De Zeekraal, Terschelling

De Zeekraal, Glamping on Terschelling

Play the tourist in your own country, now is the time! We took the boat and went to Terschelling.

Terschelling is an island just North of the Netherlands. From Amsterdam it takes about 3,5 hours to get there (1,5 hours by car and 2 hours by boat, depending on which ferry you take.) Most visitors rent bicycles and leave their car on mainland. The island is about 30km long and contains of at least 80 precent of nature reserve so why bring your car right? Terschelling is the largest and just one of 5 islands in the Netherlands where visitors love to go to spend some time at the beach and sand dunes.

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De Zeekraal Terschelling

The last time I travelled to Terschelling was when I was about 12 years old, on a school trip. Last weekend was a new experience for me though. I went back to basic and stayed at a sheepfarm called de Zeekraal. There was no electricity and… no wifi, which means that it was back to basic and I must say, I really liked it!

De Zeekraal, Terschelling
Outside breakfast with super fresh eggs was one of the highlights! 

This sheepfarm is perfect for families and people that want to escape the busy city life (and that was exactly the reason why I went there.) At de Zeekraal you sleep in large tents (45 square meters) that accommodates about 5-6 people . There are 2 bunkbeds, one double bed and one traditional “beddenstee” which was my favourite!

Beddenstee De ZeekraalHandmade bunkbeds and a traditional “beddenstee”

These BoerenBed Tents are spaciously set up, at the dunes and within walking distance of the Wadden Sea.

Back to basic

The toilet is somewhat special (a flat wooden seat) but flushes like a normal toilet, so that’s better then I expected! For a warm shower, you must walk about 2 min to the entrance of the farm where you can pick one of three showers. Just keep pressing the button in order for water to keep on running! Across the showers you can chop your own wood used for the heater which you can also use for cooking. The nearest supermarket was only a 10-minute bike ride away and the ice elements the friendly owners give you, keep your groceries cold.

The safari tents heat up quickly and keeps it that way for a long while which makes it a perfect. Don’t expect to have the longest lay in as the nature sounds will wake you up as all sorts of animals like sheep and birds start to make noise in the early hours.

tent-huisje De Zeekraal, Terschelling
Source: De Zeekraal

How much does it cost?

The tent I stayed in was about 300 Euro  at sleeps 6 persons for the whole weekend. Beware that prices may go up in July, August & Sept and Terschelling isn’t cheap but if you do your own grocery shopping you should be fine with about 15-20 euro’s per day.

De Zeekraal
Oosterend 17 Terschelling
tel: 0562-449278



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