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Sandwiched between Dortmund and Essen you find Bochum. A bit smaller than Dortmund, not famous because of something specific, but it has a laidback, vibrant vibe. Compared to Dortmund, Bochum is the greener little bro. It has a fresher look and feel due to the fact this smaller city has lots of youngsters (university city).

Nonetheless, it looks like Dortmund, so expect many similarities at the same time. Urbanana invited us to check out Bochum for ourselves and it pleasantly surprised us.

What to do in Bochum

Bochum is the ideal city to explore by foot, bike, e-scooter or step. Go and get surprised by boutique shops, beautiful parks, museums and restaurants. Anything but boring. Bochum brims!

main street Bochum

Concept Store Bochum

Pottwal-Mural (Hermannshöhe)
Walk around in this friendly-looking neighbourhood and spot plenty of murals. One is even more beautiful than the other. And in the meantime, you’ll also touch your daily tax of steps. Call it a win-win.

Bochum Mural

Wall art Bochum, Germany

Kunstmuseum Bochum
Meet this museum which is situated in an eye-catching villa. This modern building nearby the historic city park was the core of the Kunstmuseum Bochum. It’s a municipal art gallery for art after 1945. This year they celebrate their 60th birthday!

Bochum Ehrenfeld
This is absolutely a must-visit district. It has a bunch of ‘coziness.’ Bochum Ehrenfeld is the area where ‘culture’ meets ‘trendy.’ Culture as the driving force for all the companies in this awesome area.

Wohin/Woher illuminated bridge
Wohin/Woher illuminated bridge

Other tips to visit nearby Bochum

  • Lake Kemnad. A nice-to-visit if you’re looking for beautiful nature (outside the city).
  • Slag heap-hill-hopping. More than 250 so-called ‘slag heaps’ decorate the landscape in the Ruhr area. These artificial hills are both a beautiful viewing point and a place for out-of-the-box artwork. Two of the most photogenic ones are the Tetraeder and Tiger & Turtle. Google Maps guides you there with ease.
  • Landschaftspark (Duisburg). This old iron factory is a real attraction. Dive in a former gas storage or climb blast furnace No. 5 (good luck with keeping your fear of heights under control). Who’s ready for some adventure?

Tippelsberg Bochum

Tiger & Turtle, Duisburg, Germany
Tiger & Turtle, Duisburg

Park Bochum

Where to eat in Bochum

Where to begin. Bochum has super nice restaurants, authentic bakeries and cozy coffee bars. Even though we couldn’t test them all ourselves, with these tips you’re going to have a finger lickin’ good time.

I Am Love
Ice, ice baby. (Vegan) ice lovers, this one is for you. (Indian) Summer temperatures or not, ice cream shop ‘I Am Love’ is a must. Vegan chocolate brownie, anyone?

Ice-Cream Bochum

You can’t visit Germany without eating a sausage. Curry wurst, bratwurst, with fries on the side or not. It’s a juicy calorie feast to the max. But if you want to taste the sausage champion of Bochum, then join the queue for the glorified snack bar.

Mediterranean ambiance, check. Mediterranean food, check. Restaurant Aubergine is your fave if you’re looking for the real Italian deal. Not to mention the hospitality.

Extra tips to eat in Bochum

  • Goldkante, a bar with an extremely high hipster level. Be prepared!
  • Taverna Avli. Get your dose of temperamental Greek delights here.
  • Schmidtmeier. Best bakery in town which is up and running since 100 years. Characterised by traditional craftsmanship and delicious recipes. Waffles, croissants, sandwiches. Vegan, vega or the Burgundian way.
  • Fraulein Coffea. They don’t serve lunch but coffee and bites and the interior looks fun! (see photo)

Nahrstoff Reich Superfood Bistro Bochum
Nahrstoff Reich Superfood Bistro

Fraulein Coffea Bochum
Fraulein Coffea

Bochum is really surprising in a positive way. If you’re in for a completely different city trip, then the mix of Dortmund and Bochum is perfect. It hasn’t the authentic and high hipster level of Amsterdam, Berlin or Barça, but it has its own charm. The magic is outside your comfort zone, told ya!



*This press trip was organised in collaboration with Germany Tourism. 

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