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If you are a hardcore traveller, you may feel the urge to travel again, yet you are cautious about it. These five destinations are normally flooded by tourist from all over the world but now offer a unique opportunity to visit them without the crowds.

Zaanse Schans, Netherlands

The Zaanse Schans is one of Holland’s most famous tourist attractions, attracting more than 2 million (!) people each year. Now, during Corona, this charming Dutch neighbourhood is left almost empty. Walk across the bridges, watch the green windmills and visit the cheese shops without having to stand in line. We visited on a sunny Saturday, and counted 20 people, mostly locals. See more pictures of an empty Zaanse Schans and plan your next visit!

Zaanse Schans without tourists
Usually, you would have to stay in line to get this photo, now, plenty of time!

Venice, Italy

We’ve all seen the pictures of the clear waters in Venice that has been unheard of in the last decade. Fish were seen swimming through the Italian canals and you could hear a needle drop on the main square. Now, after a few months, people are starting to come back to Venice, slowly. Travel journalist Yvette Bax was there recently and said: “You get to one of the normally most busy touristy squares of the whole wide world, to find only 3 other people there. Wow, just wow. Struck by beauty, uniqueness and sadness at the same time”.

Venice, Italy

Santorini, Greece

The most romantic island of Greece is usually full of tourists and  during the high season it can get so busy, that it’s almost impossible to walk through the narrow streets or take a glimpse of the view. Some locals say, this quiet period was desperately needed. However, flights and hotels to Santorini have never been so cheap. You can now stay in a dream hotel including private swimming pool for just €80,- per night! Hurry, because other travellers are noticing..


Madeira, Portugal

One of our favourite island and because of its location, it has been able to keep the Covid infections to a low with no reported deaths. There are 4 flights a week and hotel prices are currently super attractive. Madeira offers lush green hills, mountains, countless flowers and walking paths but also amazing food, culture and natural pools. It is not your regular destination, but this makes it more special and something you won’t easily forget. Fun fact; we shot our book cover on Madeira!

Madeira 2020

Tbilisi, Georgia

This underrated capital of Georgia is really worth a visit, COVID or not. That being said, Georgia has had around 1400 Corona cases so far, with less than 20 deaths. Like everywhere else, numbers are slowly rising but Georgia has more hospital beds per thousand inhabitants than for example Sweden and Denmark? Plus, the city offers the option to rent a car and drive into the mountains where you will hardly find any tourists. Check out Vardzia for example, an old cave city. Also, hotels in Tbilisi are 4 times cheaper compared to other European capitals, plus the food is devine! Find out more about Georgia and what to visit.

Vardzia, Georgia
Vardzia, Georgia

*Please be aware that each destination has different Covid-19 rules and for some, a corona test is needed before entering. Always check your local travel advise and your travel insurance before booking your trip.

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