Planning a Winterbreak? These Are Some of the Best Ski Regions in Europe.

Winter is coming. Once the leaves begin to color and fall to the ground and my summer tan is definitely gone (as far as I had one to begin with), so are my desires for crystal clear oceans and coconuts. The winter child in me has awoken. Bring me the snow, the freezing cold and the mountains. But most of all, give me a snowboard to ride them. That’s right, nothing beats that feeling when you breathe in the fresh alpine oxygen, speeding down a perfectly prepped slope surrounded by white mountain peaks as far as your eyesight can reach. I don’t know about you, but those little moments of happiness happen everyday when I find myself in one of the many awesome (and some of the best) ski regions in Europe. And with the snowflakes coming down earlier and thicker than ever, it’s time to book your next ski trip (trust me)! Now, if you’re like me you know picking the right destination is a struggle every year. Which area has the right slopes, has snow certainty and will make you holiday awesome? To make this struggle a little easier on you this time, I’ve listed my five faves for you.

Ready to rumble!

Avoriaz – Portes du Soleil, France
Now don’t go cold on me, but I’m not really the heavy après-ski kinda girl. Every day I get up early as F to try to make it in time for the first lift going up, to snowboard all day and go to bed at 10 PM because I’m to exhausted to function. Doesn’t mean I don’t sip on a few beers or a glühwein whenever the lifts close down, but no radical parties for me. Recognize yourself? Then you MUST go to Avoriaz, a little car-free village which is part of the Portes du Soleil ski area. You can’t really go wrong with a ski area that translates into ‘doors to the sun’, right? With 650 km of slopes, touching the French and Swiss border the true ski/board lover will have a non-stop grin on his or her face. The lifts are modern and very well connected. Avoriaz is quite cute compared to the French ski-village standard. There are some bars, shops and restaurants so you won’t starve. The fact that there are no cars allowed makes it the perfect place to stroll around at night and look up at the amazing sky full of stars above you. Don’t like walking? Well, you can get transported by enormous sledges, powered by actual horses. Oh the pure bliss. Oh and did I mention you can get on the slopes straight from any apartment?

Söll – SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser – Brixental, Austria
Up for a bit more true hospitality on your holiday? Head over to Austria for some alpine coziness in Söll. This is where you find the typical chalets and hotels and a hell of a lot more Schlager music when you enter the bar for that well deserved after-ski beer. With 284 km of slopes you won’t be bored easily. If you want to you can ski to a different village every day while passing numerous huts to indulge in some kaiserschmarrn (who doesn’t love scrambled pancakes) and coffees with cream. The latter is a bit more affordable in Austria then when going to France. Slopes here are wide, well prepped and fit for every kind of experience level. You do get lost quite easily here, but that’s part of the charm.

Relaxing in Soll

Valfrejus – Valfrejus, France
With 61 Km of slopes, not a biggie but the area is only 4 hours away from Paris! But it is the perfect place for beginners on a budget. There aren’t that many lifts and the area is super compact, so the issue of losing your friends is non-existent in Valfrejus. The village is small and friendly with some nice little bars, and no cars (always a plus). You easily go up to the top of the mountain, eat a crepe in the sun and then take one of the wide slopes (or forest paths) down to the middle station to meet up with the rest of your friends. Perfect if you have some beginners, taking lessons, with you and want to meet up for lunch or a drink. To rent an apartment here is pretty cheap, same goes for your ski-pass. So don’t let a tight budget hold you down from booking a trip. But I must admit, this area does have some not so snowboard-friendly paths, if that cranks you up: make sure to pick the right tracks (the green slopes here are horrible ;-).

valfrejus of of the best ski resorts in Europe
Only 4 hours away from Paris!

Zell am Zee – Zell am Zee Kaprun, Austria
The Kaprun Glacier ensures white mountains, Zell am Zee village ensures a good time. The perfect place to go if you want to do some other stuff when your done skiing (ice hockey, sledging!). Where the glacier offers you pure white plains, the Zell am Zee area is more ‘ gemütlicher’ with lots of slopes between the threes and mountain cabins to drink hot cocoa. The lifts are modern, big and fast so you never have to spend a lot of time hanging and waiting in the air. With 138 km of slopes and most of them blue (easy), this is the place where you want to learn (it’s what I did) those perfect turns and brakes. Also, après-ski, much much better then in France. This place is full of lights and fun.

Les Arcs – Paradiski, French Alps
Paradiski, the word already says it: paradise. This place is gorgeous and not a surprise that it’s listed as one of the best ski regions in Europe. Well connected lifts, long rides, different scenery, awesome slopes. If it’s busy, you hardly notice it. I don’t think I ever waited longer than 2 minutes to get in the lift (apart from waiting for the big ass gondola’s that take 200 people at once) and there where so many options for day trips (if you have the extended ski-pass you can even head over to the La Plagne area). The total ski area of Paradiski offers 425 KM of slopes, never a dull moment. There are several villages in Les Arcs, of which I think Arc 1800 and Arc 1950 are the nicest with most restaurants and little shops. There are a number of bars, but don’t expect any of them to be really good. But buying some beers in the supermarket and just having fun with you friends in your accommodation is just as good right? Also, most apartments in Les Arcs are next to the slopes or just a couple minutes of walking!

lesarcs, one of the best ski regions in Europe
On top of the world!

Les Arcs at night

What’s your favorite place to enjoy wintersport? Of course there are so many great options to choose from when you are booking your ski trip. But I hope these little insights from a hardcore snowboard fan just gave you a bit more knowledge. My next trip is booked, how about yours?



*Jill is one of our guest bloggers living in Amsterdam (@jillgwendolyn) where she works as a content manager for a digital agency. She’s Crazy about traveling and has spend her studies in New Zealand . You can read a new article from Jill in every 3rd week of the month

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6 great work spots in Amsterdam

As a freelancer I work pretty much everywhere. On Monday I always work from home just because it’s harder to wake up that morning-so-I-might-as-well-chill. On the other days I plan in a few meetings and they could be anywhere throughout my home town. For this reason you can find me and my laptop in several lunch or coffee bars throughout Amsterdam. Somehow I always seem to return to a few where I really like to work. These are my favorites work spots in Amsterdam with free wifi:

Friday Next, Overtoom 31
The overtoom is only one tram ride away for me and if I needed to pick one spot to work, it would be Friday Next. It’s a breakfast, lunch and concept store into one. You can buy cool furniture pieces, accessorizes and eat a good lunch. The cafe is split into 2 sections. You can sit outside or near the entrance or you can opt for a more quieter space in the back where most of the shop is situated. The tables are steady, the service is good but not pushy and I always get tons of work done. I’m not the only one who likes to work there but it’s never overcrowded. I will be there next Friday (or the next) 😉 Website

work spots in Amsterdam
Love this place, Friday Next

Coffee & Toast, Burgemeester Rendorpstraat 11-15
If you live in Amsterdam new west you will like me mentioning this one. It’s a bikershop, lunchroom and barber all into one. They are a rare sight in this neighborhood but stand out in their own right. When I work here I can listen to cool music from sting, the rolling stones and eat a great toasty. It’s also near to the Sloterpark so if you feel like going for a walk to clear your head, it’s the perfect spot. To find out more about Coffee & Toast, check here.

Looiedet Coffee & Toast
Coffee & Toast

The Hoxton, Herengracht 255
Okok, this one has been mentioned soooo many times but I would lie if I said this isn’t one of the best  work spots in Amsterdam. Big chairs, open spaces and tout creative Amsterdam walks in and out, making it a freelance hub where you can network your ass off if you have to. The only point of critic I have, is that they have a problem with making a killer Latte Machiato. They just can’t seem to get that foamy part right. (believe me I’ve tried many times) Despite this minor detail, I always come back for a work session during the week. Website

The Student Hotel, West & East Amsterdam
You may have heard from this one but did you know it’s the perfect place to work? There is plenty of space and the chairs are comfortable to work in when you’re a laptop-on-lap kind of person. They have 2 locations, one in West and one in East Amsterdam so take your pick. Website

Coffee Lounge at B-Amsterdam, Johan Huizingalaan 763a
B’s living room (as they call it), you can work, have meetings, welcome your guests or simply relax after a busy day. They offer a daily lunch buffet, snacks, drinks and fresh coffee throughout the day! More on B-Amsterdam soon! Website

B-Amsterdam coffee lounge
Creative and cool, B-Amsterdam

Situated in Amsterdam West, this is a pretty special work spot. Instead of coffee, you can drink the best kind of Tea’s. Enough tables,plugs and the tea menu is something I can’t get enough of. Ice tea, popcorn tea, beauteas! To learn more about this amazing work spot in Amsterdam, check my review

Ts Amsterdam

Overrated Work Spots in Amsterdam
There is something a bit daunting about HOTspots. They become so hot, that they burn out a little bit and so did these:
» Coffee & Coconuts, when you arrive it’s running for a table or you need to touch elbows with your freelancer neighbors. Great for those tasty coconuts and coffee but not to work.
» La Place in the Public Library, It’s too noisy. Period. 
» At Home, Yes I work from home every Monday but I seriously get so much less work done than I would do in a different environment. I have 2 bunnies that are just to cute to ignore, plus I do the occasional dancing through the living room if a nice song comes on. Not one of the best work spots in Amsterdam.

Work Work Work Work Work Rihanna said so we might a well do it at a good spot. Enjoy the free wifi and let me know what your favorite work spot is!



Top 5 Secret Spots in Amsterdam

I love discovering places in my hometown that are a little under the radar. But then again, I like these places because they are quiet and not over popular. For this reason I had to think twice before writing this article. But we started this blog not to keep the best things for ourselves but to share them with the world so here we go. These are the top 5 secret spots in Amsterdam!

1. De Cantina
Word of mouth or a bicycle ride takes you to this secret spot in Amsterdam West. I live far into west Amsterdam so for me it was only a matter of time before I discovered De Cantina. This place is amazing. They serve coffee, cake, homemade lemonade and sandwiches with ingredients from their own garden or local produce. Nothing major but it’s the location and use of space that makes this secret spot worth mentioning. De Cantina is situated in between the “1800 roerden” an creative area where artists work. De Cantina is also part of “Het Rijk van de Keizer” which is a location that can be used for weddings, parties and dinners. You can lay in the sunshine deck on a fatboy, hammock or chill in an old car wreck. Find a spot in the shade under umbrella’s tucked away in between the trees. Don’t be surprised if you see chickens walking around, this is normal! So grab your bike and head for some peace and quiet!
De Cantina
Joris van Den Berghweg 109, Amsterdam

De Cantina Amsterdam
Overlooking the Dutch landscape

De cantina
So peaceful

Chilling in a car at De Cantina
Chillin’ in a car, well.. half a car!

2. Bar Porem
This secret bar is so cool that we have to tell you about it! If you live in Amsterdam, you may have heard of a restaurant called Gheisa. It’s one of the best places for sushi and Asian fusion cuisine. On the way to the toilet was a large space that wasn’t used in the most effective way. A big shame because that space had great potential! When 2 friends from Amsterdam heard this, they didn’t have to think long about what to do with it. Both experienced cocktail shakers, they decided to create a typical Amsterdam Cocktail bar with a menu inspired by some of Amsterdam’s most famous characters such as Johan Cruyf and Andre Hazes. The wall is decorated with framed pictures and classic bottles. The interior is brown yet stylish and there are around 6 tables to sit at. Bar Porem isn’t so easy to find. No, you need to check the door closely and ring the left doorbell for someone to open. and ssst, don’t tell just anybody about this place.
Bar Porem
Geldersekade 17, Amsterdam

Bar Porem Amsterdam
Our cocktails at Bar Porem

3. Hotel de Windketel
This tiny hotel is right in the middle of Amsterdam, yet nobody realizes it’s a place where you can spend the night at. It’s a freestanding octagonal brick tower and was built in 1897 as part of Amsterdam’s water works. Most buildings like that get destroyed but not this one. It now features as a luxury apartment for 2 equipped with a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and living space. The nice part is, that it’s in a really nice quiet area of Amsterdam, but only a 10 minute walk from the Jordaan. It’s not the cheapest option (325 for 2 nights) but certainly the best kept secret when it comes to hotels! Perfect for a romantic getaway..
Hotel de Windketel
Watertorenplein 8c, Amsterdam

Secret spots in Amsterdam, De Windketel
So tiny, you might miss it

Hotel de Windketel Amsterdam secret spots
The living space at Hotel De Windketel

bedroom Hotel De windketel
Bedroom in the Windketel

4. ‘T Nieuwe Diep
If you know your way into East Amsterdam, you may have heard of this secret spot that is hidden in the Flevopark. Nevertheless, it’s always worth a visit. At ‘T Nieuwe Diep, you can feast your taste buds because they have their own distillery and organic produce. Yes, they serve coffee and tea but they are most famous for their cider, gin, liqueur and bitters. (don’t know it? try it!) There is a patio over the water and although the crowd isn’t as hip and happening as in other places, this is perfect for a relaxing moment in Amsterdam. During summer, the’re open from 3pm till 8pm Mon-Sun.
‘T Nieuwe Diep
Flevopark 13, Amsterdam

"t Nieuwe Diep secret spots in Amsterdam

'T Nieuwe Diep, Amsterdam secret spots
‘T nieuwe diep in Flevopark Amsterdam

5. Theehuis De Aker
This tea house is right next door to where I live. Next to the water where you can make your way up to the Amsterdam Forest or towards the road to Amsterdam’s nearest beach, Zandvoort. It used to be an old waterpump mill that was used to dry the ground back in the 19th century. I love this place because they collaborate with non-profit foundation the Vrije Geer, so people with a disability can work a few hours a day and serve you coffee, tea, cakes and lunch. The Aker mill has been restored a few times and is the only remaining hydraulic engineering work between Halfway and Amstelveen. 
Theehuis De Aker
Zwarte Pad 30, Amsterdam

Tea House De Aker
The perfect stop after a bicycle ride

So there you have it, 5 secret spots in Amsterdam that you may not have heard of. Let’s be gentle with these places as they are not your average hotspots where you can take out your laptop and have a conference call. No, these spots are here for you to enjoy some peace and quiet in a hectic city like Amsterdam.



5 countries you should add to your bucketlist this year

When you travel as often as I do, the world becomes smaller and you would think my bucketlist becomes shorter right? No way! My list is growing by the year as many countries are opening their doors to tourism, making it easier to travel to.

The Philippines
I’m happy to say that I’ve finally managed to cross this country off my bucketlist because it had been on there for a while. I flew over to Manila in December to continue my way over to Cebu, Bohol and Palawan. So why visit The Philippines this year? Unlike Thailand, this country doesn’t have a lot of tourist, yet. But The Philippines are becoming more popular with couples, friends and backpackers. It’s Asia, so it’s cheap and there are more than 7000 islands for you to enjoy. The people here aren’t ruined by tourism and almost everybody speaks English which makes it much easier to communicate. Planning to go this year? The best time to visit is between november and March when the typhoon season is it’s lowest. For tips about where to go and what to do check out my articles about The Philippines.

Processed with VSCO
Peace and quiet on Bantayan Island in Cebu

Papua New Guinea
Visitors should note that travelling in PNG is challenging to say the least. Paved roads are rare to traveling is quite bumpy and sometimes you’ll need to cross a few rain-forests and rivers. The weather can be quite unpredictable so it’s difficult to say when it’s the best time to go but May to October would be your best bet. But once you get there you will be rewarded with the most amazing rugged ecological beauty, little known dive sites, stunning peaks and sleep in real rainforest villages where you’ll meet the tribes. The best part of this country has to be the amazing Raja Ampat, located just off the northwest tip of West Papua. Raja Ampat is a cluster of over 1,500 small islands which lay in the province of Indonesia. Get your diving gear ready because Raja Ampat is called the amazone of the ocean. To get there you must fly over to Sorong in West Papua (flight go from Bali for example) after that you’ll have to make your way to Waisai, which is the capital of Raja Ampat.

Bucketlist Raja Ampat.
Stunning Raja Ampat

Although it’s a state of the USA, it belongs on this year’s bucketlist. The country is running out of teachers so they are desperately looking for applicants and you don’t even need a degree in teaching! According to Hawaii News Now, Hawaiian officials expect up to 1,600 vacancies in their schools. Besides this opportunity, Hawaii has some of the most beautiful scenery and polls show that it’s one of the nation’s healthiest and happiest states. Unfortunately the house prices are still high so maybe a move wouldn’t be the best option but why visit New York when you can surf and dance on Hawaii right?

Bucketlist 2016. Hawaii

Until recently, Burma was off limits to adventure seekers and travelers. But after five decades of military rule and consequent democratic reform, this Asian country has finally opened doors to tourism. Burma offers beautiful temples, real adventure and kind people. No, you won’t find a Mc Donalds or Starbucks anywhere and this is how Asia should be in my mind.

Bucketlist 2016. Burma Photot by Roxanne Desgagnes
Burma is full of beautiful temples.

Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their homes in the devastating earthquake back in 2015 but the country is slowly getting restored. This also means that the tourist industry is getting back to business and trekking routes are re-opened. It’s important for Nepal to get it’s tourism back on it’s feet and we are the ones that can make it happen. Choose homestays instead of big hotels to make sure your money ends up in local pockets. Nepal features varied landscapes and local species such as tigers, rhino’s and elephants, making it a wonderful place to visit in 2016. Fly to Kathmandu, Nepal international airport but it get’s busy during late Sept to mid-Nov and late Feb to late March and flight can be booked up for months so plan well ahead.

Bucketlist 2016. Nepal
Getting back on her feet; Nepal

So which of these 5 will you add to your bucketlist this year?



The most beautiful honeymoon suites in the world

Yes I do!
More friends around me are getting married. They are so excited, but they also need to make a million decisions. Next to the wedding dress, the wedding location and the honeymoon destination definitely need to stand out! A honeymoon is one of the important milestones of a marriage. Where to spend your first holiday as newlyweds?

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5 Oscar movies that will give you Wanderlust

Last night it was the big night in Hollywood. The night that the best movies in the world are crowned with a little statue named Oscar.
The big winner was of course the impressive movie The Revenant. With little dialogue, the film showed a very impressive scenery which made it a winning movie. Let’s look back a a few Oscar nominated blockbusters that make you want to travel.

1. Lord of the Rings
This movie has to be in this list. It has inspired so many people to pack their bags and travel to the land of hobbits, elf’s and orcs.

Lucky for us, you can book several “Lord of the Rings” tours that will take you through the most beautiful landscapes where the scenes were shot.

Oscar winning locations, The Lord of the Rings

2. The English Patient

Shot within the beautiful Italian scenery with key parts of the story taking place against a stunning Tuscan backdrop. Director Anthony Minghella spent weeks in Tuscany searching for the perfect monastery to film in.

oscar nomiated movie the English patient
Beautiful Italy, where The English Patient was filmed

3. Slumdog millionaire
This amazing Oscar winning movie makes you dislike India or make you extremely curious. It portraits the heavy slums of Mumbai in all it’s glory. You’ll be surprised that tourism picked up immensely after the success of this film.

Culture shock; India

4. Forrest Gump
This movie isn’t just about the locations but about the feeling this movie is giving you. It inspires and tells you that you can do anything and go anywhere you want in life. No limits. And that is a beautiful thing. This is the northern route through Utah to Monument Valley and was used as the location in the movie “Forrest Gump” were Forrest (played by Best Actor Oscar winner Tom Hanks) ended his cross-country run.

Forrest Gump Oscar winningscenes
Utah to Monument Valley

5. Vicky Christina Barcelona
The titel gives it away but this film shows the romantic and vibrant city Barcelona. Filmed during spring/summer, this movie takes makes you fall in love with the characters and scenery. Drinking wine and eating all day and still look as good as Scarlet Johansen and Penelopé Cruz? Miss Cruz won a best supporting Oscar for her performance.

oscar nominated Vicky christina Barcelona
Sexy and beautiful in Barcelona

What’s your favorite Oscar winning movie?



These are the best hotels in The Netherlands

Oh, how we love these Tripadvisor lists that they give us on a yearly basis.
This time, they have asked their loyal “travelers” to vote for the best hotels in The Netherlands when it comes to service. This must have been a difficult task as The Netherlands has so many amazing hotels on offer. They did managed to narrow it down to a top 25 and this is the top 5 result:

1. The Toren, Amsterdam
Apart from the amazing decor and ambiance, this hotel scores extremely high on service.
When you arrive you might be asked if you are staying for a special occasion and if so, they will pamper you!
They think of everything and do everything to make their guest feel at home. Proud to have this hotel in our hometown!


2. Vesper, Noordwijk
This hotel is right at the beach so that’s already a bonus. You get a welcome drink upon arrival and they score high on Food & Drinks.
If we must believe all the guest, this hotel does everything right. What a place to spend your summer nights.
Started in 2014, this hotel is doing a great job by making it into the list of best hotels in The Netherlands

second best hotel

3. Hotel Sebastian’s, Amsterdam
Described as affordable luxury, this hotel in Amsterdam is located in the heart of the city.
Everything is close by so tourist love this place. It’s a small hotel but nobody complains about it. With good reason because the rooms are greatly designed, the staff is extremely friendly and scores high on all bookings sites.

Purple rain at Sebastian’s

4. Banks Mansion
Another Amsterdam based hotel which scores extremely high on all fronts. This upscale boutique hotel is a minute’s walk from the nearest tram stop and near all the tourist attractions.  IPads, Nespresso machines, flat-screen TVs and rainfall showerheads are all standard in the rooms here.
Freebies include drinks and appetizers served in a fireplace included lounge and you can enjoy a cooked-to-order breakfast in the morning.

You can’t miss this impressive hotel in Amsterdam

5. Hotel Fita, Amsterdam
Yes, yes, we know (amsterdam again) but sorry not sorry. Our hometown has a shitload of awesome hotels.

Take hotel Fita for example. This cute hotel is situated near the museum district and that’s a very good place to stay indeed.
Breakfast is always included and the rooms are simple but elegant. And of course, they score high on service!
One guest told said that because it rained outside, the hotel staff put an umbrella outside their room just in case. How sweet!

Simple but amazing service made Hotel Fita come in at nr. 5.

Click here for the full list!



Top 5 » Bluest Things in the World

Blue freaking Monday. Everybody is talking about it today and so are we! But let’s not talk about how depressing this day is but let’s showcase all things blue in this world. We’ve lined up the best and bluest things this earth has to offer us. Here’s our top 5:

1. The bluest sea ever
I have never seen a sea as blue as in Lefkas, Greece. When I saw it, I though it wasn’t real. It couldn’t be! But it was and boy did I love it.
My advise is to book your ticket asap! Read about Greece here.

Is this a swimming pool or what?

2. The bluest animal in the world
It’s the blue poison dart frog ( Dendrobates azureus )and is considered the bluest animal on earth. This frog has the most beautiful blue color but don’t come to close though, this poison dart frog has enough venom to kill 10 grown men! Check the little creature here.

3. The Bluest town in the world
We wrote an article about the most colorful places in world and Chefchaouen in Morocco topped out list. This cute town is noted for it’s blue houses.

Blue dreams in Morocco

4. Bluest fruit you didn’t know existed
Yes, these strawberries are blue. Okok, they are genetically modified..BUT still pretty cool right? To make them blue, you must put genes from a fish called Arctic Flounder Fish to the fruit.. 

5. Bluest beach
We didn’t mention this in out most colorful beaches in the world blogpost but that’s because it has more to do with the plancton than the actual beach. The shore lights up at Vaadhoo Island in the Maldives because of the high concentration of phytoplankton that light up the night.

Check the bluest sand here



Top 5 » Most colorful beaches in the world

If you like beaches as much as we do, then you should definitely read on.
Some beaches are greater than other but these beaches have something extra special in common.They all have amazing colors!
We’ve lined up our top 5 most colorful beaches in the world that I was lucky to visit 2 of!
( If you can’t have a unicorn, than this might come closest to what you can experience ;-))

1. White haven beach, Australia
The sand is so fine that you can brush your teeth with it! That’s exactly what I did!
The sand is one of the whitest you will find anywhere on earth.


Brushing my teeth at Australia’s whitest beach

2. Pink Beach at Harbour Island, Bahamas
Wow, can a beach be even more perfect? This beach has a pink glow because tiny marine creatures with red and pink shells live in the coral reefs that surround the beach. Once they break and shatter because of the waves and wind, you are left with this wonderful display of pinkness. One of the most colorful beaches for sure!
(this picture has been edited a bit I think, but still: AWESOME!)


3. Red Beach in Santorini, Greece
Santorini is a volcanic island and has 2 beaches with colors you may not see anywhere else. Black and red. The red beach is by far the most impressive.
Not the best place to swim but great for shooting pictures! I was there this summer and I can recommend it!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Weird but beautiful. Red Beach in Santorini

“These colorful beaches are worth traveling for”

4. Papakolea Green Sand Beach, Hawaii
The beach is located near Ka Lae, the southernmost point in Hawaii and is not a easy beach to get to. You need to endure a tough and hot hike for about 3 miles but when you get there it’s pretty amazing. The sand is made out of olivine, a green mineral, and comes from Puu Mahana, a volcanic cone nearby.


5. Glass Beach
Not natural but nevertheless extraordinaire. In the 20th Century the people of Fort Bragg dumped their trash including glass over the cliff that’s now called glass beach. After many years, the beach was finally cleaned but they couldn’t remove all the pieces of broken glass. As a result, the remaining pieces got washed and rounded by the sea and you end up with a beautiful display glass putting this in our top 5 of most colorful beaches.


More top 5? Check here:


The best Travel photo’s of 2015

I traveled to Malaysia in November where I experienced the spectacular wilderness of Borneo. I explored a new adventure in only 30 minutes away from KK city.
Kota Kinabalu is famous for its incredible richness of tropical rain forests where you will see and find proboscis Monkeys, orangutans, plants, rivers, waterfalls, hot springs, caves and a lot more! Sometimes its hard to capture the moment that make people wonder and want to know more, where the picture says it all and no words are needed.
I’m amazed by the work of some travel photographers, it’s sometimes hard to believe that some places really exist! Both Elke and me are trying our very best to make photo’s of our unforgettable experiences that will make you pack your bags and go!

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