Corendon Village Hotel

Cordendon Village Hotel | All Inclusive near Amsterdam!

Hotels are currently your best bet if you want to enjoy a few days off. Needless to say, that people are also enjoying the perks that a hotel stay offers during these pretty bizarre times.

During the next few months we are testing a few hotels in The Netherlands. Meanwhile, we’ll let you know which staycations are worth a go, and what they have to offer. In this article we are reviewing the Corendon Village Hotel.

Corendon Village Hotel

Located near Amsterdam in Badhoevendorp, the hotel is pretty new on the market. The hotel really got its fame after a boeing 747 got transported from Schiphol Airport to the garden of the Corendon Village Hotel. This was a massive and expensive operation that made headlines across the globe. At present time the massive airplane is used for guided tours, which you can book while staying at the hotel.

Boeing 747 Corendon

Corendon Boeing 747 cockpit
Here is your captain speaking! (Always wanted to say that)

All Inclusive concept

To begin with, it’s not everyday that we experience an All Inclusive concept back home. Usually, we see this abroad in Turkey, Greece or Curacao where we recently travelled (discover our full Curaçao Travel Guide). This basically means that breakfast, lunch & dinner buffet is included with your stay. Henceforth, the drinks and snacks are also included. Besides that, you can also use the gym & spa free of charge. One of the features we love, is the cinema! Yes, the Corendon Village Hotels has a small cinema where they play up to three movies per day. Best of all, free popcorn and drinks included! 

Lobby Corendon Village Hotel

The staff is extremely helpful and welcoming, plus we noticed that everything is Corona proof.

During COVID we must admit that this is a very relaxed. Your temperature is checked, you can disinfect your hands everywhere if need be. To ensure the 1.5 meter distance, we have installed special walking routes. Like in all public spaces wearing a facemask inside the hotel is mandatory, except when you sit in the restaurant or bars.

Pool Corendon hotel

Restaurant Corendon Villa Hotel

Are you bringing your kid(s)? Outside there is a playground for children and on the first floor you’ll find Gameland where your kid(s) can go crazy on game machines, air hockey, table tennis or watch movies in the Disney room.

Pick your type of stay

In the fist place, you can make it as expensive or affordable as you want. Being the glampacker that we are, we slept in the Plaza Superior Suite that includes a large bathtub in the middle of the room where you can watch TV from! Not to mention the Kingsize bed and spacious bathroom. This particular room is available from €139,50 but there are double rooms available from as little as €69! Not bad, considering that food & drinks are included.

Plaza Superior room Corendon Villa Hotel

Bathtub Corendon Village Hotel

Explore Amsterdam, Haarlem or the seaside

Because the Corendon Village Hotel is so close to everything, you have a few options. Of course you can explore the cities Amsterdam or Haarlem, but why not visit The Amsterdamse Bos, Waterleidingduinen or Dutch coastline?

Explore the best nature parks in the Netherlands

Explore the Dutch coast

Costa Holanda Winter Edition

This coming winter, the Corendon Village Hotel will transform into a winter wonderland with a massive ice-skating ring outside the hotel if safety measures allow it. Besides that, the whole hotel will bring you the holiday spirit.

All things considered, this All Inclusive concept isn’t all that bad! Especially during these hectic times, it’s kinda nice not having to think about anything. The hotel is kids proof, couples proof and of course Corona proof. Try it!


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