Chateau Neercanne: Luxury Stay in Maastricht

Just 10 minutes from the charming streets of Maastricht lies a sight straight out of a fairy tale – a breathtaking 17th-century estate well known for its gastronomy, boasting a kitchen that’s on many people’s wish lists in the Netherlands. And let me tell you, it’s worth the hype. I recently visited and had one of the finest culinary experiences I’ve ever encountered. Now, with luxurious accommodations added, the estate has taken its hospitality to a whole new level!

Stepping through the castle gates, I found myself in an atmosphere of only elegance and sophistication. Every detail, from the warm welcome to the impeccable service, was very well thought through. The castle is part of the Oostwegel Collection: this family business aims for high service which you can feel in everything. The entire estate maintains top-notch condition and offers stunning views of the UNESCO-protected surroundings. In summer, the highest part of the historic gardens transforms into a terrace, making it the only castle terrace in The Netherlands. Additionally, there’s a vast system of caves turned into a massive wine cellar and event space used for wine tastings and big events.

Chateau Neercanne – The New Suits

The recent renovation at the Château began when the roof needed replacing, presenting an opportunity for the team to expand their hospitality by introducing suites. Two years forward, guests can now fully immerse themselves in the culinary world of Château Neercanne with this addition.

Suite 3 Chateau Neercanne

Everything has been designed by interior architect Roelfien Vos, blending old and new, history and modern luxury, with colors and materials reflecting nature and greenery. It’s the perfect place to unwind after a day of exploring Maastricht’s cobblestone streets and hidden gems. Guests have a choice of different rooms, including the Deluxe Garden and Superior Garden suites, all offering breathtaking views of the area, from the Jeker Valley to Belgium and the Cannerberg.

Besides comfortable king-size beds, cozy sitting areas, and bathrooms with rain showers / tubs, guests also receive a guaranteed reservation at either the Michelin-starred Restaurant Château Neercanne or the Bib Gourmand-winning L’Auberge. Additionally, there’s a vegetable and fruit garden, as well as numerous walking trails to explore for hours. The suites can be booked starting from 400 euros per night. Want to know more? Have a look on the website of Château Neercanne.

Michelin-Star Restaurant

The renowned Michelin-starred Restaurant resides within the castle. I recently had the pleasure of dining there and it offered an experience like no other. The food wasn’t only delicious, but incredibly creative, bursting with flavors, and very pretty to look at. They served an impressive amount of appetizers (more than 5!) together with wines, cocktails, and champagne that were absolutely amazing. We were also treated to multiple rounds of desserts. And let’s not overlook the cheese (and friandise) cart! First, the staff wheeled a charming wooden cart right up to our table, brimming with a variety of fresh local cheeses. You could pick as many as you liked, accompanied by various chutneys and jams—absolute cheese heaven! The service also comes with a golden touch, in a very pleasant, friendly, and absolutely un-stiff manner.

restaurant Chateau Neercanne

Whether you’re planning a (romantic) getaway to the Maastricht area or celebrating a special occasion.. Château Neercanne is ready to welcome you with open arms. Trust me, this is an experience you don’t want to miss!



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