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Once only famous as the “city of light”, Eindhoven has evolved into a hub full of creative vibes, wonderful eateries, and by all means a few hidden gems. Check out our Eindhoven Travel Guide.

The only good thing that comes from Amsterdam is the train to Eindhoven – Theo Maassen

The PSV stadium in Eindhoven

Eindhoven in a nutshell

This city in the South-Eastern part of the Netherlands is known for a number of things. Technology & innovation is one of them, as it’s the birthplace of Philips. People often think that Eindhoven is called the “City of Light” because of Philips, but it actually comes from the first factory that produced matches back in 1870. Lightbulbs followed in 1891 – and were indeed produced by the one and only Philips. Anyhow, there is much more to Eindhoven since all that, and we’re happy to tell you about the best spots, shops, and a few hidden gems. Enjoy!

Where to stay in Eindhoven

Like any city, there are many options, but we like to narrow it down to 2 different price classes and locations. Both are good in their own right.

Hotel The Match

Hence the name, this hotel’s name is a perfect fit and pretty new to Eindhoven. This hotel is a little different though; the Match is designed for visitors that come to explore, and sleep and shower at the hotel only. Although there is a lounge and 24-hour service, you check-in yourself, and the hotel inspires to go out and explore Eindhoven, instead of staying in. This makes it one of the most affordable hotels in the city centre, and we must admit; beds were comfy and rooms clean – pretty much all you need. Book it here.

Hotel The Match - Eindhoven

Hotel Mariënhage Eindhoven

This modern hotel has been build around a historic monastery. Prices are higher, but so is the service and rooms. Although you may expect a somewhat historic building, Hotel Mariënhage looks like a modern art museum, and the charectar shows in the restaurant and rooms. Book it here.

Mariënhage Eindhoven

Hidden spots in Eindhoven

One thing many people don’t know, is that you can have a drink in the middle of the football pitch of the PSV stadium if there is no football game happening. This café is called De Verlenging, and you can just walk in.

Piet Hein Eek

This famous Dutch designer has a little emporium in Eindhoven, not everyone knows about. There is his shop and workshop where furniture and art is still created. But if you go up a few floors, you’ll find a wonderful restaurant (one of 2), and Piet Hein Eek hotel, where each room is designed differently. Sleeping here is one rather special. To us, the whole building, including all floors, had a NYC vibe, you wouldn’t expect to see in Eindhoven.

Piet Heijn Eeck -Eindhoven


Probably one of Eindhoven’s most trendy and urban areas. Formally known as the business hub of Philips, Strijp-S shows his leftovers from the once Philips factories – giving it an urban industrial feeling. Many small businesses started to flourish over the years; trendy coffee bars, shops, restaurants or vintage stores.

Strijp S Eindhoven


Street art in Eindhoven has taken over a big part of the city and even suburbs of Eindhoven. Colourful displays are seen over the walls, most of them come from art-collective Studio Giftig and many more.


Downtown Gourmet Foodmarket

If you are not sure what you want to eat, go here and you are sure to find something your taste buds will like. From Asian food to Cheese, Fish, vegan, Greek or Mexican. In total, you can find 21 foodstands, with the bar as the central spot and plenty spots to sit outside. You can easily order via the QR code on your table, and walk around the different food stands to make your decision.

Downtown Foodmarket - Eindhoven

Jungle Café

Surprisingly, this hotspot isn’t located in Eindhoven’s most trendy area, but in the middle of a neighborhood. They serve great coffee, matcha and beetroot latte’s, but also healthy lunch on pretty plates. It’s a favorite for parents, as they have an indoor play area and a sandcorner outside.Jungle Café - Eindhoven


The best ice-cream in town! And we’re not just saying that, because they have actually won an international 2nd place for the best ice-cream makers. They create the most amazing and outspoken flavors, which changes each month. They also collaborate with cool brands and projects.

Intelligenta Ice-cream Cream



This beautiful industrial building, houses a restaurant, bar and event location in the middle of Strijp-S.

De Stadsoase

This pop-up beach bar with several food stands and chill out corners, is closed this Summer but who knows, may open again next year!


From the outside it doesn’t look very special, but on the inside you will be welcomed by a massive space with a stunning murial. Thomas is great for cocktails and fingerfood.

Thomas - Eindhoven


De Telefooncentrale

Come here for lunch and a drink. Nothing fancy, just very “gezellig”!

De Huiskamer

The hangout in Strijp S to have coffee and lunch while meeting with friends. Its a vibe.

De Huiskamer - Eindhoven

De Huiskamer


Say modern Italian food in a pretty courtyard and open kitchen, and you have us. Inside, nicely dressed up tables and art exhibitions in the corners. Great spot for a date!

De Kazerne - Eindhoven


DENF Coffee

We actually had breakfast here, but you can also have lunch and they have good coffee. It’s a is a place where you can find many freelancers, but they have plenty of laptop-free tables and a large outside terrace.

Denf - Eindhoven

See the city by Bicycle

Make sure you rent yourself a bicycle and explore the city’s neighborhoods. Next to Strijp-S and Strijp-R, you have some hidden suburbs that are upcoming. It’s funny that the PSV stadium is right in the middle of Eindhoven, you can’t miss it! 

There are also a few parks worth cycling through, and you will see that many locals come here to relax or kayak in the canal. Don’t forget to pass the Genneper Watermolen that was painted by Van Gogh when he lived here.

We advise you to stay in Eindhoven for at least 2 nights to see and experience the best parts.

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