This couple’s moody selfie is the funniest you will see today

When Dutch couple Ivo and Karen starting posting “moody” selfies on Facebook, they probably didn’t realise their new selfie photos and video’s would be picked up by the media.

But it did and we’re happy about it because we think their moody selfie is hilarious! 

Having “fun” in Bankok

Moody selfies in Korea

We discovered that we enjoyed making fun of the standard selfies we see on social media nowadays. – Ivo Aarts

The couple travels around the world posing with people from all nationalities and many will actually join in! Cooking classes in Thailand, making friends in Korea or spending time at airports.  All is posted on their Instagram called the Neutral Channel. (hence the name?) Oh, and they also bought a house recently.. you’ve guessed it. They absolutely loved it. 

Couple's moody selfies
Utterly exited about the new house.

You can follow their moody adventures on Instagram!



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