the friendly cat. I ordered calamaris, and I was a bit nervous to receive greasy dough rings, but it was crispy and not chewy at all. My partner had a moussaka and he said it was the best one he has eaten in the Netherlands. Facebook 

  5. Grekas Deli
    Singel 311

    Right in the heart of Amsterdam! I discovered this place by chance when I walked past during the parade of Kingsday last April. It was the perfect stop for a pita and I enjoyed the friendly staff. There are a few tables so you can also enjoy a meal without rushing. Like every good deli, dishes are made freshly everyday and are home cooked. They also bake traditional Greek cookies that you should definitely try! Facebook

Which one is your favorite?





Joya » Our New Favourite Asian Restaurant!

Finger licking (or plate licking) good. That’s how we can describe Joya, our new favorite Asian Fusion restaurant in Amsterdam.

Normally we are first in line when it comes to new hotspots in Amsterdam, but due to our busy schedule, we didn’t manage visit Joya until this week. The restaurant has been open since the summer of 2017 and recently added some new dishes on the menu. Although Sarah and I talk to each other on the phone everyday, we haven’t sat down for a relaxt dinner in a long time. So we marked a big red circle into our diaries and made a reservation at Joya.

First Impressions
It’s much bigger than I thought! There are enough table and chairs to sit down at least 80 guests, but the restaurant still looks spacious and all tables have a sense of privacy. The interior feels cozy, yet stylish and there is even a fireplace, surrounded by comfy sofa’s. Oh, and I haven’t even mentioned the tree in the middle of the restaurant! 

The staff is professional but not stiff and they know their wines and recommendations. You are treated as a worthy guest, but nothing feels forced or over the top. This is a big plus, because that is the kind of atmosphere that will make customers return a few times a month. 

Steal food from each others plate is the motto here

The Menu
Ok, let’s talk business. The menu is designed for a shared dining experience, something most new restaurants in Amsterdam like to apply. Steal food from each others plate is the motto here, and if you are with friends, this is highly encouraged by us! There are many shellfish options like oysters, scallops, prawns and soft shell crab. We decided to let the chef surprise us with a meat free menu so we skipped the lapsang smoked ribs and spicy beef salad. Instead we started with Tom Kha seafood soup that is freshly poured into your bowl with shellfish.

Oh yeah, our tastebuds were impressed. Ready for more, we tried the BBQ eggplant, green veggies of the day, tasty scallops and the green chilli tiger prawns with noodles on the side. Bellies full? Well, we saved just enough space for dessert which included a chilli mango sorbet, a few brownies and white chocolate with coconut. 

Cocktails? No problem!

Saving space for dessert!

It’s been a while since we experienced an Asian party onto our plates, and Joya totally made it happen again. Because the restaurant is so spacious, we recommend it to friends, couples and business meetings. Good things happen here. 



Spuistraat 3G/H, Amsterdam
Tel: 020 221 4932

8 x new Hotspots in Amsterdam this month!

There are a few months in the year, that bars, restaurants and other hotspots, decide to open their doors all in the same month. February is one of those months. Without further ado, here are 8 brand new hotspots in Amsterdam.

Pita 3.0

Vegans can cheer again because this February, this hotspot will open it’s doors on the Overtoom. Feeling hungry after a night out, this joint will serve you guilt free vegan kebab and pita’s. Besides the food they will also serve local craft beers! 

Peejays Doughnuts
Vijzelgracht 37
Guilty pleasures, hello there! Homemade, fresh doughnuts with the prettiest decorations. Located at a perfect location because people are always on the go. Our guest editor Sharmaine was at the opening and shot this tasty shot. Makes us crave something sweeet!

Peejays Doughnuts

Airhockey Arcade Puck
Jan Evertsenstraat 747

It’s going to be the first airhockey hall in Europe and it’s opening in Amsterdam West. There will be 16 air-hockey tables and you can enjoy drinks and food with a French twist. Facebook

Arriba Arriba
Rozengracht 114

Arriba Arriba is a Mexican street food hang-out with South American influences. You can go here from noon for quick taco’s or to dine extensively, 7 days a week. All dishes on the menu are created for sharing.

new hotspots in Amsterdam

Baut & BautBoven
Spaardammerstraat 460

You can’t have missed this because pretty much every food blogger was at the opening and posted Instagram stories. You did miss it? No worries, we’re here to tell you all about it! Baut just opened a new location on the Spaarndammerstraat and it looks a-ma-zing inside! The concept is also a bit different from the other locations; for lunch and dinner you stay downstairs and for art and culture you can go up to the first floor which they call BovenBAUT. On Wednesdays you can enjoy De WoensdagClub where creatives come together to mingle, exchange ideas whilst drinks are flowing and music is playing.

Amstelveenseweg 124

After many locations, they had time for yet another healthy hotspot! Right across the south entrance of the Vondelpark, you will find this green hotspot. The salads are large and the staff is super friendly. The location is perfect for people on the go, with take-away available. The interior is made out of wood and glass and features a few booths to sit in. Besides the food and juices, it’s also an office and workshop space.

SLA Amstelveenseweg

La Gita
Oudezijds Voorburgwal 197
You can enjoy this Italian pop-up until the 12th of March at hotel Sofitel Legend The Grand. While restaurant Bridges is having a temporary renovation, La Gita will offer Italian flavours with an all-dining concept with tasty Italian bites from mornings to late evenings. 

Studio 191
Jan Hanzenstraat 54
This yoga studio with New York vibes opened 2 years ago in The Pijp area and is loved by many. This February you can also visit their brand new location in Amsterdam West. This location is bigger and even has a special Barre studio. Barre is a workout that uses a combination of postures inspired by Ballet, Yoga and Pilates. To find out more about Studio 191, read this article.

Studio 191 West
Via Studio 191