Coolest escape rooms in the Netherlands


Escape rooms are more popular than ever. Whether you visit one with your colleagues or friends, you are in for a fun afternoon. Because there are so many escape rooms in the Netherlands, we created a handy list so you don’t have to search for one. Will you keep your nerve?

What’s an escape room?

Simply said, it’s basically a room that you need to escape from – hence the word. However, it should be seen as a game that will spin your brain, tickle your nerves and see how well you perform during stress. Henceforth, you need to escape from the locked room in a certain amount of time. During this time you can find clues and objects that will help you. It’s a fun adventure game that will keep you talking afterwards. Some escape rooms are themed, others scary or funny. So let’s get on with the list, shall we?


Sherlocked, Amsterdam

This themed escape room is located in Amsterdam and by all means a very popular one. They’ve earned the title as one of  “the top ten escape rooms in the world” and not without reason. Currently, there are 2 escape rooms – The Architect and The Vault, but number three is opening soon…

Sherlocked's The Vault - Cooest escape rooms Netherlands

My Escape Club, Amsterdam

Another escape room in the Netherlands is located in the capital. Right in the centre of Amsterdam, you can go crazy and pick between 7 different escape rooms. With names like Judgement Day, Back to USSR, and Zombie Worriers VR, each room is themed and has cool riddles and vaults to be cracked. 

Mysterium, Utrecht

In the heart of the Netherlands, right next to the Oude Gracht! You have 60 minutes to escape out of this mysterious room that can hold up to ten people. So far, the quickest escape record is set at 44 minutes. Do you think you can do better? 

Down the Hatch, Voorburg

They may have just one escape room, but this one takes you right into the story of Dr. Dan Kowalski. Molly’s Game, what this game is called, is one of those escape rooms in the Netherlands that keeps you talking about the experience for days. 

down the hatch escape room Netherlands

VR Escape Room Time, Utrecht

Not for the faint-hearted! VR games are known for the realistic feeling, so these games are thrilling, to say the least. Nice to know; they also host VR games for kids − pirate themed, from the age of six years old. For adults, they have 4 options that vary from La Casa de Papel, to a hangover adult club, and their signature escape game TIME. 

CluedUpp Games presents; Alice in Wonderland

This is a unique escape room experience in the Netherlands and you can book it at various locations. Follow Alice down the rabbit hole and enter a virtual world of adventure, intrigue and impossible things at this immersive Alice in Wonderland event. For one day only, the streets of your chosen location (Haarlem, Den Haag, Groningen, Alkmaar, and Breda) will turn into a giant, escape-room-style experience. Dates are set and already organised so don’t be late like the crazy hat-man! Solve clues, take on mad and mischievous challenges, and uncover a dark conspiracy at the heart of Wonderland. Kids play for free, so do bring them!

Bonus: We Love Oldtimers

We Love Oldtimers is the first and only driving escape room in the Netherlands. Enjoy the beautiful Dutch landscape and drive in beautiful old-timers and solve the mystery and assignments along the way. Expect a day full of excitement, mystery and of course hilarity with friends, family or colleagues. This escape tour takes at least 4 hours and you don’t need to solve this mystery in a certain amount of time. You can play from 3 persons and 6 oldtimer cars in total.

Coolest escape rooms Netherlands Oldtimers

Enjoy these escape rooms in the Netherlands!


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