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If you feel inspired to holiday in the Netherlands this winter. If you feel the urge to plunge into nature and want to indulge in a bit of luxury. De Vier Eiken could be the perfect place for you.

Imagine taking a dip in your hot tub as a wake-up ritual. The sun rising over your shoulders doing its magic and the view of the national park inviting you to come and wander. Hidden in the grasslands of Drenthe, De Vier Eiken offers four sustainable wellness holiday homes.

Drenthe grazer

De Vier Eiken

In short, It is simply is marvellous. Fireplaces in and outdoors, food delivered to your doorstep, your private hot tub and sauna, what more could you ask for. Spending 2 nights here feels like a week’s holiday. Even though it’s hard to leave, exploring the area is no punishment at all. The warm and hospitable owners created a whole list of things to do, places to go, and how to get there as sustainable as possible. Just ask the lady of the house: Anna.

Hottub De Vier Eiken

Breakfast De Vier Eiken

De Vier Eiken Chalet


Building De Vier Eiken asked for a unique approach because it’s beautifully situated at the edge of a wild and wonderful meadowland. Honouring the nature surrounding them, the founders took sustainable building very seriously. Fortunately, have succeeded so wonderfully that they were awarded a gold label from Green Key! Companies that do everything to save the environment whilst providing the utmost comfort and quality for their guests can obtain a green key.

The lodges at De Vier Eiken

Every lodge has a private sauna and hot tub. Towels are complimentary, and do you need more, don’t hesitate if you want to ask for more. Each cabin has two master bedrooms and four appealing bunk beds. All are ready for immediate use.

There is a fully equipped kitchen. And no worries. If you, understandably, want to stay in but do not feel like cooking, the owners got you covered. You can have breakfast, lunch, and dinner brought to your doorstep. There is an abundance of choices, and if you don’t like what you see on their website, they will undoubtedly make sure that your wishes are fulfilled.

Things to do

Wake up with a plunge in your hot tub at sunrise, take off on your very cool rented electric bike to visit Holtingerveld, and spend the morning wandering the land with 650 sheep, two dogs, and their knowledgeable Shepherd. You won’t regret it.
Then bike on to Hartenlust to spoil yourself some more. No matter the weather here, the design of this restaurant has a welcoming luxury with heartwarming food.

Electric bike

Scheep in Drenthe


Their cabins are high in demand, but they do have last-minute offers. Cost for a midweek for two adults with two kids will be around €.621.- For a weekend you are looking at €.812.- A last-minute Christmas offer is available at €927.- for three nights and four days. All prices are without food.

Regardless of the state you started your holiday in, we guarantee you’ll come out relaxed at De Vier Eiken. The beautiful province of Drenthe, the wellness, the lovely cabins and the food it’s all here. Here you can cocoon, recharge and indulge in plenty of me-time.

De Vier Eiken
Oosteinde 14, Wapserveen


Family Labrie

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