Chateau Amsterdam

Chateau Amsterdam | A Hidden Urban Winery in Amsterdam!

As you know, we love to inform you guys about the hidden spots in the city, and boy, do we have something cool this time! Did you know that just across from Central Station, you can find a hidden urban winery named Chateau Amsterdam?

If you love wine (or just drinking it), you’re in for a treat. Let’s tell you all about this hidden gem where you can have wine tastings, shop the most amazing wines and their upcoming event!

Chateau Amsterdam

Back in 2017 a group of young winemakers decided to bring modern and classic wines from all over Europe, to the heart of Amsterdam. It all started with father and son HarreWIJN (no, we didn’t make this surname up!). Once father Harrewijn infected his son with the love of wine, ideas were born and friends and family was involved. Their winery is build in an old warehouse and filled with tanks and barrels, pretty cool! Currently, Chateau Amsterdam offer more than 20 wines, all produced in Amsterdam.

Chateau Amsterdam wineery

An Urban Winery, how does this work?

It’s something that you may not have heard of, but it basically means that wine is produced in a city, without any grape fields nearby. How and why? Let us explain…

We want to share our enthusiasm for wine with free spirits from Amsterdam and the surrounding area.

At Chateau Amsterdam, they are in close contact with wine farmers all over Europe. From Germany to Spain and France to Portugal. After the grapes are sorted, they are send over to Amsterdam. By moving the grapes, instead of the wine, they bring the production process closer to the people and the people closer together. In addition, making wine on neutral soil also gives us the unique opportunity to bring all grape varieties, countries and styles together under one roof. This allows them to innovate and experiment with new flavours and experiences.

Urban Winery Amsterdam

So, what are you waiting for, it’s almost wine o’clock! See you there?

Chateau Amsterdam
Johan van Hasseltweg 51, Amsterdam


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