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If you want to get a good impression of how your next holiday destination looks, keep on reading.
My best friend told me about this cool site! TripInView.com

TripInView is an innovative website and application that provides documented video’s and images on the Mediterranean coastline countries like France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Malta and Portugal.
Filmed out of a helicopter, the clear images and video’s will take you right next to the coastline and goes 3 steps ahead the ordinary Google Maps.
Especially the video material takes you on a magical journey as the visitor can kind of “visit” the coasts and beaches of the the Italian Riviera, the Greek islands,Côte d’Azur, rocky Malta and the stunning Iberian Peninsula.
The application (available for IOS) offers practical details about the shorelines.
You can create your own trip or add some to your wishlist

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 15.04.02
Stunning helicopter images of the Greek Coastline

Tripinview started back in 2011, when the Greek founders were asked for some holiday tips including images. There, they quickly realized that with the exception of some well-known area’s, no high quality images were available. So they came up with the idea of covering the gap with videos and photos, to be taken from a helicopter. They worked hard and after 3 years, TripInView was born.

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 13.14.45
Above: The French Corsica coastline. Below: Barcalona, Spain

At present, TripInView has 600,000 helicopter photos and 250 hours of video from the Mediterranean coastline, covering 339 destinations and containing 7,727 points of interest such as anchorages, marinas, ports, villages, cities and of course: Beaches!
They are planning to include the Caribbean next so watch this space! 

Check the site here.



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