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It’s Turkish, it’s delightful and yes, this one is vegetarian. Çigköftem!
Once in a while I discover some lovely vegetarian hotspots and a few years ago, the first Çigköfte shop opened in Amsterdam West.
Çigköfte is a typical Turkish dish that is usually prepared with raw meat and spicy herbs.
The ingredients to make meat-free Cig Köfte can be listed as fine bulgur  (it is referred as simit), chili flake, garlic, red pepper paste, tomato paste, dry mint, thyme, powdered pepper, cumin, black pepper, onion, parsley, tomato juice and sunflower oil.

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Vegetarian Çigköfte

At the store, you can buy a wrap or a pack which you can then use to prepare yourself or indulge the next day.
I usually buy a box of 10 pieces with all the extra ingredients for just 6 euro’s. You can prepare about 3 wraps from this.
You can choose the normal option or the spicy version. I can take a lot of spice, but think twice before you pick this one!

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Wrap it up!

The extra boxed ingredients consist of; lettuce, fresh coriander, fresh mint leaves, a spicy sauce and lemon juice.
I always add some avocado because i’m just simply addicted to it.

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Finish up with some fresh lemon and your wrap is ready to be eaten!

So where can you buy it?
It’s available in Turkey, Germany and The Netherlands.
I always get mine here:
Jan Evertsenstraat 140 | 1057 EK Amsterdam

Check out the Dutch website where they also do delivery!



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