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If you read this article, you are most likely interested in finding eco-friendly home design brands and products. We all want to reduce our impact on the environment; the way we travel (check how you can reduce your carbon footprint here), the clothes we wear (Vinted and Depop are our best friends), to the food we eat, so why not implement this in our home decor too? We have selected 9 of our favorite eco-friendly home design brands, which are beautiful and sustainable.

No need to compromise on quality and design when choosing eco-friendly brands.

Eco home design, Amsterdam
Eco-Friendly Home Design

Sustainable living is something everyone is very much into lately. We want to play a role in the fight against climate change, and responsible behavior is necessary. Therefore we need to reconsider our purchases, choose products that are environmentally and socially responsible . Luckily there are so many great brand out there that are offering conscious and high quality products! Finding unique, durable, recycled, and used products never felt so good!

Fairf: Plant based paint

People are painting their homes more frequently than ever before. Giving your walls or furniture another color is an easy way to update your home and furniture. Unfortunately the chemicals in paint can cause damage to the environment and on our quality of life. Therefore it’s important to choose paint you can feel good about, which have minimal to zero environmental and health impact! We do not often see sustainable paint in stores, but luckily we found one that exceeds most professional paints: Fairf.

The Color on the wall is Dune of Fairf 

This Dutch-made brand stands for quality and is using plant-based ingredients that are free of toxins and chemicals. Fairf has a beautiful and wide color selection, so you don’t need to compromise on color. Are you ready for a fresh coat of paint? I picked the colors Mushroom (crème) for my Livingroom, kitchen and bedroom in combination with Josef (white), and Dune (soft green) for the hallway and bedroom. I was very impressed with how the colors of Fairf turned out.

A few very important points about this conscious brand: The factory of Fairf generates solar energy, the packaging is made of 100% recyclable tins and the foil is made for 60% out of plant-based and recyclable products! Follow them on Instagram and get inspired by their amazing content and projects.

TORTU: Bathroom & Toilet

It’s without question that the bathroom & lavatory take an important place within your home. The one place where some quality me-time is often guaranteed. From the moment we received the keys from our new home, I knew I was looking for a qualitative, yet stylish minimalistic brand that is build to last. Now, this is where Tortu comes in. A brand that stands for quality and amazing design. Their toilets for example, are made of ceramics – we are a big fan of natural materials like clay – are produced by a specialist manufacturer in Italy.

The rimless matte white toilet with soft close seat, combined with the matte sink and brass tap. 

There are a few reasons why Tortu stands out from the rest: they carry the prestigious label ‘ceramics of Italy’ which is only handed out to certain way of craftsmanship. Secondly, designs are created in the Netherlands, making it a local brand with a foreign touch of Italy. You recognize Tortu by its subtle logo – the turtle. It stands for long lasting, and tranquility. You can discover the full collection of Tortu in their showroom in Sassenheim – watch out for their minimalistic collection! All in all, Tortu is certainly a brand you will see a lot more of!

WASTOREN: laundry cabinets

Our apartment is not the biggest, so our goal is to maximize efficiency in the minimal spaces we have. We decided to transform a standard closet into an efficient laundry room and storage room. Building a closet can be tricky, since a washing machine and tumble dryer are heavy and they vibrate, so safety is very important. Wastoren offers the perfect solution! Their washing cabinets are famous for their beautiful designs and even more important they have a TÜV certificate.

They have been tested by TÜV Rheinland for mechanical and functional security as well as user-friendliness. It’s the world’s first fully tested washing machine cabinet. Their well designed and high quality cabinets are not only used for washing and drying clothes, it give the opportunity to store other equipment. Wastoren offers smart and special features, like the pull-out shelf where you can fold your clothing as soon as it comes out of the dryer. Design your own room now via their website  and make the most out of your space. Go for a good and reliable brand like Wastoren. 

Mala Africa: naturally sourced chairs

Imagine yourself in Africa, in a stargazing lodge, enjoying a cup of tea in the morning on your favorite rattan chair, surrounded by wild animals and nature and a beautiful breathtaking view. We have good news, we found the chairs! Two Dutch power ladies that both live in Capetown, started their own business a few years ago. They decided to start together another business called Mala Africa: Beautiful chairs, handmade by the locals of Malawi, using naturally sourced materials.

Natural materials, eco-design at home

Made out of wood, bamboo and reed, with beautiful details and timeless personality that fit perfectly into everyone’s interior. These chairs don’t only spice up your Livingroom they also enhance the feeling of the African nature and wilderness. 

The overall feeling we wanted to generate in our home is calm, light and cozy. The wooden elements are creating the feeling of warmth and are made to last!

Color & Co: Blinds

During my stay in Sri Lanka I stayed in a gorgeous hotel nestled in the jungle, and I fell in love with the neutral tones that naturally blend in with the surrounded landscape. The bamboo blinds in this suite created so much warmth and serenity, and since then I knew I wanted to create a similar mood for my home. Bamboo blinds are beautiful, but more important bamboo is strong and they last a lifetime. I value light a lot, and bamboo blinds don’t completely block out all light, they filter light while having privacy. The search for bamboo blinds was not the easiest task, but I finally found the perfect blinds by Color & Co, founded in Denmark.

Their Scandinavian style, are perfect for decorating your home and they create a warm and natural atmosphere. The blinds of Color & Co are qualitative and beautiful, made of bamboo and other sustainable materials. The blinds are available in different sizes and colors. I choose the grey stain blinds, which compliment my wooden tones in my house. In real life they are even more beautiful! The texture, the color, and easy the installation, make our room feel pure and natural. They filter the light so beautifully.

The color on the wall is mushroom

We do Wood: wooden furniture

By now we know that wood is the better choice versus many other products. That it’s renewable and recyclable. So how about adding some conscious wooden furniture into your house! We found a great sustainable brand called WeDoWood. They make the most beautiful wooden furniture, which for me is calming and long-lasting. All of their products are made of sustainable materials and are produced and designed in Denmark. We Do Wood are known for their high quality products, slim and stylish designs, stunning details and their respectful use of natural resources and responsible materials.

I literally love their whole assortment, but two items really stand out for me: the threequare and the loop shelve. The ‘threesquare’ is a wall-mounted rack that gives spaces an elegant and unique touch. This beautiful item doesn’t take to much space (which is exactly what I need) and it compliments your room. It’s perfect to store and showcase your favorite kitchen or bathroom objects. It’s made from FSC®️ certified oak, which make their furniture environmentally responsible. Their items are timeless so you can easily move this item around, since it also fits perfectly into the bathroom for example. They offer this rack in three different sizes, available in bamboo, oak and smoked oak.

The same counts for the ‘loop shelve’, a Nordic aesthetic design, that would look gorgeous in the kitchen but also in any other room. The wood with brass details is gorgeous. It immediately gives this room some a modern and warm feel. Available in bamboo, oak and smoked oak.

WoodUpp: Wooden panels   

Natural wood in home décor is more popular than ever. We are a huge fan and we totally get this wood trend. The use of natural materials like wood creates a nature-inspired and warm atmosphere in any room. These elements are used in furniture but also in décor items such as wall or kitchen art. Best of all is that wood has less of an impact on the environment compared to other materials. So, the usage of wood is a simple way to improve sustainability, as long as it’s certified. uses wood that comes from sustainable forestry while their acoustical felt is made from recycled plastic, which means that they take a waste product and transform it into something useful and beautiful.

Sometimes it only takes a simple detail to transform your room into a more warm and cozy space, and wood is the right product to achieve that. How about creating a separate wall with wooden panels. All their products are produced in their own factory in Denmark. Furthermore, they work with suppliers that only use the greatest care and have respect for plants and wildlife. Are you ready to ‘Wood Upp’ your room?

Nuna Mae: Rugs

A rug is the foundation to a beautiful room, so you better choose one that fits perfectly. You don’t have to spend months on Instagram and Pinterest searching, the rugs of Nuna Mae add warmth and texture to your room while being eco-friendly! They are made from recycled cotton and fibers, giving a second life to what would otherwise be wasted. The rugs are qualitative and made by artisans or family businesses, based in Portugal. They make the rugs with a minimum of resources, and with little or no environmental impact. They not only look pretty, but they are also timeless, they never go out of style. Another important note, they are hypoallergenic since they are 100% cotton and can be machine washed at 30º.

Vintage treasures

There’s a much higher demand for upcycling nowadays. The search for antiques or old furniture sourced from markets or online marketplaces is more popular than ever. Marktplaats is my best friend! I found so many great treasures via Marktplaats, like my chairs in the livingroom. By choosing second hand, you can fill your home with original pieces that are at the same time environmental friendly. Now it’s time to find some unique art treasures for in the house! Find our favourite vintage shops in Amsterdam!

The color on the wall is mushroom.

As can seen above, eco-friendly materials and styles are the way to go moving forward. Sustainability never looked so good!


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