Club Atelier, a creative place for culture, sports, work and events, would have opened their new second larger location in Amsterdam in mid-March. Due to the Corona pandemic, the opening has been delayed. Instead they’ve partnered up with a number of partners, with initiatives to make a completely selfless contribution.

team Club Atelier
Team Club Atelier

The new website has been re-designed especially for this new platform of ideas. To pass the time, enjoy music, join in, but the website is also for people who need help, especially now. Club Atelier helps by offering live music and concert streaming, an online talk show, online product auctions, a drive-in cinema and food packages. The call is that people sign up to help or report it if they need help! Correspondingly, people can donate via the website. The donations go to the (future) benefit festival and the Red Cross. Find out what you can expect:

Clubbing  at home

During the coming weeks, Club Atelier will provide streamed dance and live music concerts every day from the Club Atelier location in Amsterdam. Of course without an audience, because those are the dance lovers at home. The line up with dance and live music is announced daily via the facebook page.

Club Atelier DJ


Online talk shows will be created from the location with various hosts and topics in the fields of entertainment, events, hospitality, fashion, creation, media, real estate and other social topics.

Product auction

Products that make brands and people available are auctioned via the specially developed website You can bid on various great products and services. Choose, click, bid, donate and support. 50 procent of the proceeds from the auction go to the Red Cross, which provides support to GGDs and hospitals. The remaining 50 procent of the proceeds go to the benefit festival, it’s a win-win!

Drive-in cinema

Club Atelier will also create a drive-in cinema in their large car park as soon as this is permitted again for safety reasons. The drive-in cinema and the live streaming of music and concerts are of course free to visit.

Drive in, Club Atelier

Food packages

In addition to giving a creative twist to fun activities, Club Atelier also thinks of the elderly and people in healthcare who need help now. The elderly often cannot do their shopping and hospital staff have limited time to prepare a meal. Club Atelier makes it possible to collect food packages for free on location, or to have them delivered free of charge.

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