The new 1,5 meter society is becoming more of a realistic image for the future and things are difficult for many restaurant owners. Some however, find creative solutions to make this work.

Mediamatic in Amsterdam is looking a way forward and is planning to offer its guests plant-based dinners in their greenhouses on the Amsterdam water side. Corona proof dining, brilliant. 

Who are Mediamatic?

Mediamatic is an art centre dedicated to new developments in the arts and they’ve been around since since 1983. At large they organise many workshops, lectures and art projects, focusing on nature, biotechnology and art+science. Currently, they are testing the setup for a new way of having dinner, that was inspired by the French “chambre séparée”, whilst having to wait for permission from the Dutch government to re-open their restaurant and art spaces.

Dinner in greenhouse Amsterdam

At Mediamatic we are always looking for new developments in society. We are interested in how art, design and science merge.

Different ways of dining

Of course, this way of dining isn’t possible for all restaurants, so remember to support your local eateries by ordering food now and then. Here are 13 amazing restaurants in Amsterdam that offer delivery and here are 11 restaurants in Utrecht that you can support. In travel they change to virtual travel, in the restaurant business they try to be innovating. Is this the new way forward? Would you have dinner here if the government allows it?

Quarantine dining Amsterdam

Mediamatic vegan dinner

If you are curious you can pre-book a plant-based 4-course menu in their quarantine greenhouses. Book your own greenhouse by choosing a date and a time slot, from 18:00 – 20:30 or from 20:30 – 23:00. For now, they offer a two-person ticket and the greenhouses are pre-booked until the end of June already! This of course is fully dependent on obtaining permission from local and national authorities. You will get a full refund otherwise.

Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam


*All images in this article are courtesy to Mediamatics and were taken as a test in April.

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