If you walk around Amsterdam you can’t miss the streetart and graffiti on almost every street corner. In fact, there is so much to see that it may be difficult to know where you can find the best art. Luckily, DEFshop has launched an interactive map that focusses on exactly that!

The interactive streetart-map shows all the different and hidden spots in Amsterdam where you can find graffiti, museums and other art pieces. So whether you are a local or visiting there is always something new to discover in beautiful Amsterdam.

The Amsterdam Art Scene

Amsterdam is a hub full of urban art, whether that is on the street or inside the museums. Many graffiti artists have passed in and around Amsterdam to leave their marks and once you know where to find them, it results in an exiting hunt for streetart!

streetart Amsterdam

Interactive street-art map

But finding the best pieces is more difficult than you can imagine, so with the help of the DEFshop street-art map, things got a lot easier. You can simply open the interactive map on your smartphone to navigate through the city to various works of art. To see the Amsterdam murals, you don’t have to wait long and you don’t have to pay admission! Just sit on your bike or take a walk and wander along the canals and streets of Amsterdam. By walking around, you will also discover other parts of the city that you would otherwise never find. (curious about 5 secret spots in Amsterdam?)

With our Interactive Street Art map we show you our 24 favourite artworks in Amsterdam

Easy to use

If you want to know where you will find the most beautiful Urban Art in Amsterdam, you can easily click on the various pin-points. In fact, you will be able to see the exact address for the artwork in question, plus there will be a photo displayed so you know what you are looking for. Additionally, the DEFshop streetart map will also tell you more about the artist and you will receive background information about the artwork. From the heart of Amsterdam, to the Southwest, East and North. There is art everywhere!

Streetart mop Amsterdam

The map is divided into different routes. If you want to see a lot, but do not want to walk or cycle all over the city, you can choose a route that quickly leads you along the artworks.

Tip: if you are in Amsterdam for several days, you can also choose a different route every day. This way you can discover the murals, but at the same time also visit other sights on the route. Get the interactive map here!

Happy art hunting!








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