Living out of a Backpack | Essential Backpacking Tips

When you have the travelbug, a city trip or a 2 week holiday doesn’t cure it. So what do you do? You take the plunge, quit your job and book a plane ticket to your first backpacking destinations. In Jill’s case this was Asia. How do you prepare for such a long trip? Here are some backpacking tips and tricks that will make your backpacker life somewhat easier.

Backpacking tips
Like planning your trip, you need to plan your packing

Saying goodbye to my job and pay for the ticket was the easy part.

Leave half of your luggage at home
I’ve learned the hard way, carrying a heavy backpack or suitcase is not fun at all. Many people told me to leave half of the stuff I wanted to take at home. I did not listen. The result is a bag full of clothes I probably won’t wear, toiletries that weigh me down and other small somethings that were thrown in five seconds before leaving. There is much more fun in buying new clothes during your travels and having space for awesome souvenirs. And be honest, do you really need that nail polish remover?

Solid shampoo
This is such a good backpacking tip you must use! In the process of making my bag lighter, I discovered something awesome. Shampoo and conditioner bars from Lush. They look like soap bars and weigh hardly anything. Major plus: the shampoo and conditioner are heavily concentrated so you don’t need much to lather up. Meaning, you can use these babies for a long time. Also very convenient when you are traveling with just a carry-on bag. Best thing, they smell amazing and are plastic free! Buy them here!


Ziplock bags
Some say they are lifesavers. I tend to agree. About 50 ziplock bags cost about one euro at your local supermarket, but their value while traveling is priceless. It’s an easy way to categorise and keep you stuff together (remember those little somethings). Also, they protect your bag from (potentially) leaking liquids.

We all know what our suitcases or backpacks look like after two days (or even less): a total mess! Clothes everywhere, you never seem to be able to locate that one awesome pair of shorts. Fear no more, the solution is here! Bag-in-bags give you the opportunity to organize your stuff and keep it neat for the remainder of your travels. There are several shops where you can buy these (some even in nice, bright colors), I got mine at Decathlon for a very backpacker-friendly price. Since i didn’t listen to the advise to dump half of my belongings, these bags help me stay sane.


Skin so Soft
Nobody likes mosquito’s, period. But when you are traveling to a tropical country you have to be extra aware to not get bitten by those little buggers. Tropical diseases like Dengue, Malaria and Zika are easily transferred by mosquito’s. Many people use insect repellent with DEET in it, but here is the thing, DEET is really bad for your skin. It doesn’t really smell good either. I discovered a bottle of Skin so Soft from Avon. A dry oil spray that hydrates your skin, and even better, keeps the mosquito’s away! That’s what I call a win-win situation (not for the mozzies).

Lifesaver Source

Proof Of Onward Travel
Last but not least: if you are going on a multiple country trip, make sure to check if your airline requires Proof Of Onward Travel. Say what? Yes, proof that you are indeed leaving the country you are flying into. Otherwise, you risk being denied access to your flight. This is not a commonly known requirement, which is very odd if you ask me. Not all airlines ask for it, but ours (Qatar airways) sure did. Luckily I booked a cheap train ticket from Vietnam to Cambodia to proof that I was indeed ‘ traveling onward’. Another solution is ‘renting’ a ticket. You can do this at FlyOnward and it costs about 10 to 17 euro.

Now you are ready to conquer that itch yourself, in a comfortable way. If you have any essential tips, do tell!

Love from,


*Jill is one of our guest bloggers living in Amsterdam (@jillgwendolyn) where she works as a content manager for a digital agency. She’s Crazy about traveling and has spend her studies in New Zealand . You can read a new article from Jill in every 3rd week of the month! Jill is currently traveling through south East Asia.

More Travel Tips? 

Exclusive » Wander-Lust & Costes Campaign!

We can finally tell you about our exiting new collaboration…with Costes!
It could be that you’ve seen something in the Costes stores around The Netherlands last week? Cool Wanderlust flyers are given out in all the stores announcing our collaboration with the cool brand. So why is this interesting for you? -we hear you think.. Well, you can win some pretty awesome prices!

Wander-Lust & Costes
With so many good options to choose from..

Costes is a Dutch fashion brand (founded in 2013) for women who want to wear stylish clothes for every occasion. Whether it’s for an office look, glam chique or the perfect summer outfit (yes, they also have bikini’s!), everything can be found at their boutique style stores and online shop.

Costes X Wander-Lust is all about travel this season

The Campaign
We were super exited when they approached us for this collaboration. But now, let’s tell you about the campagne because trust us, this is something you want to know about. This season Costes is all about traveling and doing it in style!
We’ve packed 3 suitcases from SuitSuit with different styles of Costes Fashion. Each suitcase represents a city in Europe. Pick your favorite suitcase and you may win:

  • 3-day city-trip with for you and a friend, incl. flights, hotel and pocket money
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Wander-Lust & Suit Suit
Which suitcase would you pick?

» Suitcase 1: summer boho colors & flowy fits
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*As Costes Fashion is based in The Netherlands, only residents of The Netherlands can apply

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Something exiting is coming up soon and you can be a part of it! Do you have wanderlust and the urge to explore (in style)? Good news because Wander-Lust is teaming up with COSTES Fashion for a cool campaign and it’s all about travel!
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Packing our favorite styles but where to?

Can’t wait much longer? Visit a COSTES store near you and check out the flyers on the counter!



Packing Guide » The Ultimate Travel Skin Kit

I’m traveling for the weekend quite often, flying around on a monthly basis for work. Everyone knows that you can carry limited quantities of liquids through airport security when you are only allowed to bring hand luggage. Liquids may only be carried in containers holding 100ml or less. HELP! 

One thing that causes some stress on a female traveler would probably be about packing those liquid toiletries right? How can you bring all your favorites toiletries? It already happened to me a couple of times, when I start packing my bags in a rush and totally forgot to check the quantities. I had to say goodbye to some of my favorite (and very expensive) creams at the security. But this will not happen to me again! Luckily our favorite brand Dermalogica came with Travel Skin Kit options.
This Dermalogica Travel Skin Kit basically contains a full regimen of what your skin needs most, wherever you’re going! For £26.35 you get a cleanser, toner, scrub and active moist. There are several travel skin kits available.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetTravel kit Dermalogica
Elke uses the normal/dry travel kit from Dermalogica

One of our favorites is the multi-active toner. The air at high altitudes has very little moisture, it makes the cabin air dry. Your skin gets dehydrated and this toner has the perfect solution for it. It helps the condition and prepares the skin for proper moisture absorption. Arnica and Cucumber extracts help to keep the skin smooth and refreshed. Spray directly over the entire face and throat with eyes closed.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Handy for in your bag!

Skin secrets on the plane:
» Make sure to drink a lot of water before and during the flight
» Sleep with your hair out of your face. Many of us use oil and hair care products. Make sure to pull all of your hair off your face as it can be harmful. 
» Make sure that your moisturize has SPF of 30 or higher. It isn’t just for vacation, it’s your best weapon in the fight against wrinkles and sun damage. When you get out of the plane and your skin is exposed with daylight, it’s very important that your skin is protected. Don’t forget your chest and the top of your hands (which most people forget).
» Don’t pick at your face. You see seriously everything in the lights of the toilets. Most of us know we shouldn’t do this, but lots of us do it anyway….

Good luck and let me know if it helped you!


Packing Guide » Backpacking the Philippines

Finally! I am going to cross another country off my bucketlist. I’m going to the Philippines!
It’s been on my list for a while so I’m really exited about packing my bags for this trip. It’s hot and moist in the Philippines and I’ll be backpacking so I’m writing this packing guide accordingly.

The trip
Amsterdam » Seoul (stop) » Manila » Cebu » Palawan » Manila » Seoul (stop) » Amsterdam

The Backpack
A lot of miles, a lot of traveling. I’m going to travel for 3,5 weeks so I will bring a backpack. After 7 reliable years, it was time to ditch my old one and get a fresh pack.
I got the The Alpamayo ND from Lowe Alpine. This backpack is perfect for this trip and I’m going to tell you why;
This Alpamayo ND is especially designed for women so it fits perfectly. It supports your back, you can access you bag easily from the side and top and it has useful features including stretch bottle pockets, removable hydration pack and unique tip grippers.
Buy it here!

The ultimate backpack for the Philippines

Carry on luggage
» Small Backpack from Eastpak. Funky and handy for day trips
» Hipbundel from Eastpak. This is super handy for cash, passport or other important documents. Love the print on this one!
» My new sunnies from Komodo / Look fresh, look sharp
» Sony Action Cam / Never miss any action!
» Ipod with my new headphones from skullcandy / The sound is amazing on these!
» Travel journal / Great for those long hours in the plane, bus or boat.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetcarry on essentials philippines

Travel Gadgets
I love travel gadgets! Every year I find new amazing stuff that I want to test or simple want to get.

On this this trip I will bring 4 travel gadgets that I can’t leave without.

My Olympus OMD-E10 camera is my newest baby and I won’t go to a beautiful place without it. Pictures and video’s are amazing and it has a build in stabilization which makes live a lot easier! More info about this camera here.
My Sony Actioncam for those underwater action moments!

Can’t leave the hotelroom without a emergency phone charger that you can easily take to the beach or a restaurant.
I use the
Powerbank Pro 9000 charger from Avanca. It’s extremely powerful with a capacity of 9000mAh. Depending on the device you connect to this powerbank, your battery will be charged one or several times. Get yours here.

The perfect camera for the PhilippinesProcessed with VSCO with hb1 preset

The worst thing that can happen to you, is to lose your luggage on arrival. This clever interactive tag from Moustag makes sure your bags are easily found.

If your bag is found you will receive a notification on  the Moustag app. Besides this you can also keep track of where you’ve been and share this with your friends. Pretty cool right?

Moustag wander-lust


Skin products
Ok, I am not a girl who uses a lot of make up and foundation. Mainly just because I can’t be bothered but I am getting older so I should look after my skin.
I won’t leave for the Philippines without my Dermalogica products! I swear by their products because of a few reasons;
» They don’t test on animals (happy me)
» They only use natural ingredients
» They truly care about your skin! (they only sell 50+ sunscreen because this is really what our skin needs)
They sell a really handy travel kit which includes the multi active toner which I will bring in my carry on bag so I can moisturize during the flight (check my previous blogpost about in-flight skin tips)
My advice is to get your skin analysed and find the products that suit your skin. Visit their website for more info.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset2015-11-23 11.17.33 1

                                                    All my favorite travel products!

So what will you bring?



More packing guides? Check here!

2015-07-13 01.24.08 1_resized

Packing guide » Ibiza

I’ts time to relax, chill, explore…. That will happen this week on the magical island Ibiza.
Famous for being the party capital of the world, there’s a lot more to explore on this beauty.
This is the reason why I’m heading to Ibiza: sun, palmtrees, Beaches, views, spa’s, restaurants, shopping and 1 night of partying!

The Trip » Explore Ibiza in 5 days, and recharge my battery
Length of stay » 5 days
Budget » 600 euro’s exclusive flights

But first, I need to pack my bag! I didn’t opt for big luggage, so I can only bring carry on.
That’s a challenge when you go to this island, since you want to bring some very nice pieces next to your beach essentials.
Traveling light is alway a key for most of our trips but for this trip it’s even more important!
My motto is: Light but also Fashionable.

Carry On:
The Olympus PEN Lite E-PL7
» Mobile Power band for Smart Phone of Mitone
» What I always bring with me on my travels, the Ipad Air
» Apple EarPods when listening to music via my Ipad or Iphone
» My Levi’s denim pocket wallet (cool right!)
» My Levi’s leather card holder

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Colorful & Classic..
I love to combine classics with colorful essentials like my Wayuu Mochila handmade bag from Panama.
Tip » Create matching outfits when packing This way you always make sure that all items can be styled with another item – very important in this case, when you can’t bring to much. (I arrived in Panama once with all different tops, but I forgot to bring shorts!)
Of course you want to look good, but most important for me is the fabric. I love soft tops and comfortable shoes.

» Silver Flip flops from Havaianas
» Handmade Wayuu Mochila bag from Panama
» I always bring a few Levi’s shorts, the must have for your holidays!
» Maybe most important is suncare of my Lancaster (my fave, love the smell) with optimal UVA/UVB protection SPF30

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

To the beach:
Since I will be a lot at the beach or swimming pool I have packed a lot of beach outfits. I love to swim and to sunbath especially after some heavy working months. It’s time to relax and chill > zen!
» I’m addicted to bikini’s. I think I have at least 15 bikini’s in total, all different colors. For Ibiza I choose this colorful bikini of Forever 21
» Always important to bring a hat and I love this black & white baby of Zara
» I serious can’t concentrate without wearing sunnies. Do you know this cool brand already, Ace & Tate?
» Elke and I always wear these beautiful accessories of Mimi et Toi with funny details like this one: Rock Star!

Processed with VSCOcam

I’m off! See you in Ibiza



Packing Guide » Island Hopping

Tomorrow it’s finally time for another adventure: Island Hopping! My plan is to fly to Rome and stay there for 2 nights. (believe it or not, I’ve never been to Rome before!) From there, I will be flying to Mykonos in Greece and then the island hopping will start.

The Trip » Amsterdam-Rome-Mykonos-Naxos-Folegandros-Santorini-Crete-Amsterdam
Length of stay » 16 days
Budget » 1200 euro’s exclusive flights

But first, I need to pack my bag(s)! 
Traveling light is key for this trip as I will be on the move a lot. For this I will be taking my trustworthy backpack.
My backpack has been traveling the world from Australia, Thailand and back to Amsterdam.
This packing guide is focussed on traveling light but bright!

Carry On:
My new baby The Olympus OM-D EM 10
» I can’t leave without my old but still amazing Sony Action cam
» It’s summer so my new Ace & Tate sunnies are definitely coming!

2015-07-13 01.24.08 1_resized

Travel light but look good..
I’m known as a hippie and just because you won’t see me walking around with a Chanel handbag, doesn’t mean I don’t like to wear some nice outfits whilst traveling.
I love bright colours, shorts, comfy shoes and fabrics that won’t stick to my sweaty skin!
» Dandy Sneakers from Dante6
» Get tropical in a Mink Pink top bought at We are Labels
» Did I mention I like bright colours? Love this feather necklace from Zara
» As you may have noticed, Sarah and I are big fans of Mimi et Toi, therefore, I will always bring some of her amazing jewellery on my travels.
» New in my backpack is this cute little Foreo Luna Mini Facial cleaning Device which will keep my face blemish free this summer.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset
Besides these items I will bring a lot of summer dresses, jumpsuits, cropped tops and maxi dresses.
All light fabrics, perfect for hot summer weather and stylish enough to look good enough for a romantic dinner.

To the beach:
I’m a total beach girl. You will find me here a lot but I won’t just lay down on my towel all day. I will swim, jump of rocks, snorkel, explore. For this I need more than a cute bikini! 🙂
» I love bright colours, so my Triangl bikini is coming with me
» I can’t take my laptop to the beach so sometimes I write my stories down in my travel journal
» It’s the first time i’m taking these babies on holiday but I have a feeling they won’t leave my sight this summer.. Havaianas 
» Take care of your skin and hair whilst at the beach. I’m using Nivea 30+ (yes, you will still get a tan) and Wella Sun Protection Spray.
» Flash Tattoos. I still love them. I always get them via Child of Wild. The originals all the way from California. 🙂

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Still loving the original Flash Tattoos! Shot by David Stegenga

My flight will leave in the morning so I need to continue packing, but if you want to follow my crazy trip, check our Instagram.
See you soon! (from Rome)