When it comes to skincare or body care overall, we can be quite skeptical. First seeing is believing, right? We tried the hyped Oslo Skin Lab – a collagen powder substance that you can bring everywhere. Here’s our honest review, and our reasons to try it.


What is The Solution by Oslo Skin Lab?

The Solution™ Beauty Collagen is sold as “a high-quality collagen powder”. If you are not familiar with collagen; it’s a natural substance that all humans and animals naturally possess. Its fiber-like structure makes connective tissue for bone, tissue, tendons, and skin. And that last topic has collagen flying off the shelves recently. In recent years, studies have shown that collagen can be taken as a supplement and improve your collagen, which gradually degrades when you get older.

Like many beauty brands, The Solution by Oslo Skin Lab has many benefits mentioned on its website and advertorials, so why should you believe that? Well, this is actually the only powder collagen that has clinically proven effects on: Elasticity and texture, Wrinkles, fine lines and Cellulite. This is what we like about it:

It actually works

We started taking The Solution collagen in February, when cold and rainy weather was still very present. Usually, Elke feel this in her joints, and looks a little less…well, attractive. Now, it takes about 6 weeks before you start to see a difference, but we already noticed after about 4 weeks. We saw blemishes disappear, and looking in the mirror was getting more joyful by the day. We love the fact that we are working on our skin from the inside out – you are what you eat, right?

Results Oslo Skinlab
Elke’s results after 6-weeks of using the Solution by Oslo Skinlab

The Solution™ Beauty Collagen won the 2021 Dutch Beauty Award in the Cosmeceuticals category.

It’s easy to bring

For us travellers, it’s extra convenient that we can take The Solution beauty collagen anywhere. We take it while at flight, on the train, at breakfast, lunch or dinner. We throw a few sticks into your handbag or add it to our toiletry items. Because it’s so easy to take, it’s a beauty routine that is simple to stick to, and make it part of our daily routine. 

The Solution by Oslo skinlab plane

No flavors baby

Another thing we liked; collagen powder by Oslo Skin Lab is completely free from gluten, additives, flavors and fragrances. Some collagen can have a weird flavor, like the fish collagen on the market. Up to you, but we like this fact. Mix and stir it with any drink, hot or cold.

All in all, we can honestly say, that The Solution beauty collagen is approved and worth a try! It’s more affordable to get a monthly subscription, but you can also pay for one package that will last you 4-weeks.  You can use our discount-codeour discount-code wander-lust and receive 60 percent discount on your first order on the membership (which you can cancel anytime). After that you receive 30 precent discount.

X Wander-Lust

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