In almost all the coffee bars in the cities I've been lately - Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Antwerp - they serve banana bread. I really love it, I never feel I can have enough of it! The texture is soft, the taste is sweet with a incredible distinct banana flavor. There are so many recipes to make banana bread, but most of the banana bread I got are with cream, butter and sugar. Inspired by all the banana bread I tasted I've made one without sugar and the taste is amazing!

A few years ago I traveled on my own for a few months through Asia. One of the countries where I stayed for a few weeks was Vietnam. In my opinion Vietnam is one of the most beautiful countries in South East Asia. This country offers spectacular beaches, stunning ocean, beautiful landscapes, impressive desert and a lot more.

My first introduction with Tunisian dates was when a friend was cooking a traditional Tunisian couscous dish where she mixed spicy herbs and dates. As dessert she served cake with dates and nuts. I really enjoyed the sweetness and I learned from her that in Tunisia, dates are very famous. They add dates in several dishes what really makes the difference! Also very important to tell is that dates have no fat, sodium or cholesterol and are rich in fiber and potassium.