5 x Tips to keep your Hair Healthy whilst on Holiday

Poor hair. We keep putting it through the toughest conditions, and as full time travellers, our hair has to deal with different weather conditions, salt water and a lot of sunshine. But even if you’re not such a frequent traveler, everyone can relate to dull, dry and damaged hair after a holiday. Time for some hair tips that could leave your hair shiny and healthy!

hair treatment
We recently coloured our hair.. how did we maintain it?

1. Get yourself a good hair mask and take it with you!
We recently went on a surfing trip and really tested our hair by swimming in the salty sea every day! After 3 days, it was time for that extra care. Hair masks are easy to bring along and small enough to add into your carry-on. We brought the 60 Seconds Miracle Creator hair mask from Matrix which also helps to maintain color treated hair. You’ll be surprised how shiny and soft your hair looks after this one! 

2. Try to avoid swimming pools
Oh boy, swimming pools are great for cooling off, but the chemicals used in most pools, are quite damaging to your hair. Solution: tie up your hair in a knot! Easy peasy, but very important during a holiday. If you like to swim with your hair loose, make sure your shower after your swim, so most of the chemicals can be washed out.

Hair swimming pool
Avoid chlorine

3. Protect your hair from the sun
There are many spray’s available nowadays to protect your hair against heat or UVA and UVB light. You can see it as sunglasses for your hair! Just spray the product onto your hair about 15 to 20 minutes before you go outside and repeat after a few hours. Check for the ingredients before you decide to buy it. Not all sprays are good. 

healthy hair

4. Get creative with braids & buns
If you create braids & buns, your hair will be more protected against the wind and it’s a great way to stay cool. Oh, and if you haven’t noticed, braids are ON trend! 😉


5. Avoid free products and invest in a good one
Yes we love the free shampoo’s and conditioners at our hotels, but free usually means budget and bad quality. From a personal perspective; we brought travel size shampoo and conditioner from Biolage R.A.W. This product is free of parabens, sulfates, silicons, artificial colorants and it’s totally vegan. The shampoo bottles are 95% recycled, so therefore we (extra) love sharing this tip with you. It also contains natural ingredients like coconut milk and meadow foam, which gives it the nice smell. Whatever your favorite product is; bring it to make sure your hair keeps it’s healthy shine.

Biolage RAW
The travel size Biolage R.A.W. bottles we brought



The Ultimate Surf Camp? Zarautz Surf Village

Once you have experienced the surf culture, you will be hooked. Whether you’ve tried it in Bali, Australia, Portugal, France or Spain, surfing is something we highly recommend. There are many surfing spots around the world, but if you’re a first timer, we have a wonderful tip for you; Zarautz Surf Village.

A secluded beach at Zarautz

Zarautz Surf Village
Never taking them off again

Become part of the surfer community

Zarautz is located between the 2 Spanish cities Bilbao and San Sebastian. It’s surfing culture started a long time ago, and it’s one of the best European surf locations, with several surfing competitions held yearly. Zarautz beach is long stretched and very wide, so also very popular for sunbathing.

The Surf Village
The camping area is located on top of the hill, overlooking Zarautz coastline. Waking up with this view is priceless. At Zarautz Surf Village you have a few accommodation options; You can sleep in a tent, a camp-inn, a tipi dorm, a deluxe tipi, or you can bring your own camper van. Being the glampackers that we are, we opted for the deluxe tipi. You’ll find all different nationalities at the camp. From Belgium to Greek, they all seem to find out about this place.

Zarautz Surf Village

Tipt Zarautz Surf Village
Our amazing Deluxe Tipi

Basic or luxury; you can decide

When you book your stay at Zarautz Surf Village, breakfast (9 – 11) and dinner (7 – 9) are included and the food changes everyday. There is even a champagne breakfast if you’re up for it. Don’t miss out on the BBQ or burger night, as they are pretty good! Drinks at the bar are bought with a drink card, that you can purchase for €15,- and you’ll get a plastic cup that you need to keep until you depart. Thinking about the environment!

Chill & Party
The village is not so big, but very cozy. There is a chill out area with 2 hammocks, several cushions and a skate ramp. Beer pong is played at night, and there is always room for a themed evening with fun & games. Remember, it’s a camping area, so the noise has to stop at midnight. Not ready for bed yet? No worries, Zarautz has a few bars to enjoy yourself and San Sebastian is only a 25 minute taxi ride. 

The chill zone

Surfing & Yoga
Most people book at least one week at the camp, but we had only 3,5 days. For this reason we only managed to take one surf lesson and one yoga class. Surf lessons are held in the morning and is perfect for beginners. As the day passes, the waves become bigger, so the afternoon is better for the more advanced. There are 2 free yoga lessons included within a basic package, and the classes are great for stretching your body before you get ready to surf.

Trying to look like pro’s. All wearing Protest Women

The Surroundings
Zarautz has a stunning scenery, with cliffs, green open hills and turquoise water. Take a morning off to walk around before heading to the beach where you can eat a healthy açai bowl at the Shelter Surf Bar. They also serve coffee, wraps, salads and a few pincho’s. Zarautz beach is quite long and you will find several café’s and eateries where you can have breakfast or lunch.  

Stunning backdrops. Wearing Protest Women. Fanny pack is from Eastpak

walking in Zarautz
Walking down to the beach (wearing Havaianas)

Endless hills in Zarautz. Backpack is from Eastpak

Salad at Shelter

Because San Sebastian is very close by, we recommend you go here for half a day at least. It’s great for shopping, eating out, and it’s easy accesible by train, which takes only 30 minutes and costs around €2,50 per person. Ask the staff for details.

Zarautz Surf Village is open until the 3rd week of September and the new season starts in June 2019. Bookings are available from €259,- (drive-inn) which includes a full week camping and breakfast and activities. (Dinner can be bought extra for €95,- per person for a week). A Tipi Dorm: € 379 and the Tipi Deluxe is only available per week from: € 895

Tip: Bring a warm sweater and pants with you, as it can get quite chilly at night

Zarautz Surf Village
Calle Monte Talai Mendi, Zarautz
Website / Instagram



How to Plan Your Perfect Surf Trip

It’s time to get active! If you want to get the most out of your beach holiday, surfing is the thing for you. The benefits are endless, it’s not only a fun thing to do but also boosts your confidence, let’s you appreciate nature even more, comes with a great culture and is the perfect stress release. On top of that it’s a full body workout. Getting a beach body on the beach, how beneficial is that? After all, the great outdoors is the best fitness center you can have and the waves will soon be your favourite fitness instructor. Enthusiastic but no idea were to start? Let me help you.

Picking a destination
There are thousands of perfect spots to surf, from beginner locations till waves that can reach the height of a house. One of the most famous places to go in Europe is Biarritz. I personally really like the coast of Portugal, for example Ericeira or Valadares. You can let your inner surfer all over the world. Maxico, Bali, South Africa, Hawaii.. literally everywhere. So depending on your holiday wishes, timing and days, pick a location and google will guide you to the best coast spots. Tip: When exploring a destination, keep an eye out for the locals. You can learn a lot about the place by observing people. Where do they surf, where do they eat, what do they wear. All those little things will help you getting the most out of your holiday.

how to plan the perfect surftrip

Choosing The Right Accommodation
Especially if you’re a beginner and don’t have your own surf gear I recommend going to a surf guesthouse or hostel. They will provide you with transport to the nearby beach, the correct equipment, lessons and great company. Although it’s a hostel or guesthouse, that doesn’t mean you have to share a dorm. There are plenty of luxurious accommodations out there where you can have your own room or even bungalow. Concerning my favourite spots in Europe, I recommend Surf Yoga in Eiriceira and Salt Days Lodge in Valadares.

The Preparation
Whether you live near the beach, in the middle of the city or in a country where the water is always frozen: there is always a possibility to practice. Of course the best preperation is on the water, let’s make that clear. But there are multiple other options. If you’re not already blessed with a surfer body and top notch physical condition, it’s probably a good thing to dust off that gym membership. I asked my personal trainer (http://lottept.nl/) to create some surf-minded exercises and honestly, afterwards was the first time I ever surfed for 4 hours a day and didn’t have any muscle strain. Focus on your physical condition and strengthen your arms, shoulders and back muscles. Also balance exercises, for example with a Bosu Trainer, will help you come forward as a natural talent.

What to Pack
I’m not diving into what surf gear you need, there are so many possibilities and it really depends on your own preferences, experience and places you go to. If you’re in doubt, your surf accommodation is happy to give you advice about the must needs for their locations. But besides your surf gear, there are some extra gadgets that can come in handy:

  1. Sunscreen. And I really mean good sunscreen and not the oil-kind-of-I’m-tanning-type cause you going to be half tomato half human. A firm waterproof type will do, but there is a chance it will irritate you eyes when you’re trying to rub the salt water out. I swear by the zink sticks, especially if you burn as fast as I do. Most of the time you only need to use it on your hands, head and feet.
  2. Comfy clothing. Besides your beach towel it’s recommended to take some comfortable clothing with you. If you’re taking multiple courses a day, you’re probably going to change locations. Although I know you would love to wear that cute bohemian beach-outfit, you’re going to want a soft t-shirt/sweater when you’re whole body is sticky from the salt water.
  3. For the long hair hero’s: hair ties! You don’t want to have your hair stick to your face like seaweed all the time. A surf cap is also a possibility.
  4. Don’t forget to take loads of water and some food with you to the beach, you going to thank yourself later.

Packing for your first surf trip can be a thing

Your First Waves
You surf instructor will tell you everything you need to know to be a top surfer in no-time. How to paddle, when to stand and most important; how to jump up without making a massive nosedive. But maybe even more important are the surf etiquettes. Waves can have a lot of power and you don’t want to be guilty of hitting another surfer with your board. Good thing you can already read about the surf etiquettes before your trip, so you will be physically and mentally prepared. You can find a complete list of the rules here.

how to plan your surftrip

Checked all the boxes? It’s time to practice, practice and practice. Remember to stay positive, surfing can look easy but not everybody is born with a natural talent to jump on a floating board (me neither). It took me 3 holidays and 90 always-drown-I’m-done-with-it moments to finally master the basics. And actually, that’s the beauty of it. It’s such a amazing reward if you manage to catch just that perfect wave after some exhausting minutes of paddling.

Every time you go surfing, every wave you surf, you will get a little more addicted, and you’ll book your next surf trip. Head up, smile on your face and ride those waves!



*Eva is one of our guest bloggers from Amsterdam. She’s a city girl who only leaves her heels at home when wearing a backpack. Living by the urge to be where she’s not, to explore, experience, fall and get up. You can follow her on Instagram.

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Luxury camping in Europe!

If you ever been out camping as a child, you know that it’s something special. The outdoor sounds of birds and crickets, and the cozy evening by the fire. However, the damp floor, cold nights and wet socks was perhaps something you would rather forget. As I got older, I realised that I was becoming a glampacker instead of a backpacker. And lucky for me..Luxury Camping (glamping) is hot!

There are plenty of glamping options in Europe and sometimes it’s difficult to choose one. Yelloh! Village, is a network for different campsites-villages that has became THE luxury outdoor hotels reference in France, Spain and Portugal. Yelloh! Village is particularity good if you’re traveling with kids, because of the many options for children.

Yelloh! village

Whether you want to camp near the sea, rivers, mountains or stay in the countryside, it’s all possible. We’ve picked some of our favorite accommodations that Yelloh! Village has on offer.

The Yurt in France
Feel like a nomad is this traditional Mongolian stay. This yurt sleeps 4 people (one double bed and 2 single beds), and is located in France. Outside the yurt is a shower and toilet, plus you can relax in the lounge chairs on the terrace. And it’s not expensive at all! You can book this yurt from 156 Euro for 4 nights!

Magical and unique!


Experience the traveling nomadic lifestyle, with all the luxury you want

Cabane sur la plage, in Spain
This cabin on the beach is a dream! It’s not the largest stay that Yelloh! Villages has on offer, but the location totally makes up for it. The 15²m cabin/tent has 2 bedrooms and a small terrace overlooking the beach. Waking up here, is the best part! The camping itself offers a swimmingpool, bar, minimarket, restaurant, children activities and sports. Nearby towns are Creixell, Barcelona, Calafell, El Vendrell, Reus, Salou, Tarragona, and Torredembarra. Book it here from just 560 euro for 7 nights!

Cabin on the beach Yelloh! Village
Cabin on the beach!

Beach view

Chalet s’Agaró in Costa Brava
If you are looking for more facilities, like the luxury camping of having your own kitchen and living room, you should check out this chalet in the Costa Brava. There are 3 bedrooms and fits 5 people easily. You have a lot of space, in and outside (and a BBQ!). Wifi, breakfast and sheets/towels are included within the price. You can book this chalet here.


Luxury chalet

All campsites have restaurants, swimming pools and things to do.

Yelloh! Village glamping
Luxury Breakfast instead of a burned sausage 


Are you ready for your camping 3.0 experience?

Yelloh! Village
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Cruising the rivers of France with Nicols (without a license!)

Sailing alongside the Great Barrier reef? Yes, I’ve done it, but with help of an experienced captain of course. Cruising across a river in France WITHOUT any navigation experience or having a boat license? Yep, done that too! How? Read on..

Last week I sailed across the Saône river in France with a huge boat by Nicols, a boating company that offers a variation of boats that you can rent at different locations across Europe. The cool thing is, that you don’t need a boat or sailing license to cruise along the rivers. Boating holidays like these are well known by the French, the English and the Germans, but Funny enough, many Dutch still haven’t heard of it.

Nicols invite me to try it for one week. Cruising from Dole, all the way up to Port Sur Saône by boat. Or may I say yacht. It was huge! The boat they provided for us, was the Estivale Sixto. It had 3 bedrooms, 2 toilets, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen and a living area. Oh, and I forgot to mention the large sundeck big enough for 8 people. Instead of 8 people, me, my hubby and our child Caiden opted for the challenge.

The Estivale Sixto

Which Route is right for you?
We cruised along the Saône river, which is located in North East France, but Nicols has 19 other route options in France, 2 in Germany and 1 in Portugal. All river cruises have one thing in common; it’s quiet, relaxing and peaceful. Don’t expect to visit big cities, with many bars or restaurants. Some villages are so tiny, they only count 82 inhabitants! (as long as they have a bakery right?)

Your confidence will grow after a few locks

154 km with a total of 23 locks. Locks?! I hear you think. Yes, that was a first for me too. When you cruise the rivers, you have locks to account for, and for this, you need your full attention. I must admit, the locks gave me some nerves a view times. You need to toss a rope, hope someone on shore will catch it, or otherwise you need to climb up a very steep stairs, while the boat manoeuvres it’s way into the lock. It was my job to do it right. The boyfriend would steer, while our little boy sat in in high chair, watching the spectacle with his lifejacket on.

Nicols boot cruising

nicols boat
AiAi Captain!

Tunnel vision!

(Some of the towns & villages we passed)

  • Dole: starting point and such a cute town! I advise you to stay the night here and enjoy the small streets, and smell of fresh baguettes.
  • Auxonne: Church, castle, museum, a few small restaurants near the water
  • Pontallier-sur-Saône: Square de la Vierge (plantsoen), kasteel van Talmay, wasplaatsen
  • Heuilley-sur-Saône: La maison de l’eau, de la pêche et de la nature (museum over water, visserij en natuur)
  • Essertenne-et-Cecey: Very small village
  • Mantoche: Caste & Chruch
  • Gray: A bigger town with a tourist office, a nice outside terrace, some restaurants and shops. TIP: I advise you to dock the boat one lock further where you have a camping with a nice restaurant, swimming pool and BBQ’s.
  • Ray-sur-Saône: A big castle, other than that, not much to see
  • Scey-sur-Saône: Navigate your boat through a 640 meters long tunnel, very cool!
  • Port-sur-Saône: The final destination, park your boat in the harbour, visit the deer park, swimming pool

If you want a little more buzz, you should check out the south route from Port Lauragais or Le Somail where you pass Carcasonne.

Nicols Boat
Dole, France

In The Middle of Nowhere
You can stop whenever you want and dock almost everywhere you want. At first we docked at small harbors, located at villages, but as our confidence grew, we docked in the middle of nature a few times. Tip: buy enough water and food, because there might not be a supermarket nearby for a few miles. We took our bicycles and explored a few villages where we could only find cows, cornfields and farms. I really felt like I was in the middle of nowhere, and where wifi didn’t matter. Sometimes we stayed at campings, other times next to a cornfield, drinking vino underneath the stars. In order to get to your final docking place on time, you need to cruise about 20km a day. We did around 25 – 30 km a day, so you’ll easily make it.

Docking in the middle of nature (spiders also loved it!)

Cows in France
Landscapes and cows is what you are going to see a lot of

Nicols boat
Some of the cute houses we passed

Add Some Extra’s
At Nicols you have a few add on’s you can go for. You can hire bicycles for example, which are super handy if you decide to dock in the middle of nowhere and you need to get some fresh croissants for breakfast. You can also hire an inflatable pool, which is nice for those hot days. Some boats even have a small pool on board! (see photo)

Pool on board, why not! (source: Nicols)

Breakfast on board
Le Petit Dejeunér on board

Such a unique experience! Mind you, cruising a river, isn’t like cruising the open sea, with the opportunity to visit (busy) jetset islands, with many restaurants, shops or bars. If you decide to rent a boat with Nicols, you will relax, appreciate nature, and add some navigation skills to your resumé. (I learned something new everyday!) It’s perfect for couples, a group of friends or families. Dogs are allowed on deck! Cost: The boat that I had with all the add on’s and Diesel, cost around €3570,-. It was big enough to share with 3 couples.

Nicols Boats
Facebook / Instagram




More travel tips?

Wanderlust Festival Guide 2018

Hello sunshine! We have missed you dearly (you have no idea). It’s that time of the year again, Festival Season! Some oldies have returned, some have gone and there are plenty of new ones to check out! We’ve highlighted our favorites and obviously included festivals around the world. This is our Wanderlust Festival Guide 2018!

Bottlerock Festival
When? 25th of May – 27th of May
Where? Napa Valley, USA
Wine and music is a great combination and that must have been the exact thoughts of the organisers of Bottlerock Festival. Napa Valley is a beautiful wine region but next to wine there will be food, silent disco, spa time and even art. Headliners are Bruno Mars, The Kilers and Muse, to name just a few. The festival is sold out, but maybe it’s something to add into your diary for next year? www.bottlerocknapavalley.com

wanderlust festival guide 2018

We are FSTVL, UK
When? 25th – 27th of May
Where? Upminster Greater London
It’s a huge festival with a lot of big names is dance and techno music. Expect 50.000 people in London’s best festival. Tickets are about £60 and almost sold out so if you’re heading over to London you might as well check this festival out. www.wearefstvl.com

We Are Festival in London

We Love Green 2018, France
When? 2nd – 3th of June
Where? Paris, France
This festival focuses on sustainability and uses solar power to generate energy. With We Love Green can show you that sustainable festivals will be something of the future and that it can be done. It will celebrate it’s 7th year and headliners include Björk, Jamie XX, BECK, Nina Krevitz and many more. www.welovegreen.fr

wanderlust festival guide 2018
We Love Green by ©Maxime Chermat Photography

Komm Schön Alter
When? 9th of June
Where? Tuinen van West, Amsterdam
This festival is one of Elke’s favorites. It’s small, intimate festival and welcomes a crowd from 24 years old and over, only. By doing so, the festival has a wonderful family feel to it, with no (too) drunken teenagers running around. This year, the line-up includes Budakid, Eagles & Butterflies, Lövestad LIVE, Michael Mayer, Olivier Weiter, Miss Melera and more. www.kommschonalter.de

wanderlust festival guide 2018
Komm Schön Alter Festival last year

Secret Solstice
When? 21st of June – 24th of June
Where? Reykjavik, Iceland
Are you ready to dance in the light? This festival takes place on the longest day of the year where it’s just dark for about 3 hours. Secret Solstice is for festival goers with a passion for the natural beauty of the great outdoors. Each year the festival welcomes an eclectic lineup to the naturally breathtaking country for main stage sets, glacier raves, lava tunnel shindigs, midnight sun boat parties and secret lagoon blowouts. Enjoy this surreal phenomenon and feel at-one with nature during the festival which showcases the international artist alongside the best homegrown talent. year’s lineup includes Slayer, Stormzy, Gucci Mane, Clean Bandit, Bonnie Tyler, Death From Above, Steve Aoki, Goldlink, J Hus, Skream and more. www.secretsolstice.is

Wanderlust Festival Guide 2018
It’s always daytime at Secret Solstice

Meadows in the Mountains, Bulgaria
When? 7th -10th of June
Where? In the mountains of Bulgaria
If you want something different and special you should check this festival out. Right near the Greek border, this is a festival hidden away in the mountains where you will see day turn into night and the morning fog fall over the trees. A truly encompassing and unique music and arts festival that brings to life the possibility of real adventure embraced by guaranteed sun and friendly faces. Unlike UK festivals our accommodation, food and drinks prices are affordable also because  Bulgaria is yet to convert to the Euro. www.meadowsinthemountains.com

mountain festival

Awakenings Festival
When? 30th June – 1st of Juli

Where? Spaarnwoude, Netherlands
The best names in the Techno, minimal and deephouse gather each year to make this festival a huge succes. stages are huge and the sound is spot on. A must visit if you love Techno music! www.awakeningsfestival.nl

Awakenings Festival
The sunset at Awakenings Festival

Neversea Festival
When? 4th – 7th of Juli
Where? Constanta, Romania
After the success of the first edition in 2017, Neversea will be back for their second edition in 2018. It’s the biggest beach festival in Romania and will take place in Constanţa. Dance, HipHop and Electronical music will have the center stage with DJ’s like Axwell & Ingrosso, Hardwell, Nina Kravitz, Jamie Jones, The Script and even Scooter will make you dance. www.neversea.com

wanderlust festival guide 2018
Neversea Festival

Firefly Music Festival
When? 14th of June – 17th of June
Where? The Woodlands, Dover, USA
It seems like all the artists that are looking for a comeback, are performing here. Eminem, The Artic Monkeys, Lil Wayne, MGMT and The Killers are all on stage at Firefly Music Festival this June. It’s in the woods, so this gives the festival a cool vibe and we wish we could be there as the festival celebrates it’s seven year anniversary. Weekend tickets are still available but be quick! fireflyfestival.com

wanderlust festival guide 2018

EXIT Festival
When? 12th – 15th of July
Where? Novi Sad Serbia
EXIT Festival has been around for a while but they managed to win the European Festival Award for “Best Major Festival”. This year headliners include Grace Jones, Ziggy Marley, Martin Garix and David Guetta. The infamous Dance Arena includes Nina Kraviz, Richie Hawtin, Maceo Plex, Adam Beyer & Ida Engberg, Amelie Lens en Solomun. In total, you can enjoy 20 different stages that vary in music styles. GIVE AWAY; In collaboration with Festival.Travel, We are giving away 2 FESTIVAL TICKETS including a camping stay for this year’s EXIT Festival!! Check the bottom of this article for all the details! www.exitfest.org

wanderlust festival guide 2018
Dancing at EXIT

Panorama Festival
When? 27th of Juli – 29th of July
Where? New York, US
Dua Lipa, Cucci Mane, Janet Jackson (hellooo), The Killers, The XX and The Weekend are amongst some of the performers of this amazing island festival. There will be a massive open air club, a lab where technology brings music and people together, and an amazing food program 9as they like to call it) So grab your blanket, sit on the grass and enjoy! www.panorama.nyc

Sea You Festival, Germany
When? 14th – 15th of Juli
Where? Freiburg, Germany
Just around the corner of the black forest, lays a lake where summer will be celebrated to the max. It’s an intimate festival with 2 stages but the biggest names in dance/techno music. It’s about 6-7 hours drive from The Netherlands so a nice roadtrip that’s well worth it. You can also wakeboard if you’re up for it and cool down in the big lake. www.seayou-festival.de

Source: Sea You Festival

Wildeburg Festival
When? 3rd – 6th of August
Where? Kraggeburg, Netherlands
This festival is getting more popular every year. With so many commercial and massive festivals, Wildeburg is something refreshing. It’s going to be the third edition with 150 acts that haven’t been announced yet. Although the weekend tickets have been sold out, last minute Sunday tickets will be made available so keep an eye on their website and social media! www.wildeburg.nl

wanderlust festival guide 2018

OASIS Festival
When? 14th – 16th of August
Where? Marrakech, Morocco
Just imagine a place where you can see lush gardens, vibrant colours, palmtrees, sand and swimming pools all into one place. Sounds like an Oasis maybe? Oasis festival takes place in the luxurious Fellah Hotel in Marrakech and attracts an international crowd. There will be multiple music stages, daily yoga and reflexology, delicious street food and pop-up restaurants, a champagne bar, craft cocktails, henna, hookah and its very own secret souk. Sounds good? Weekenders are on sale now and cost around €180,-. www.theoasisfest.com

Wanderlust Festival Guide 2018
Oasis Festival

Lowlands Festival 2018
When? 17th – 19th of August

Where? Biddinghuizen, The Netherlands
Set in a remote location in The Netherlands just over an hours drive from Amsterdam, Lowlands allows attendees to disconnect from the real world in a
township with thousands of inhabitants that arises in the middle of the country for three days in August. Lowlands is a festival for everybody that loves music. It doesn’t matter what festival you’re into, because you can find it all. HipHop, Techno, Rock, Jazz, Pop and Indy. There are about twelve stages (going by the names of Alpha, Bravo, Heineken, Lima, Juliet, X-Ray, Echo). Offering a unique selection of film, stand-up comedy, visual arts, literature, and street theatre. This year’s lineup includes appearances from the likes of Gorillaz, Kendrick Lamar, N.E.R.D, The War On Drugs, Dua Lipa, James Bay, Bonobo, Patti Smith, Rag’N’Bone Man, Richie Hawtin, Stormzy, Tom Odell, Charlotte De Witte, and many more. Wow. lowlands.nl


LolaPallooza Berlin
When? 8th – 9th September
Where? Berlin, Germany
This intimate festival is striking down in Berlin for the 4rd time and with succes! Names like The Weekend, Kraftwerk 3D and Imagine Dragons will be on stage. Book yourself a comfy hotel in Berlin and explore the city! www.lollapaloozade.com

Photo by: Stephan Flad

DGTL Festival Tel Aviv
When? 17th – 19th of September

Where? Tel Aviv, Israel
Set in the vibrant capital of Israèl, this is the 2nd DGTL edition. The industrial, yet sustainable festival, will invite some of the best DJ’s to showcase their best sets. DGTL is always very well organised, plus they also give a stage to up coming talent. More info soon as tickets aren’t on sale yet.

DGTL Festival

In need of a comfy hotel while you’re at it? For accommodations, check out Booking.com where you can now use our discount code of €25,- on each booking you make! 

In collaboration with Festival Travel, we are happy to announce that we are giving away 2 festival Tickets for EXIT Festival! Can it get any better than this? Well yes! The give-away includes a four day stay at the festival camping! If you want to win this amazing festival package, leave a comment below, tell us why you should win and follow @Wanderlust.nl and @Festival.Travel on Instagram. Winners will be announced on our Instagram stories after 3 weeks. Good luck!



*Disclaimer: Our website uses 3rdparty cookies to help provide personalized ads and analyse our traffic. This information may be shared with our advertisers, where it may be combined with other information you’ve given to our website.’

5 Beautiful Destinations for Safe Female Solo Travel

As a women, it’s important to feel save when you travel abroad. In some countries is better than others, but with my personal experience and lot’s of stories from fellow female travelers, we found that these 5 countries deserve to be mentioned when it comes to Safe Female Solo Travel.


A beautiful destination which, funny enough, is yet to be discovered by backpackers. Because of this fact, it’s not packed with tourists and even more reason to visit! The roads are well maintained so perfect for renting a van and cruise through the beautiful nature. There are many campings in the middle of nature and near cities that are very secured. Canada is perfect for women that love a little adventure; from kayaking with orca’s and watching humpback whales, to stunning hikes, it’s all possible and easily arranged. The only resident you should be wary off, is the grizzly bear! But if that’s all?

Perhaps is no surprise but Australia is really one of the best places to start as a solo traveler. Everything is well arranged for the backpacker. I speak from experience, because I did it for 4 months and had the best time! Public transport, travel cards, discounts for backpackers, it’s all available in Australia. Downsider: Australia can be quite expensive so my TIP is to eat as much vegetarian food in order to save some cash, and stay away from the booze. For more money saving tips, check https://www.wander-lust.nl/6-ways-to-travel-for-free/.


South East Asia is pretty safe to travel around but Thailand is taking the lead. 4 years ago I traveled to Thailand on my own and I was a little worried that I would feel alone. The worry was for no reason, because I met some lovely people in no-time that I am still in contact with! TIP: The hygiene in Asia is not always of the highest standard so always bring some disinfectant wipes, diarrhoea pills and antihistamine for allergies. Thinking about traveling to Thailand? Check out our Thailand section for all the best tips!

This country is topping the charts of the Global Peace Index for years. There is relatively little crime and the country is doing pretty well economically. Because of this, the infrastructure is well arranged. Start your trip in Reykjavik and visit the picture perfect Blue Lagoon or the Northern light. Bring your camera girls, instagram is going to love it where you are! Guest editor Jolien took a trip and has some inside tips on where to go!

Guest editor Jolien in Iceland


Sun, sea, delicious food and friendly people. Portugal has it all! From vibrant cities to the cliffs of the Algarve, you can go anywhere. Life isn’t too expensive and there are a lot of amazing eco-lodges, campings and resorts where you can totally relax. Inside Tip: Visit Eco Resort Into The Wild Algarve, where you can sleep in a tipi or a luxurious treehouse! 

Sleep in a bohemian tipi in Portugal

But to sum it up, I think the most important weapon a women has, is her intuition. Does it feel off? Don’t go with it but just enjoy your trip of a lifetime!



Why you should live abroad at least once in your lifetime

When I just turned seventeen years old, I moved to London. Why? Simply because I wanted to see what it was like. My plan was to live there for one year, and then explore the rest of the world. I ended up staying for 7 years.. I also lived in Los Angeles on and off for about 2 years. It was a great experience. It taught me so many life lessons. I came to London young and pretty naive when I look back at it but living abroad has made me into the women that I am today.

So, do you have any plans to live abroad? And is it for you? If so, these few lessons and tips may prepare you for one of the best decisions of your life. 

1. Stand on your own 2 feet
It’s about letting go of the save harbor and sailing away to a new experience. Yes, it might seem scary but taking that first step and just GO feels great.
You’ll be surprised how quickly you will become that independent person.

Living abroad made me stand on my own 2 feet and gain my independence.

2. Learn a new language and culture
Ok, I probably picked one of the easiest countries to live in because in The Netherlands we all speak a fair bit of English. 
But I must say, every city speaks it’s own language and with it, it’s own culture. I learned to speak “the London way” and even understood it when people told me they were “Lee Marvin”. (which means Starvin’  in cockney English.) If you learn about different cultures and habits you will also become more open minded, which I think is a good thing. If you don’t know the language at all, take a course. It will make everything 10 times easier.

3. Meet new people (from all over the world)
If you’re going to move to a big city, you’re probably going to meet new friends with different nationalities. I’m still in contact with people from Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Mexico, England, Australia and the States. Some of these contacts have visited me back home and the other way around. This way you broaden your network.

Meet new friends for life.

4. You will get to know yourself (really really well)
There’s no better way of getting to know yourself whilst traveling or living abroad. Learn from your mistakes and get back up. Always listen to your intuition if you’re unsure.

5. Make a plan before you go
So, what will you do when you get there? Don’t go there with empty pockets. Save enough money to last you a few months or even better, find a job or course before you go. 
Depending on which country you may fly to, you may need to arrange a visa and working permits. When I moved over to London, I worked as an Au-Pair. This meant that I needed to look after the kids, clean the house and cook dinner. Is a good starting job when you are young and you want to integrate quickly. For this you need some experience and it’s always a good idea to get some sort of a diploma. 
For more information on how to start to work as an Au-Pair, check this website.

Make a plan before you decide to leave your mark 

Let it happen and enjoy it

6. Fall in love
Whether it’s with a person or a city, you’re probably going to fall in love. Let it happen and enjoy it. It happened to me twice (I dated an English man for 5 years and a guy in LA for about 2,5 years) and although it didn’t work out, it helped me grow and taught me the life lessons we all need to know. Falling in love with a country, city or small town is a beautiful thing. Because you can always return and you will never forget the experience!

Falling in love abroad
Don’t be afraid to fall in love abroad..

7. You can make a new start
You may have fucked up a few times in your life. Or you may have done really good. It doesn’t matter because when you move to another country, you can start all over again! This is great. New friends, new habits, new food, new adventures. 

8. You will appreciate your home country
Homesickness. If you are a frequent traveler, you may have experienced this feeling before. Yes, I have called my mum up a few times, crying my eyes out because I didn’t like my job, didn’t have a lot of friends in the beginning or felt lonely. But I never gave up. At the end, you know you can always return. Nowadays we have so many channels that help us to get in touch with the home front that it is almost impossible to miss home! Living abroad makes you appreciate where you came from. Maybe you shouldn’t complain about the rain so much (sunshine everyday of the year can also get a bit boring believe it or not!) or you may appreciate your mothers home cooked dinners a lot more.

When I stayed in sunny LA, I loved it when it rained now and then.

So whether you want to move to England, Miami or Australia. Prepare yourself for the best ride of your life and always stay true to yourself.
You’ll be fine!



Your Guide to the Perfect Business Trip

What is the first things that comes to your mind when you think of a perfect business trip? Fancy hotels, exotic destinations and luxurious restaurants maybe? All the ingredients for a perfect holiday. And somehow it often doesn’t feel like it. 

To be clear, I’m not saying it’s no fun at all. To be honest I think business trips are awesome. It pulls you directly out of the comfort zone, gives your business relationships a boost and teaches you a lot about the company you got invited by. It all sounds amazing but putting it together in (often) only a few days can be totally exhausting. I normally feel like I’ve been traveling for a few months, been run over by a bus and like I drank two bottles of tequila when I get home from a business trip. And I don’t even drink tequila…

Business trip

Isn’t it as fabulous as it sounds?

Is it all luxurious?
I’ve never been disappointed when it comes to food on business trips (and me and food have a pretty intense relationship, so that says a lot). And how about the fancy hotels? Most of the time it’s part of the deal. But, after a whole day of spending out of that beloved comfort zone you’re probably only interested in spending time underneath the sheets. So what makes the big difference? Isn’t it as fabulous as it sounds? It can be as long as you can keep your balance. That thin line between business and pleasure, between late night ‘networking’ drinks and enough sleep and going on little adventures and staying in your cosy comfort zone. So let me give you some tips on staying energetic during your business trip while not missing out. Cause we all have some sort of FOMO case going on.

SO Sofitel, Bangkok
Waking up in some of the best cities in the world

business trip

Go with a purpose
It can be hard to stay focused on a trip when it’s full of distractions, people swirling around you and often only a few hours of sleep. It will drain your energy when you get caught in de buzz of the day. Therefor it’s important to remember the reason you went on the trip. Although business trips are fun, they steal lot of your time. At the end of the trip you want to look back on days well spend. The key to be satisfied with the result is setting a purpose. Ask yourself this: Why did you go on the business trip? It doesn’t necessary have to be sales or closing deals on the spot. If your goal is to network, make sure you made a list in advance with the partners and people that are joining the trip and whom you want to talk to. Or maybe your goal is just to enjoy, cause it’s a little present to yourself or an incentive from your boss. In that cause it is even more important to remember why you went on the trip, to benefit from it to the fullest.

Stay ahead of the game
If you know your purpose, you know in which activities you should invest your energy. Take a moment to plan your day in order to make the most of your time. Or, if your business trip comes with an overbooked schedule it’s even more important to take a good look at the agenda. Is it necessary to attend every event or can you use those moments to rest of maybe work a little? If the activity is required but not that relevant for you, try to save your energy. You want to be sharp and well prepared for the moment that counts. A good plan is not only to make the best of your time there, it also makes sure you don’t feel like a puppy that’s just following the pack leader. Don’t forget to take some free time as well. Do some sightseeing, find a cute café to relax or just put on Netflix in your hotel room. After all those hours of networking, being polite and interested you deserve some me-time.

Business trip

Being open-minded means that you’re willing to listen to other ideas, opinions and have a positive attitude towards other cultures.

Stay and open minded
The key to a relaxed way of networking is positive and open-minded. Being open-minded means that you’re willing to listen to other ideas, opinions and have a positive attitude towards other cultures. It’s not only pleasant for your conversation partner, it also guides your business to success. You may find that there is a lot of information you can profit from between the lines. Focus on things as body langue, the motivators of your business partner and their dreams. Those talks doesn’t necessary have to be about work. Sometimes the type of sports someone practice, his or hers family situation and their ideal holidays will teach you more about them than you’d have known after the standard formal talks.

So, are business trips the same as holidays? Absolutely not, and they never will be. But, there are ways to make your trip as comfortable as possible. So enjoy, with certain modesty, and you’ll be just as energetic on the beginning of the trip as the flight home, and probably even with a head full of ideas and motivation.



*Eva is one of our guest bloggers from Amsterdam. She’s a city girl who only leaves her heals at home when wearing a backpack. Living by the urge to be where she’s not, to explore, experience, fall and get up. You can follow her on Instagram.



How To Actually Compensate Your CO2 When Traveling

Because of the growing population and amount of people who like to explore and travel, our CO2 usage is increasing rapidly. Do you care about the planet but you are also caught with the wanderlust virus? Time to check how you can actually compensate your CO2.

Better holidays
Turn the negative into something positive. This applies to the destination but also to the local community. Thankfully, the travel sector is searching for alternative ways to compensate in infrastructure and accommodation. ANVR for example has developed an award winning online calculator that calculates your holiday carbon footprint. Not just from the flights, but also other ways of transport, accommodation and activities.

Staying at home is no option
Even though we use other ways of transport to travel around, and only 20% of that transport is by plane, flying still produces the biggest CO2 emission (a stagering 55%). There are several ideas about flying smarter and cleaner, but these are in the early stages of development and are taking too long if you ask me. Staying at home, is no option for most people, especially with the economical growth. Let’s also not forget that for many countries, tourism is extremely important and the number one income.

Did you know, that a round trip for 2 people from Amsterdam to Bangkok will spray 3.5 tons of CO2 in the air?

This is how you can balance your CO2 emissions.

CO2 compensation
The traveling consumer is now starting to get more attention for his holiday-footprint, in addition to recycling at home and water saving. In 2016, 1 in 800 travelers opted to voluntarily compensate their CO2 from flying. A good start, but too little to make a real big difference. Some travel companies are already taking measures, and a dozen travel organisations are starting to include the CO2 compensation in their package deals. They are also helping the consumer to make more conscious choices: do you want to travel by plane or by train, sleep in a hotel that takes the environment into account, long or short on holiday, compensate or reduce?

How it Works
There are several websites that can calculate your Carbon Footprint. The best ones are www.myclimate.org and for the Dutch market it’s www.greenseat.nl. These websites let you calculate your usage, but also give you a opportunity to compensate by bringing it back into balance. For example; if you fly to Bangkok and back, you use 1,6700 tons of CO2. This converted into cash is around €16,-. You can donate this amount to a good cause. This amount would provide 1 household in India, Cambodja or Uganda with renewable energy for one whole year!

Are you ready to compensate your CO2?