Earthquake wipes away the 2 most beautiful beaches in Greece!

Remember my post about Lefkas, Greece last year? I will refresh you memory; I visited parts of the Ionian islands 2 summers back and one of the places I visited was Lefkas. My jaw dropped so many times during this trip as the beaches are somewhat special. I’m talking about Egremni beach and Porto Katsiki
These beaches are home to some of the bluest water you will ever see and on Egremni beach I could walk for miles without seeing anyone! The 2 most beautiful beaches in Greece. But in November a huge landslide washed away parts of Egremni and Porto Katsiki beach causes by an earthquake, which was marked as 6.1 ‘strong’ on the Richter Scale. Piles of sand, rocks and dust came on crashing down on the 2 favorite beaches, changing the picture perfect view.

Egremni beach Lefkas
Me at Egremni Beach in Lefkas

Wanderlust at Egremni BEach

Egremni Beach Greece
Behind me is the exact spot where the landslide happened

Egremni Beach now looks like this:

Egremni Beach after the landslide..

Porto Katsiki Beach was less destroyed as it only washed away the end of the beach but it also changed the amazing viewing point a great deal.

Porto Kasiki: The view back in 2014..

The incredible Porto Katsiki Beach

Porto Katsiki after landslide
The end of the beach has disappeared completely.

People are trying their best to restore the beaches as fast as they can because summer is coming and Greece needs their tourist more than ever. Nevertheless, I still advice you to visit this incredible island because it’s amazing! Let’s hope it will cleaned up before the high season starts. For more info about Lefkas, read my blogpost here.



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