Duin & Kruidberg

Duin & Kruidberg | The Perfect Romantic Getaway

Once owned by King Willem III, Duin & Kruidberg has a long history. If you want to know what it’s like to sleep in a stunning country estate, now is the time to enjoy this unique experience.

When I first moved to Santpoort-Noord, I didn’t know the area at all. One of the first sights that caught my eye was the stunning country estate Duin & Kruidberg. Located next to the forest, this impressive landhouse (which I call a castle) dates back from the 16th Century! In ’93 a Dutch bank used the premises for training and conferences but in 2019 it was finally sold with more room for hotel guest, events and relaxation. Time to take a look inside. 

Duin & Kruidberg | The Hotel

In total, Duin & Kruidberg has 75 rooms and staying here feels really special. It’s no surprise that many newlyweds spent their wedding night at the estate. I was pleasantly upgraded to a junior suite room with an unbeatable view. When I entered the room, classical music was playing and rose petals covered the bed. They offer various deals like the weekday deal where a 4-course meal is included, including champagne, wines and breakfast buffet (which is pretty good actually!)

Duin Kruidberg, Schommel
Feel like a princess and take a swing

Duin & Kruidberg junior suite
Junior Suite at Duin & Kruidberg

At Duin & Kruidberg the atmosphere is relaxed, yet you feel like royalty. 

Duin & Kruidberg | Restaurants & Spa

If you want you can go all out at Duin & Kruidberg. De Vrienden van Jacob is a Michelin star restaurant (which is currently closed due to Corona), and if want to enjoy seasonal comfort food, you can book a table at Brasserie Denk. During spring and summer the massive outside terrace is something you won’t see everyday. Overlooking the water and being surrounded by trees, it’s the perfect place for a glass of wine. At this moment in time, they are offering guest food and drinks but with precautions due to Corona. They serve your drinks and food on a small side table which you can then grab yourself. Works pretty well if you ask me!

Duin & Kruidberg Brasserie

Duin & Kruidberg Balcony

Around Duin & Kruidberg

The best thing about Duin & Kruidberg is probably the location. Situated on the edge of National Park Kennermerland, and not far from the Dutch seaside, it’s the perfect place for walks and bicycle rides. Luckily, I live in this region, and it still feels like a holiday home every time I walk around. You can easily cycle to the beach in 20 minutes. IJmuiden beach and Zandvoort have some beachclubs but if you really want to enjoy a peaceful and quiet beach, you should cycle all the way in bewteen those two beaches. Skinny dipping is allowed here and there are some pretty dunes to relax in. The forest has many trails and you’ll often find yourself walking alone besides the occasional deer!

Unfortunately, Duin & Kruidberg has been hit hard by the Corona crisis. If you want to sleep somewhere unique, or you are looking for something romantic, now is the time. Like many hotels, they need all the support they can get. Besides, with many holiday plans cancelled, it’s the perfect time to experience the best of The Netherlands for locals.

Duin & Kruidberg
Duin en Kruidbergerweg 60, Santpoort


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