Christmas during lockdown


Do you want a real Christmas tree and help maintain nature in the Hoge Veluwe National Park? Read on because, at a location in the Dutch Nature Reserve Park, visitors can pick, cut, and take a tree for free!

Besides being a fun day out with your family, it also helps the nature Park. As a matter of fact, the pine trees in question grow in unique and open drifting sand areas of the Park. If the trees are not removed there, this special landscape will grow over and disappear. Help by cutting your own Christmas tree, for free!

Real Christmas Tree, Netherlands
Enjoy your own cut tree this year!

How does it work?

Pick up your free ‘Saw your own Christmas tree voucher’ at Marchantplein in the Park’s centre. Please note; you will not be able to access the cutting location without a receipt.

  • Clear signs will point you to where the tree can be cut down. Only visitors with the ‘Saw your own Christmas tree coupon‘ have access to this place.
  • Because of  COVID-19 regulations, you need to bring your own saw if you have one. However, you can borrow a saw at the sawing location; these have been cleaned and are ready for you. Upon return, the saw will be cleaned again for next use.
  • You can choose one Pine tree per person. If you are with two adults and two children and you have two coupons, you can still take four pines with you. Volunteers from the Hoge Veluwe are present to assist you.

Best of all: Your Christmas tree can be taken home for free! That being said, the entrance to the Park and car park need to be paid!

So why is cutting your own tree a good thing?

Cutting down your own Christmas tree is not only fun, but it fits in very well with the park management. Due to a (too) high nitrogen (stikstof) deposition, pine trees grow visibly faster than before. As a result, open drifting sand landscapes grow too quick, which is detrimental to biodiversity. 

Cutting you own Christmas tree at the Veluwe is open on the following dates: 9, 10, 17, 19th of December 2023.
Time: from 10AM till 3PM. Entrance to the park will cost €10,95,-

Have a cozy Christmas this year! 


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