Shoot Amazing Drone Photo’s Without Experience!

Recently we travelled through Malaysia & Thailand and wanted to shoot extraordinary photo’s. Because we don’t own a drone we hired one without needing a flying course. So did we manage to shoot some good footage? You’ll be the judge.

I had never flown a drone before, or even held one. But damn, you can take the most amazing shots with them and drone photography inspires the hell out of me, so it was time to put my skills to the test. I was planning a trip to Asia, which meant tons of drone photo opportunities with beaches, palmtrees and crystal clear water.

Things you should know before flying a drone:

  • No flying after dark or within 5 miles of an airport (unless you can get authorization)
  • Near people’s heads, moving cars, a sports stadium.
  • If you travel abroad, you should check the rules that apply for that country. For some you are required to register your drone and pay a small fee in order to bring it through customs. However, Thailand officially required such a document, but because I was traveling per boat to Koh Lipe, I took my chances and didn’t apply. Getting the document can take up to a few months and I was too late with that. It’s a small risk I was willing to take. Rules about drones change fast and regularly so always check what rules may apply to your country of choice.

Rent a drone
Because I didn’t own a drone, I came across a business in the Netherlands that hires drones without a pilot. You rent the drone per day and you pay a small deposit for safety reasons. The drone includes 2 batteries, charger and extra propellors. Me and my boyfriend opted for the DJ1 Mavic Pro, which is compact enough to fold up and pack. 

First Flight
Our first opportunity and go was at Koh Adang, a Thai island across from the more popular Koh Lipe. In the beginning it’s a bit scary to fly because you are scared your drone will crash in the water, or the wind will take it down. This is the result of our first ever drone shot, not bad right? My boyfriend Jesse flew most of the time because I wanted to be in the picture. (such a diva!)

Our first ever drone shot!

After that more followed. We also shot some video.

Maybe I should work on my heart drawing skills a bit more though..?

This next shot was taken on Koh Lipe where we found a sandbank that was free of people, in order to take that perfect shot!

Koh Lipe

Pretending that I was on a deserted island in Malaysia. Truth is that 2 meters away there was a beach bar 😉

Verdict; Hiring a drone is such a good idea! As you can see, the images turned out pretty good (if you don’t mind us saying so ;-)). We hired our drone at in the Netherlands and we can really recommend it. You just pick up your drone, and you will get an explanation how to use your drone. You need to figure out your color and ISO settings yourself so we advise you to watch a couple of YouTube video’s in order to get the best results. For all cost per drone check their cost sheet.

Are you ready to take your travel photography to the next level?



Create our own organic skin products at DIY Soap

Hello winter equals hello to dry skin. For me at least. As soon as the heating at home goes up, and the leaves are starting to fall down the trees, my skin reacts as if it knows it needs some extra attention. There are sooo many products and brands out there that promise you a soft skin but I’m not a big fan of all the chemicals that are added. Gladly I discovered this briljant store called DIY Soap, a shop in Amsterdam where you can create your own scrubs and creams made out of natural and organic ingredients.

DIY Soap

Pure Ingredients
At DIY Soap you can shop in two ways; you can buy a ready-made scrub or cream, or create your own from scratch. The last option is more fun so that’s exactly what I did! In the store you can find a rack where you can find cans of oils to create your product with (coconut, almond, olive). Next to that you have a table where you can find salts, sugars, coffee and concentrated oils such as lavender, orange or roses. Pimp your product with some flowers, dried fruits or lavender pieces. Every product is vegan except the honey. (but rest assured it comes from a local and organic beekeeper).

diy soap products
The corner of ingredients!

DIY Soap Oil
Adding some oil

DIY Soap
Final touch

Sustainable Packaging
One of the great things about creating your own product, is that you can bring your own packing materials. DIY Soap highly encourages to re-use your old shampoo bottles or cream containers. The packaging at DIY Soap is made out of glass and is always re-usable. This way, you only need to come back for the ingredients! You can also buy sustainable products like re-usable make-up removal pads. If you don’t live in Amsterdam, you can shop the products online ( and in several stores across The Netherlands and Belgium (concept store Hutspot being one of those).

DIY Soap, coffee scrub
Trying my DIY Wanderlust Coffee Scrub

The people behind the product
besides the ingredients and packaging, they also have a great behind-the-scenes-story. The people who make the ready-to-buy products are created by people with a minor mental disability, at the Gemiva centre in the city of Leiden. How beautiful is that!



DIY Soap
Van Woustraat 48, Amsterdam

The Treatwell Series » Cupping

Remember the time when Gwyneth Paltrow was photographed with red circles on her back? This was the time when cupping made it’s entrance in the wide world.  Nobody had ever heard of it before. Or at least, not many. Since then Jennifer Aniston, Justin Bieber and even athletes like Michael Phelps have used cupping. I had never tried it, but cupping is suppose to have many health benefits. Time to find out why ancient trend is so good for you!

What is Cupping
Even though it might not sound so familiar, cupping is an ancient method used by Egyptians and later found it’s way into Chinese Alternative Medicine and practises. Traditionally, glass cups are placed on your skin (mostly on your back and legs) and heated with fire to suck the air out of the cups, creating suction. This can be quite risky because of the heat, so most salons use other materials like silicone and suck the air out with a special device. By cupping, it’s believed that problems such as headache, muscle and join pain are relieved. It’s also suppose to stimulate your blood circulation and smoothes out your skin.

The Art of Massage
Time to find out! I booked my first cupping treatment with Art of Massage, run by Cerise. After a holiday in Thailand, Cerise gained an interest in massages and wanted to explore more than just the traditional Thai massages we all know. She decided to explore the world of cupping. She tells me that because this is my first ever cupping treatment, she won’t go all the way. Cupping can be quite intense. She starts with a short massage to find out if I have any knots in my muscles. After that, she is ready to place the cups. My pain barrier is pretty high, but when she applied the first cup on my back..HELLO! You definitely feel it!Because the power of cupping is more intense than a deep tissue massage, it might feel a bit uncomfortable at first. After a few moments, the feeling does get less intense and you are able to breath it away. She applies the cups at the places where I felt most tense, and she also decides to include my legs. 

And then starts to move them around, like giving a massage. HELLO 2.0!

She leaves the cups there for about 10 minutes or so, and then starts to move them around, like giving a massage. HELLO 2.0! My shoulder area is fine, but when she does this around my weak spot, the hips, I have a difficult time to breath at a normal pace. Something is seriously going on and I ask her to take a picture. It looks pretty weird and shocking at the same time, but wow, can you imagine what this does to your blood circulation! Especially if you’re walking around with an old injury or you just can’t seem to loosen up, this will do the trick!

At Treatwell Cupping
Alien or Elke? 😉

My Verdict: By far the most pain I experienced during the Treatwell Series, but nothing I could not handle. My knots were gone, and my legs felt like the received an intense massage I think I could only benefit from. Looking at the pictures you might feel a bit cautious, but remember, cupping is very safe. It wouldn’t be around for ages if it wasn’t. And best of all, after the treatment I looked exactly like Gwyneth Paltrow! (Ok, minus the blond hair, long legs and flat tummy) Oh, and my circles disappeared after about 5 days. 

Cerise tells me that you can’t get a 100% result immediately and she advises people to come for at least 3 to 4 treatments. Her regular customers don’t really feel the pain anymore when they return for their 2nd or 3rd session, meaning that you’re body is actually un-tightening. 

I’m curious to see who of you have tried cupping before and what was your experience? If you are curious yourself, you can book my treatment here. For all other treatments visit Treatwell and book online!



14 x Vintage Stores in Amsterdam you must check out

Vintage is hot and we love it! First of all, it’s sustainable, and such a great excuse to wear something that was also cool a few seasons ago. Let’s check out the 14 best vintage stores in Amsterdam at the moment.

The Thriftshop
Albert Cuypstraat 187

The new kid on the blog! The Thriftshop is run by PR lady Tedje Fliers and her companion Dina El Basri. Did you know that women only use about 10% of their closets? Crazy right? Well, the main thing we love about this store, is that you can bring your clothes that are just hanging there, so you can make someone else happy with it. Whatever is sold, you get 30% from the profits! (yes, I also  brought my old Levi’s!) They only opened yesterday, so all the good items are still there (but hurry). Facebook / Instagram

Vintage stores in Amsterdam
Source: The Thriftshop

We Are Vintage
Kinkerstraat 193 & Eerste v Swindenstraat 43
We love this store because it’s such a nice layout! You can easily spend more than an hour in this store without realising. Denim dungarees, floral dresses, cowboy boots, hats, men & women, it’s all here! Instagram

Jutka & Riska
Here they sell vintage combined with a new collection. Clever! At Jutka & Riska you will find bold and funky colours, the latest styles, and many cute accessories. They also have an online shop, which is great for the lazy shopper. There are 2 stores in Amsterdam, one in Haarlem and one in Antwerp.

Vintage stores in Amsterdam

4 locations in Amsterdam

This vintage store has been around for a while and has several locations in Europe from Amsterdam to Copenhagen. It’s the one vintage store in Amsterdam that everybody knows. It’s amazing to find army jackets, vintage Levi’s, tropical shirts from the eighties, and many many accessories. Find one of the 4 locations in Amsterdam on their website.

They sell some of the best trousers in our opinion! Baggy comfortable trousers you wear on a Sunday…or every day for that matter. (guilty!) Also check out their jewelry, watches, sunglasses and hats!

Vintage stores in Amsterdam
Source: Zipper

Marbles Vintage
3 locations in Amsterdam

This store scores well with vintage lovers throughout Amsterdam. Why? Because there are real treasures to be found! Both men and women can shop here, and they have a great selection of leather handbags and shoes. They have a total of 3 locations in Amsterdam so get yourself to it! Facebook

I love Vintage
Prinsengracht 201

This retro style vintage shop is perfect for those Bettie Page summer dresses and if your looking to wear something for a special occasion. They sell all the way back from the twenties up until the eighties. Check out the online shop where you can also check if they have your favorite item in stock. Easy peasy Vintage!

Kilo Shop
Waterloopplein 189
Instead of buying your items at a set price, you add your items on the scale and pay per weight! This can be super affordable if you choose your items the right way. Prices are ranged in different color and style categories. The Kilo Shop imports their clothes from all over the world and sells brands from London, Paris, and Tokyo.

Bij Ons Vintage
Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 150 / Reestraat 13
If you want to go festival shopping, this store is your spot! Men can go crazy on tropical shirts, while the women can go for jumpsuits or cool summer dresses. New arrivals everyday!

Photo by Kirsten van Santen

Klein Berlijn
Middenweg 36

I used to work with the lovely owner of this cute store. She had the idea years ago, and even used her home to host a few vintage sales back then. Her cool style never seemed to fade because she’s been running Klein Berlijn ever since. Okok, the clothes are not real vintage and old, but they have a cool vintage look, and that’s why Klein Berlijn belongs in our list.

For Kids
Kids grow fast AF. I know, because I’m a mother of a baby boy and don’t want to buy brand new clothes each time around. I never knew that vintage shopping for your child could be such a bargain! Sometimes I buy 4 items for just 12 euro! (and this includes jeans, jumpers, shoes and high end brands). Secondly, it’s super sustainable! Here are some of my faves;

Old West
De Clercqstraat

By far my favorite vintage clothing store for kids! The concept is great; I bring my son’s old clothes to them, they check, and you get a code. Each time when I return, they can check how much I’ve sold and use that money to buy new items in the store! They only take on clothing that is in tiptop condition and they prefer good brands like Impf & Elfs and Le Petit Batau. All the clothing is divided into size and colours, and moms and dads all over Amsterdam bring in new stuff on a daily basis. Friends Floortje and Sofie run this fantastic store that also sells some new items for a great price.

De Clercqstraat 97

Situated in the same street as Old West, you can find another great vintage store for kids with the same concept. You can find clothes, toys, baby stuff, strolers, baby seats and more.

Bosboom Toussaintstraat 49
Another great kids store with high quality clothing, toys and children accessories. Sustainability is key here and besides the concept, they also provide led lighting and better isolation.

Kids & Queens
Rietwijkerstraat 32

If you are looking for high end kids brands such as Vingino, DNKY, Burberry, Tumble & Dry, you should definitely visit Kids & Queens. Their sizes go from 50cm until 140cm. Prices are (understandably) a bit higher than the above mentioned kids vintage stores in Amsterdam, but nevertheless, it’s nice to spoil you’re kid now and then!

Enjoy your shopping peeps!





7 Swimwear Trends for 2018

I can’t believe we are in May already and summer is just a few months away! Time to start with some preparations ….
Next to the Levi’s 501 shorts, flared trousers, loafers, sandals, kimono’s, kaftan’s, short skirts and silk dresses, We really love to spend my time finding the perfect bathing suit. It’s one of the many obsessions I have » looking gorgeous during summer in the perfect bikini or bathing suit!

Where does summer takes you and which bikini will suit your travel plans the most?

I’ve done all the work for you! Have a look at the Swimwear Trends for 2018.

The Low Cut Bathing Suit
We knew that bathing-suits were back since last year, but this time the cut is getting lowwwww! If you have smaller breasts, you can certainly get away with it, so therefore we love this trend. Get a sexy plunge that Benthe Liem is wearing here.

Swimwear trends 2018
Benthe Liem wearing Gooseberry Seaside

The Strappy Bikini
Get ready to look like you’re about to walk into a beachparty, cause this bikini is on trend and everybody will ask you where you got it. Good thing, that Strappy Bikini’s are already available for less than 10 euro, like the one below

Swimwear trends 2018
Source: ASOS

The Belted Swimsuit
Love, love, love this swimwear trend of 2018. It really compliments a women’s shape and it was the perfect swimsuit for Elke when she just became a new mum. Too insecure to wear a bikini? This might be the solution for you! The best ones are a little more pricey, but sooo worth it! 


The Belted Bikini
Yep, there is the belt again. This time on your next bikini. It’s not the first time we’ve seen something like this before, nope, many years ago a pretty James Bond girl flaunted her Belted Bikini for the world to take note. Now, in 2018, you will see this style on the beach or by the pool. Buy it here.

The Belted Bathing Suit
Fashion Icon, James Bond vibes by Ursula Andress

Retro Swimwear
Let’s go back to the 90’s with this look. Retro is hotter than ever and even if it’s something to get used to a little bit, it’s something you will see more of. O’Neill just launched their re-issued swimwear, pretty out there but we kinda like it! Shop it here.

Swimwear Trends 2018

Tropical Prints
Tigers, palmtrees, pineapples and even unicorns have been spotted on swimwear this year. Get ready for summer and pick your favorite print. We love this one from COSTES Fashion. Buy it here for just €15,-

Swimwear trends 2018

Monday Swimwear
Not just one piece but a brand that is suuuuper hot right now. The girls behind Monday Swimwear might sounds familiar to you. Tash Oakley and Devin Brugman are the hottest bikini girls out there and their swimwear line is really taking the leas this year. You will see many girls wearing Monday Swimwear this summer, just check bikini!

Swimwear trends of 2018
Our favorite bikini of the year!

Beach proof ready? Wear your swimwear with:

» Pair of lovely cute sandals
» Long translucent kaftan or kimono 
» Sunnies
» Oversized sun hat
» Handbag


Don’t forget to share your pick with us via

Enjoy summer y’all!



Shop all your favorite (travel) bags here!

We all know, that any traveler is in need of a travel bag, suitcases or just something pretty to walk around with and put all your stuff in. There are plenty of options and brands, but wouldn’t it be great if you could find everything into one place?

Duifhuizen Tassen & Koffers is a store and webshop from The Netherlands where you can find the best brands when it comes to bags and suitcases. The company was founded back in 1953 and has 26 locations around the country. Not having experienced the online platform before, it was time to purchase our first “online” suitcase.

Duifhuizentassen en koffers
Whatever your pick.. Duifhuizen has it!

We love the pastel colours and 50’s retro feel of SUITSUIT, and because Sarah was traveling to Coachella, we decided to purchase one of their suitcases. Mind you, there is plenty of choice, so don’t limit yourself! From Fjälraven, Eastpak and The North Face, to Samsonite or Delsey. They have it all! Ordering was easy peasy, and there were no shipping costs involved. Sarah’s suitcase was delivered the next day, which was awesome because it was a last minute thing. (Last-Minute-Girl is Sarah’s nickname). They can even deliver your purchase in the evening slot for free! Want to send it as a gift? Wrapping it, is also free. Ok! This saves you a lot of hassle, let me tell you.

SuitSuit by Duifhuizen tassen en koffers
Sarah in LA with her SUITSUIT suitcase

Not traveling and still in need of a quirky handbag of some sort? What about this must have festival pouch! The good thing about buying your travel essentials here, is because you know the quality is solid and you always have a great return policy. Shopping online for travel bags has never been so easy!

The musthave for this festival season! (source: Duifhuizen)

We’re curious if you have ever shopped online for your travel purchases, what was your experience?

Happy travels!


Duifhuizen Koffers & Tassen
Website / Facebook

*This article was written in collaboration with Duifhuizen. We only collaborate with brands and organisations that we believe in and offer a good product, so we can tip it to you, our readers in an honest way.

Festival trends seen at Coachella 2018

Sarah just got back from an amazing couple of days at Palm Springs and enjoyed Coachella 2018 to the max. With the festival weekend 1 gone, we can talk about some of the outfits and trends! Yes, Coachella is the catwalk that defines the new trends for this coming festival season, and what to wear this summer. 

Trend » Retro Cat Eye Sunglasses
No surprise, because these been around for a few months now, but Coachella just confirmed the trend. Last year we saw many roundies and big was back, but this year it’s all about those narrow sunnies that slide down to the nose. Some are more extreme than others, but if you want to look the part this year, you cannot do without a pair! Shop yours at Mango.

Coachella Festival trends 2018
Retro look

Hair Trend » Hair Jewellery 
Besides the usual glitter dust, we love this new hair trend where you add rings into your plaits. You can add flowers or colourful dots to pimp it even more. Check out these girls!

Coachella Festival Trends 2018
Pimp your hair!

Coachella trends 2018 hair trends
Kenza rocking this trend

Trend » Denim
The Coachella trend that never fails; Denim. We saw a whole lot of it at Coachella this year. Timeless right?

Coachella festival trends 2018

Coachella Festival Trends 2018
Spotted with Alessandra, Sarah and Lizzy

Trend » Belt Bags
Finally! A trend that is also super handy, yet stylish! Add your mobile phone, lipstick and gooo! Shop your here.

Handy and fasionable!

Trend » Kimono’s
Yep, they are back in business! Thank god, I have a few left in my closet! But if you don’t, you better buy yours fast! 😉

Kimono’s are also a great option for when it cools down at night. Shop our favourite kimono of the season here.

Coachella trends 2018

They got it right:

Julie Sarinana aka @SINCERELYJULES
We’ve been following this tropical girl for a couple of years now and she didn’t disappoint us at Coachella this year. We love how she sticks by her own style!

Source: @sincerelyjules

Jamie Kidd aka @JAMIENKIDD
Wow, this girl is on fire! She’s a model (no shit) and a travel blogger. Cute as hell but she also has a great shape and she flaunts it in the right way. She really stood out this Coachella last year and this year she’s doing it again. 

Source: @Jamienkidd

Claire Rose Cliteur aka @Claartjerose
One of the biggest influencers of The Netherlands at the moment. This picture is one of the most shared pictures on the “Coachella” internet right now. 

Source: @Claartjerose

Sarah Reinhoudt aka
Of course! I have to mention the women I was most jealous of this week. Sarah got it right with her Levi’s style. 

Wander-lust at Coachella
Representing Levi’s and Wander-Lust, Sarah was killing it!

So, what’s your favourite trend? Check our Instagram Stories for the report!



The Treatwell Series » Microdermabrasion

Last week I found my first grey hair. I panicked just a little. Being in my thirties, I’m confronted with the fact that I’m getting older, and it’s literally the first time that I started to look for ways to slow down the process. Not that there is anything wrong with getting older, but I would like to do it gracefully and the time has come to give that little extra attention to..well, me! In collaboration with Treatwell, I’m going to spend the next few months testing different treatments that are suppose to make me feel and look better on the in and outside. Starting on the outside and on order to tackle my wrinkles and blemishes, I decided to have a Microdermabrasion treatment.

It’s perfect for those that have skin with a few imperfections

What is Microdermabrasion?
If you chop the word into 3 parts, you can easily find out what it actually means. Micro = small, Derma = Skin, Brasion = scraping. Sounds a bit weird? Well, it’s basically a peeling, an exfoliation 3.0, but not chemical. It’s perfect for those that have skin with a few imperfections that we all have. (except Doutzen Kroes, I envy you) Tiny crystals remove all the dead skin and your body is triggered to produce new skin. (this already happens on a regular basis, but when you get older, it happens less frequently and slower). Time to put it to the test!

Sanne Swinkels Skincare
I decided to get my first Microdermabrasion treatment at Sanne Swinkels Skincare in Amsterdam. She set up her own beauty salon a few years ago, after working for one of the most successful beauty clinics in the Netherlands. She is specialised in skincare and your treatment is always tailor made. Before we start, Sanne wants to know everything about my skin. What are my worries, complaints and problems? We find out that my skin is dehydrated. I don’t drink enough water and I should use a good cleansing product instead of just cleansing with water. (shame on me)

Sanne Swinkels Skincare
Sanne Swinkels Skincare

Microdermabrasion at Sanne Swinkels Skincare

After a load of information about what she is going to do, we start the treatment. Sanne tells me that it’s not going to be a relaxing feeling, and that I am definitely going to feel it. The machine she is using looks interesting and you could compare it to a small vacum for your face. Inside a tube, tiny aluminiumoxide crystals are being blown onto your skin and by circular movements, the dead skin cells are being removed. Does it hurt? Well, it doesn’t feel like the best thing in the world, but I could handle it. She also includes my chest area and the collarbone area is a little sensitive. After the treatment, the relaxing part starts. Finally! Sanne massages my skin to get the blood flowing and 3 important steps follow; Tone, Hydrate and moisturise.

Microdermabrasion at Sanne Swinkels Skincare
Where the Microdermabrasion magic happens

The Result
Now, don’t expect your skin to start glowing immediately. Your skin just had a rough session and needs to recover. It will look red and will feel sensitive. Do not apply any make-up for at least one day and avoid the sunshine. Because the top layer of your skin has been removed, it will produce new, fresh skin but this takes a few days. After about 2 days, your skin will start to peel, so moisture is key here! After 6 days my skin really looked refreshed, tighter and glowy. Sanne says that ideally, you come for a treatment every 4 to 6 weeks, but once every season is also a good option. Good to know: with 1 peeling you are not there BUT it’s a good start.. A series of 6-10 treatments is usually recommended for the best results, with 2 weeks / 10 days in between for skin to recover. 

Looking pretty good for someone who has just had their skin cells vacuumed off their face

My verdict: What I liked a lot, is that you can have it done during your lunch hour and go straight back to work looking pretty good for someone who has just had their skin cells vacuumed off their face. I do feel like my skin looked better after 1 week, and my blemishes had disappeared. Mind you, I do think you should go for a Microdermabrasion treatment more often if you have a problem skin. Did it make me feel any younger? In a way it did, because it’s a first step into the greater care I want to give my skin, especially because I am seeing the sun often during my travels.

To book the same Microdermabrasion treatment I had, visit the Sanne Swinkels Skincare page on the Treatwell website.



Follow our adventures on our Instagram Stories!

Fed up with Algorithms? Vero is the new social platform we have been waiting for

Bloggers, influencers and businesses can’t stop complaining about the algorithms on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Like us, we’ve seen a big shift in numbers, likes and engagement. You are trying your hardest to post beautiful or creative content but at least half of your followers won’t even see it. Time for something new? People have been wondering whether someone would create a new platform where algorithms would be a thing of the past and where you could make your own decisions. Well, we have news for you, Vero.

Vero has been around for a little while but more and more people and blogs are talking about it. Time to figure out what this new social media app is all about. They created a platform that is free of advertisement and has no annoying algorithms to worry about. Meaning; posts will show up chronologically. Yes, this is how Facebook and Instagram used to be (remember those good times?). 

Vero calls themselves the “True Social”

How does it work?
Like most social platforms, you will have a profile, people can follow you, you can connect with people and you can post content. Nothing new here. There are some features that are worth mentioning:

  • Connections
    You can choose to connect with people as friends or acquaintances. Obviously, acquaintances will see less of your content. You can change this into your settings.
  • Music, Books, Movies & Places
    Show more about your preferences. Add your favourite songs, movies or places. This reminds us a little bit of Myspace, where you have a page full of all your favourite things.
  • Chat
    You can only chat with people you are connected with. Just following someone though, isn’t enough to be able to chat with them on the app.

Share what you want

So how will they earn money?
Well, the idea is that you pay a “small annual fee”. How much this will be hasn’t been communicated yet. However, the first 1 million users have a free membership, for life. They have around 500.000 downloads right now so hurry up if you want to benefit!

The Bad 
Because the app is relatively small and gained so much popularity over the last weeks, they have become a victim of their own success. The app is unable to handle so many new subscribers and is crashing more than it should do. Another bad thing is that it’s slow…very slow. These days, we want our user experience to be fast because we have no time to waste. Vero really needs to step up it’s game if they want to join the big players. But, these are all things that can be solved.

Will it be as popular as Instagram or Facebook? No. We don’t think so. Mainly because they want to keep out the big companies and marketing giants. Companies can post content, but they are only allowed to add links or a button. No advertising will be allowed (for now). Vero claims to be authentic and social, for the people. But let’s be honest, we are happy that at least there is someone out there that took the time to invest in a new app that is all we have been waiting for. And for that, we thank you Vero!

Vero is available for IOS and the Playstore. We’ve singed up as Wander-Lust! Sign up here.

See you there?


Living out of a Backpack | Essential Backpacking Tips

When you have the travelbug, a city trip or a 2 week holiday doesn’t cure it. So what do you do? You take the plunge, quit your job and book a plane ticket to your first backpacking destinations. In Jill’s case this was Asia. How do you prepare for such a long trip? Here are some backpacking tips and tricks that will make your backpacker life somewhat easier.

Backpacking tips
Like planning your trip, you need to plan your packing

Saying goodbye to my job and pay for the ticket was the easy part.

Leave half of your luggage at home
I’ve learned the hard way, carrying a heavy backpack or suitcase is not fun at all. Many people told me to leave half of the stuff I wanted to take at home. I did not listen. The result is a bag full of clothes I probably won’t wear, toiletries that weigh me down and other small somethings that were thrown in five seconds before leaving. There is much more fun in buying new clothes during your travels and having space for awesome souvenirs. And be honest, do you really need that nail polish remover?

Solid shampoo
This is such a good backpacking tip you must use! In the process of making my bag lighter, I discovered something awesome. Shampoo and conditioner bars from Lush. They look like soap bars and weigh hardly anything. Major plus: the shampoo and conditioner are heavily concentrated so you don’t need much to lather up. Meaning, you can use these babies for a long time. Also very convenient when you are traveling with just a carry-on bag. Best thing, they smell amazing and are plastic free! Buy them here!


Ziplock bags
Some say they are lifesavers. I tend to agree. About 50 ziplock bags cost about one euro at your local supermarket, but their value while traveling is priceless. It’s an easy way to categorise and keep you stuff together (remember those little somethings). Also, they protect your bag from (potentially) leaking liquids.

We all know what our suitcases or backpacks look like after two days (or even less): a total mess! Clothes everywhere, you never seem to be able to locate that one awesome pair of shorts. Fear no more, the solution is here! Bag-in-bags give you the opportunity to organize your stuff and keep it neat for the remainder of your travels. There are several shops where you can buy these (some even in nice, bright colors), I got mine at Decathlon for a very backpacker-friendly price. Since i didn’t listen to the advise to dump half of my belongings, these bags help me stay sane.


Skin so Soft
Nobody likes mosquito’s, period. But when you are traveling to a tropical country you have to be extra aware to not get bitten by those little buggers. Tropical diseases like Dengue, Malaria and Zika are easily transferred by mosquito’s. Many people use insect repellent with DEET in it, but here is the thing, DEET is really bad for your skin. It doesn’t really smell good either. I discovered a bottle of Skin so Soft from Avon. A dry oil spray that hydrates your skin, and even better, keeps the mosquito’s away! That’s what I call a win-win situation (not for the mozzies).

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Proof Of Onward Travel
Last but not least: if you are going on a multiple country trip, make sure to check if your airline requires Proof Of Onward Travel. Say what? Yes, proof that you are indeed leaving the country you are flying into. Otherwise, you risk being denied access to your flight. This is not a commonly known requirement, which is very odd if you ask me. Not all airlines ask for it, but ours (Qatar airways) sure did. Luckily I booked a cheap train ticket from Vietnam to Cambodia to proof that I was indeed ‘ traveling onward’. Another solution is ‘renting’ a ticket. You can do this at FlyOnward and it costs about 10 to 17 euro.

Now you are ready to conquer that itch yourself, in a comfortable way. If you have any essential tips, do tell!

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*Jill is one of our guest bloggers living in Amsterdam (@jillgwendolyn) where she works as a content manager for a digital agency. She’s Crazy about traveling and has spend her studies in New Zealand . You can read a new article from Jill in every 3rd week of the month! Jill is currently traveling through south East Asia.

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